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32 Responses to Too much to do? And not enough Time!

  1. OMG Lilach, I didn’t know that there we so many time management systems ‘out there’.
    How did you find the time to find out about them all?
    I’ve used an online stopwatch in the past to limit my FB time :), but anything that’s too tricky (and time consuming) won’t cut it with me – I’m a dinosaur. What’s your favourite?
    Fiona Scott recently posted..Why Are Most Internet Marketers Failing?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      I know, it’s scary how many there are. And yes I had to find the time (and schedule it in!) to research them.

      I like Remember the Milk and am in the process of using Wunderlist too.

  2. I have this problem so much to do so little time but thankyou for this post so many great resources that i will put in my daily schedule to make the time to research them

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Lewys, It’s nice to know I’m not the only one! I hope you find one system that’s useful and it saves you time and makes life easier and more efficient for you:)

  3. “If Bill Gates saw $100 lying on the ground, it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it up”. But walking around, looking on the floor is? :-)

    Nice list of websites, but is there a gadget that reads them for me???
    Angelika Davey recently posted..The Berlin WallMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Lol Angelika, very true and funny:)

      I guess that’s one of the weaknesses with these systems… you have to set them up and take the time to learn how to get the best from them:)

  4. Such a useful article Lilach – I’m sure there’s one or two (at least) tools to help me amongst that little lot. If you can find one that somehow replaces the need for sleep that would be really really helpful too ;-)
    David Downer recently posted..Tony Robbins – When Nothings Working You’re Probably Just A Millimetre Out!My Profile

  5. What a great article. I like wunderlist, but have not looked at any others. I am going to enjoy exploring some of these. Cheers

  6. Lesa says:

    Great list, Lilach. I’ve already download ManicTime and Wunderlist. If ManicTime works as it promises, I’m going to recommend it to my boyfriend. He’s a Power Systems Engineer and has to track his time — all day, every day. And his company doesn’t provide any technological tools to make the tracking easier — or less time consuming — so it eats up a lot of time he could be spending on more productive tasks. ManicTime (or one of the other time tracking programs) just might help him get some of that time back. Thanks for putting the “time” into researching this list.
    Lesa recently posted..A Checklist to Make Better Business DecisionsMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Lesa, nice to see another fan of Wunderlist. I’m surprised your boyfriends company doesn’t provide any tools or software to help them – surely that would make sense for their employees to be more efficient? I hope he finds it useful:)

  7. Joe Sandy says:

    This is so awesome Lilach! I haven’t heard of any of these tools. I’m going to download several right now. Thanks for sharing.
    Joe Sandy recently posted..Keyword Research Is Vital When Learning to Generate Leads OnlineMy Profile

  8. Val Heisey says:

    awesome list, but I am way behind in what needs to be done. When I catch up, I will take a look at some of these. Thanks for researching and posting.
    Val Heisey recently posted..Create giveaways for list-building – is long content or short content more effective?My Profile

  9. Another task management tool I have been using myself is Simpleology. I highly recommend everyone use some type of task management tool if they want to be more efficient in their business.
    Preston Schumacher recently posted..5 Blog Writing Factors for Content MarketersMy Profile

  10. WOW what an awesome list of new tools to play with. Which one would you pick if you only selected one? Thanks for saving me so much time Lilach.

    Terry Petrovick recently posted..How to Create a Social Media Marketing Schedule that WorksMy Profile

  11. Thanks for the great tools. I will check into them and decide which one to use. :)

  12. Ziz says:

    Wow – what a list….I will have to give a few a whirl. Are you familiar with Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen?
    Ziz recently posted..Just be CuriousMy Profile

  13. Did you have the time, found the time or created the time to research and put together this page.
    (You may even confess, there is more on the net that you had not enough time to research upon).
    I have re tweeted for more people to know. Great. Thank you.
    K Thiruselvam

  14. Mohsen says:

    hi Lilach, thanks a lot for all of your great posts, please if you can help me to post about how to use social networking in teaching in university, and i want learn about these courses so which websites should i learn and have a certificate from any website to be an expert in social media
    thanks :)

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks for your comment Mohsen:)

      I don’t know of any courses where you can learn how to be an expert in social media – if there are any I would stay well clear, they’re just after your money:(

      Social Media takes time to learn, you need to have experience and constantly be learning and researching. There is no course for that however we can all learn new skills and experience – it just doesn’t happen overnight.

      Please feel free to send me an email at lilach@socialable.co.uk if I can assist you further.

  15. Hi Lilach great list of time mangement tools. Keeping lists of what you have to do can be helpful in terms of making sure you stay focuced on what you have identified to do. However the step before that is sorting out what is going to have the most impact on your goals. It’s important that you don’t create overwhelm by building huge lists of todo tasks that just keep you a busy fool. A simple way to address this is once you’ve created your list identify the third of your tasks which could be done by someone else and delegate them and if you have no one to delegate them to think of creative ways that they could be done by others in exchange for something you have that isn’t as time consuming. Your aim is to schedule the 20% of the tasks that will give you 80% of your results and do those.

  16. Kumar says:

    Actually time management is a common problem now a days and not just for companies but individuals too, we tackle time with Replicon employee time tracking software.

  17. Laura says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your post. Some time ago I discovered virtual boards for planning and organizing. They are usually web based apps for scheduling tasks and real-time collaboration. The one I use is Kanban Tool. What is your opinion about this kind of solution?

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