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8 Responses to Woman gives birth to alien… Headlines that make you look

  1. I’ve had my best luck using questions as blog headlines that then serve as Tweets (coupled with a link to the blog posting). The blog posting then provides the answer or creates a space for others to provide their answers and discuss them.

  2. Hi Lilach
    As always your a mind if information, you must spend hours doing research and we get the benefit, thank you very much.
    I’m really going to study these links, I know some are a few years old, but they are still current with todays internet.
    Mike C. Smith ( recently posted..The Power to Believe – The Strangest SecretMy Profile

  3. Hezi says:

    This is definitely a useful post. I myself was fooled with the heading – a woman give birth to an alien? whohh…:)

  4. Well, I was reading some books and articles in which I found information about headlines and their productivity, they helped me greatly. But still I agree with you that it’s not very easy and we should pay much attention on writing them

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Effective Tips for Sharing Content on Facebook

  5. The first thought when I saw the headline was that the woman gave birth to an “illegal alien”. In such an instance, the headline would have been amazing. I just published a blog post called “Does Google think it’s God?” I wonder if I should have named it “Is Google really God’s secret identity?”

  6. Hi Lilach! I see this is an older post, but I’m glad you mentioned it in the Mastermind blogging group on Facebook! I’m definitely going to bookmark this one and download those resources!

    It’s interesting timing, because I’m just getting back into blogging consistently and have been focusing on my titles for the last several posts. Apparently it has been working, because at least one person specifically told me she planned to read one particular post (when I mentioned it on Facebook) specifically because of the title (“Is the Best Healer a Wounded Healer?”)

    K’Lee Banks recently posted..Is the Best Healer a Wounded Healer?My Profile

  7. Sue Neal says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Thanks very much for including my post in this awesome list of resources. I’m familiar with some but not all of the others you mention, and I’ll certainly be bookmarking this for future reference and checking out those other links.

    In my view, you can never have too many headline ‘cheat sheets’ – I often spend ages coming up with a headline for my posts, but always think it’s time well spent, for all the reasons you outline here. Amongst other things, I use a thesaurus to come up with different ideas and I also treat it as a team sport, sometimes roping my husband in for his opinions and ideas – two heads are often better than one :) One question I always ask myself is “Would I click on that?”

    Thanks for a really useful article – great stuff!

    Sue Neal recently posted..Is This How You REALLY Learn About Blogging?My Profile

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