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73 Responses to Want to be (Facebook) liked?

  1. Sarah says:

    Like me please :)

    Good tips here – and many of them fast and quick to implement.

  2. Lilach says:

    Thanks Sarah. You’re liked:)

  3. Gavan says:

    Sarah took the words right out of my mouth… some great tips and I will be sharing this with my FB contacts :)

  4. Goutam says:

    Glad to read, Nice Tips…. Good reminder

  5. Thanks Lilach. I suspect that I am like a lot of people, and do not use Facebook as much as I should. These ideas are very helpful, and have given me some ideas to implement over the coming weeks.

  6. alan says:

    Hi Lilach,

    nice post – though I’m tending to think that Facebook ‘Likes’ are so all over the internet these days that people are getting tired of them. What do you think? I se ‘Like’ buttons everywhere, maybe people are a little tired of them?

    once you’ve told all of your friends where you are once (or maybe a few times), isn’t there also an approach which says, they know where I am if they want to come and find me?

    just a thought,

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Alan. There are two types of likes, likes on a post and also for your Facebook Fan Page. Facebook used to have a rule where you had to have a minimum of 25 likes for a Fan page in order to have a customized URL but they recently changed it.

      Growing a fan page can be very profitable for a business, not just monetizing but also brand awareness and connecting with your prospects. I’m a huge fan of Fan Pages as long as there is someone behind them that actually bothers to reply/comment on posts!

      You ask a good question about friends will come and find you. I sometimes think a gentle reminder is good. Social media moves so quickly and often we forget and can’t find things as easily – a case of information overload at times. I have such a large network and would gladly appreciate someone nudging me to visit their fan page or like something to show support.

  7. alan says:

    oops just committed one of your sins from above – I meant ‘see’, not ‘se’ ;-)

    I see ‘Like’ buttons everywhere…

  8. ummm – ” bad spelling or grammEr will send out a very unprofessional image.”
    just saying :)

    I enjoyed reading this – it’s always useful to be reminded of the multitude of ways we can engage on Facebook.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Naomi. Yes it’s surprising how many ways there are to engage on Facebook. We often do the same things so it’s nice to do something different which also gives us results:)

  9. More useful info Lilach thank you very much. :-)

  10. Steve Hall says:

    Thanks. Lilach. Liked and shared. It’s good to be reading non-emotional F.A.C.T.S. rather some of the testosterone filled hype that the www is plagued with.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Steve:) Yes there is a lot of hype around Facebook and likes, I’m sure many people have been disappointed who have stumbled upon my page hoping they can buy likes and not have to do any of the hard work involved in getting real likes that are targeted and can actually profit your business.

  11. Thank you for the very useful information!

  12. Let’s face it we all need reminders about how to build our social media presence, and that’s why this post is a gift for the inexperienced and experienced alike.

    I’m going to print it out. Put it in my action file, and implement it point by point for a month until it becomes second nature.

    The difficulty many will have with such a detailed plan is that they will say to themselves, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea’, and implement some parts in a haphazard piecemeal way. But that’s not habit forming and I suspect 80% of these strategies will be read, but never implemented. That’s a mistake when someone has taken the trouble to write such a detailed treasure map.

    Of course the other thing to do is to bookmark this site. Lots of good stuff here methinks. Oh yes, and if you like the post Tweet, Like, and Link it too ;-)

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Stephen for your great comments:)

      It’s so easy for people to read posts and think I’ll do that… but of course don’t get round to doing it, or only parts of it. You action plan is fantastic and I hope people are reading how you implement something and learn from it.

  13. Darren says:

    Nice post and thanks for the excellent tips about getting Facebook likes. Facebook is a mystery to me because I just never liked the site that much. But these tips sound easy to try :)
    Darren recently posted..23 Million People Are Expected To Fly For Thanksgiving – Tips To Keep Your Laptop SafeMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Darren. The more you use something and practice it will become less of a mystery:) Take your time and try each method out first so you can test it and see what works best for you. Be careful though, Facebook can be very addictive!

  14. Some really excellent tips Lilach – they are well set out and easy to apply for just about anyone. It’s just about getting on and doing it and putting a plan into action. We all quickly forget about asking for a call to action from our existing communities so that was a nice reminder :-)

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Susan. Yes you’re quite right – it’s about having a plan and taking action. It’s so easy to get distracted and procrastinate particularly when working online!

  15. I definetely am looking you now as a social network guru, your knowledge and information rocks!
    Larry Lewis recently posted..Life Coach Principle: Take 100% Responsibility for your LifeMy Profile

  16. Lilach says:

    lol thanks Larry, very sweet of you to say:)

  17. This is a great blog full of useful tips, thank you. I manage to get plenty of followers on twitter but find it hard getting likes on Facebook, your website and blogs are great thank you for all the information

    • Lilach says:

      My pleasure, pleased you found it useful. Getting Facebook likes is definitely more of a challenge so hopefully if you put some of these simple steps in place you’re see your likes go up:)

  18. Tessa says:

    Great read… have posted to my facebook page to share as it is worth it!

  19. Great tip about liking other pages in my niche..haven’t done that yet. Will use that one. Thanks!

  20. Kris Olin says:

    Great Facebook tips Lilach!

    I would like to add one that can make a big difference in getting new fans, or ‘Likes’ as they are now called.

    Create a custom landing page for your Facebook Page. Normally people land on your Wall, and this is not the best way for getting more Likes. You could also create a ‘mini website’ inside your Facebook Page to make your FB Page look more professional and interesting.


    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Kris. Yes it’s amazing how you can transform your Facebook Fan Page into a mini website. There was actually a conversation recently whether you no longer needed a website as you could effectively have it on Facebook. I actually think it’s good to have both as you have more control but by leveraging Facebook as you’ve suggested makes it even easier to engage with your readers and in turn get more “likes”.

  21. Hey, I re-tweeted this. You really go in depth here. I feel like the shoot and aim method works best with social media especially when pertaining to Facebook likes (so a comprehensive list really helps to increase the chances your readers will find something that works).

    I NEVER do shameless plugs to my own blog, however, this is the first time I really feel like I am offering something that is new, relevant, and relatively unknown on the topic being mentioned. I found a trick the other day that I doubt anyone knows about to increase interactivity on your page. It has honestly increased the interactivity on my page by almost 60% and its easy to use, free, and not a gimmick.

    You can follow the link on my profile to read the entry as I linked directly to it.
    Tyler Ward ( recently posted..Why You Should Be Using Social Networking for Social StaffingMy Profile

  22. Wonderful ideas presented.
    heed to know the “secret” plugin you are using for your delightful “author Box”.
    Thanks in advance
    Chuck Bartok recently posted..More on Creating Effective Facebook Fan PagesMy Profile

  23. Hi. Offering your guests an incentive is one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to get Likes. Our app, Coupon City allows you to create and publish a coupon in 5 minutes. You can automatically publish it to the places that matter (your Facebook Page and Twitter) and also print out a custom QR code that guests can scan with a smart phone in your lobby.

  24. Facebook is still my one social media battle. I’ve tried pretty much all the suggestions, and still could not make things stick. I have more interactions, likes, buys, conversations on Twitter/G+. That’s not to say I’ve given up on FB, far from it. I still manage our page and pour as much love and attention as I did when I first started it.

    The way I see FB at least as a business, is the way car dealers deal with their print advertising. Not everyone that sees the large page ads for cars will buy a car from the ad, but those ads are there every weekend. Basically it’s part of doing business. It’s one of those necessary things that just is… Great post. I’m actually going to post it on our Fan Page and see what sort of reaction we may get ;) Enjoy your weekend!
    Gabriella Sannino recently posted..Lovin’ That Story That You Tell So Well – Your Social FootprintMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Gabriella. I’m surprised you’re not getting as much out of Facebook. Do you belong to many groups? How are you managing your FB Fan Page? Let me know if I can be of any help – Facebook is a very powerful way to get business from – if used correctly. But of course like anything, it takes hard work and patience (not that I’m suggesting you haven’t worked hard, it maybe a few tweaks are simply needed).

    • Gabriella,
      You response was a while ago, but here is a new option. I have (along with clients) judiciously been using the NEW PROMOTE button to assure more followers see an important post.
      It has proved to be very rewarding in terms of engagement and sales
      Chuck Bartok recently posted..Do You Exercise for Weight Loss or Fitness?My Profile

  25. Thanks Lilach for sharing your wisdom.
    In your experience what would be more appreciate by fan in a FB page?
    Description of the products sold?
    How to use them the best way (for instance dressing or jewels)?
    Something connected with the target people of the page (I mean: let’s say the target of the page are women in their forties. Could we talk about parenting, handling relationship with partners, management, music, books…)?
    I would welcome your suggestions and thoughts.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Paolo:) If you have an ecommerce website then there is no reason not to link it in your FB Fan Page and have a page where people can view and purchase your products. You can pretty much make a Fan Page into a website with all the various different apps.

      Happy to have a chat with you if I can be of more assistance, feel free to Skype me lilach.bullock

  26. GREAT INFORMATION,TIPS,and just all-a-round advice.

  27. This lil tips are really usefull… i think that you didnt forget any :) I think that we have to keep in mind always the needs of the clients/user´s…


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  29. What an outstanding post! In the Social media world, it is becoming increasingly important to be “liked” and you have truly inspired me to take action and start doing these very things to hopefully allow me to start getting more people to my fan page! Thanks for the help Lilach, I look forward to reading more!

  30. Lilach,

    This list is really thorough! To summarize, getting more ‘likes’ is about engaging with those in your niche and rewarding those who ‘like’ your page. I so need to spend more time on my FB Fan Page implementing every single one of these tips!

    Juli Becker recently posted..Do You Prospect And Recruit To Win?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Juli:) It’s funny as in order to get someone to like your Facebook Fan Page you actually have to engage with them before they get to your page as often there is a welcome page that you simply click like.

      Of course then the challenge is keeping them re-visiting your FB page so you can get your number of “people talking about this” high and consistent:)

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  32. Kwiklike says:

    I agree with the first impressions. Many times whether it’s a facebook page or any other site the first couple of seconds and what I see determines whether I like it or not.

  33. Ashleen Moreen says:

    Great tips ahead. Likes are very important especially in business. I will like a certain page or links if I feel like it. Thanks a lot for sharing this following tips and I learn so much from it.
    Ashleen Moreen recently posted..http://www.timberdoorsbrisbane.comMy Profile

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  35. John Obidi says:

    Once again Lilach, you haven’t let me down. Great article here.

  36. geekmom says:

    Great tips! I also like to name drop where appropriate. Like using @geekmom on certain posts will show the page information with a like button right on the other person’s facebook page where others can see it. Only use where appropriate so it doesn’t seem spammy.
    geekmom recently posted..Don’t Let the Obama Economy Get You DownMy Profile

  37. Teodora says:

    Great content Lilach, I am trying to implement what you have suggested!I would appreciate your support in liking us on Facebook, you can search by Belmore Virtual. Hope you like what I have managed to do so far :)For sure I am going to follow a lot more of your advices!

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  39. Noursin says:

    Very useful! Got a lot of help from your book as well! So thanks for that! I am currently an intern at Worldfavor and my job is to look after social media. It’s going good but always great with expert advice . Keep up the good work!


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