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7 Responses to What Facebook Open Graph means for your business

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  2. People these days worry so much about their privacy on Facebook. I don’t and the reason why is because I am in business for myself and I want to be found in searches, etc… I don’t post anything on Facebook that I don’t want certain people to read. It’s that simple.

  3. Lilach,

    Can not wait to start playing with the new search features. They have not approved my account for the beta yet.

    Andy Nathan recently posted..Steps to Effectively Budget Your Social Media CampaignMy Profile

  4. Joe Hart says:

    This new graph search feature will really help to build connections more effectively.Narrowing down of searches till the finest detail is something which is quite new to the search world.Really hope this feature continues to rebuild itself and keeps giving us profound surprises.
    Joe Hart recently posted..Dental ImplantsMy Profile

  5. I can’t say that I’m much scared of any privacy issues or changes, but I think that we will see the results of such changes only in some time

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Effective Tips for Sharing Content on Facebook

  6. James C says:

    Thanks for this Lilach, very useful pointers. I think the photo tagging bit will be important especially for travel industry companies.

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