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Having worked with Lilach i was amazed at how much knowledge she has of her field.  Her service was always professional and we got great results.
Happy to recommend her service if you are seriously looking to get online traffic and your message out there.

Paul Ribbons www.paulribbons.com


I want to emphasize how effective the workshops during the 3rd European Forum for Marketing of Scientific and Research Organization in Poland were. Great content – delivered in a professional manner – excellent illustration. Creative workshops were selected based on your professionalism and ability to come up with interesting concepts of social media.

It’s really a pleasure to hear speakers like Lilach Bullock.  Thank you again for your professionalism and good work.



Lilach spoke at our annual Women in the Workplace Conference last month. The event hosted by TrainE-TraidE saw over 150 women come together to listen to sessions on getting back into the workforce and growing their businesses. Lilach spoke at two packed workshops on the value of social media in growing your business. Despite the varied ability levels of delegates, everyone agreed that through Lilachs’ approachable style, and extensive knowledge they had learnt a vast amount from the session and were ready to start making real changes in their businesses.


Lilach Bullock attended a CIM evening social media workshop  as one of our specialist ’Dr Digitals’ and she was amazing. No holds barred! She got straight to the crux of the issues presented to her and, after her expert diagnosis, wrote the prescription. Delegates left the workshop with results-driven specific actions to ensure that their tweets and blogs would work to meet the objectives of their organisation.

Chartered Institute of Marketing


I have come across many companies that claim that they can get you loads of followers, increase your exposure and get better user engagement on your web site – to date none have worked until I used Lilach and Socialable. She really is amazing, totally gets social and delivered way above my expectations. I could not recommend her more, very professional and also gets the job done!


Lilach Bullock is a results-oriented and proven social media expert. Within a short period of time, she has more than quadrupled my Twitter following and completely re-positioned my online brand. She is personable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. Unlike other social media experts, Lilach has tried-and-true systems and strategies to help entrepreneurs increase their exposure and online traffic. Thank you Lilach!

 Branding For The People 


Lilach Bullock is a consummate professional. She is a social media expert par excellence but even more importantly from our perspective, she understands that successful marketing and sales is based on fundamentals of consistency and hard work.  She guides our social media campaigns in promoting our venture for private networking for doctors and patients with a firm hand, not only suggesting things, but also gently insisting that we must do them. She handles different cultural situations well and can be both public-school and down-to-earth as needed. I look forward to working with Lilach to grow our footprint in Twitter and the blogosphere by a factor of 10, 20 and more.



After trying many social media experts, we are pleased to say that Socialable are the one who understood the essence of social media and Lilach Bullock in particular has helped us take the first steps of social media engagement. Lilach has identified improvements in our twitter engagement almost on day one, showing us immediate results with her expertise. Additionally the communication with us was fantastic with Socialable team informing us each week on the tasks, results and comparative analysis from previous weeks. We are happy to recommend her services to anyone.



Before Lilach came in, we were really struggling with our online marketing and we needed that extra boost to get our business to the next level. Lilach was like a breath of fresh air. Our sessions together were extremely helpful not to mention invaluable as well as being great fun!

Lilach has helped us really leverage social media for our business.  Not only that but she also identified and helped us put together a strategy to get more clients, more brand awareness and more traffic back to our website. We are now much more focused and our business has improved dramatically as a result.


Working with Socialable has been fantastic and our product review has generated positive ROI within the first month.  We met Lilach at a trade show and immediately connected about how technology can help social selling.  Socialable’s review of CANDDi was comprehensive and far more detailed than I had ever imagined.
From the first minutes of it being published we started to see inbound traffic and enquiries (infact the first we knew of the review being live was when our phones started ringing).  After the first two weeks we’ve ended up with 250+ website visitors, 13 inbound enquiries and (at least) four new customers.


Lilach really knows her stuff with online marketing, not just the technical nuts and bolts but also the mindset and psychology of both the target market and her client. A very short session with her has helped me to get much clearer on my online strategy, so I now know my next set of actions, and I know how to measure to see what really gets results. Definitely recommend a session with Lilach to get your online strategy on track.



Lilach is a true professional and expert on all aspects of social media. Her strategy for The Giving Card has been faultless and she has constantly over-achieved on targets. As you would expect Lilach is an excellent communicator and I would not hesitate in recommending her to boost your social media profile and web presence.



Lilach Bullock is the most brilliant advocate of social media I have ever met. Whether you need help with Twitter, Facebook or blogging, Lilach is the perfect person to cater for all your needs. She is social media savvy, knows her subject inside out  and is fantastic at getting those all-important results.



Lilach’s expertise of social media is incredible. Within six months of working with her, I had created a fully functioning blog and was writing pieces regularly. She also helped me to develop our company’s Twitter profile from average to extraordinary. She is a fantastic mentor and now a great friend!


If I could sum Lilach up in a phrase, I would have to say Amazing Value. She is a true master of social media, and has a great business mind too.  As a speaker, Lilach delivers great content and creates a good connection with people. Best of all, Lilach is lovely personality and a business ally I respect and continue to recommend.



Socialable has been instrumental in helping us grow our business and audience in an organic way. Their advice, tips and recommendations were spot on in guiding us through the tumultuous waters of social media and website development. I would highly recommend following, engaging and asking for their assistance to grow your own online presence.



Lilach is one of the ABSOLUTE VERY BEST at her game, Social Media Marketing and giving advice and tips on social media. She is extremely generous with her knowledge on social media. I make it a point to visit her blog every day. She walks the talk. Lilach does not hold back in empowering others with her experience. Her web traffic and comments to her blog article are probably next to none in her field in terms of the sheer number and quality. I recommend her without question.



Lilach Bullock is no ordinary social media expert.  What sets her apart is that she actually really knows her stuff and she can prove it works by her own results.  Her website has been listed by social media commentators as one of the top 10 globally and she has over 65,000 Twitter followers.  But the thing that really makes her stand out is that she is open and honest.  Rather than just telling you what you want to hear and taking your money (which has been my experience of using so-called experts in the past) Lilach makes it clear what it’s going to take for you to make the difference in your business; even if it does sound like a lot of hard work.

With Lilach’s help I now really feel like I’m on track to using social media to grow my business.  I really appreciated her telling me that there is no such a thing as overnight success because I don’t mind hard work.  Working hard at what you know is going to make a difference is a much better business strategy than relaxing whilst implementing things that don’t.  These days the one thing a business owners really need is a clear, honest results driven approach.  You definitely get that with Lilach Bullock.


Praise for Using Images that Influence (Available on Amazon here)


“An interesting read for all business people and non-business people alike. The book takes you through how to use Pinterest, Instagram and many other social media tools to use images and influence online users. It’s really great too because all proceeds go directly to a really worthwhile cause. It’s a no brainer at such a good price. I found the book incredibly useful for my company and I am sure you will too.”


“I’ve just bought the book and will read on the way to London today. I’ve rated it 5 stars just by what I’ve glanced at so far!”


“What a beautiful book – but also practical. Perfect for new business owners like me. And I love the fact that the proceeeds of this book are M.A.D. (Making a Difference).”


“A great eBook full of tips on photography and writing and how to combine the two successfully. Mentions of Pinterest and solutions to copyright worries are good. Useful lists of places to source photos (both free and paid) plus lots more. It’s a real bargain and well worth the money!”


“Excellent in every way.  Fantastic array of superb images, compiled with vision and consideration.  The best value book I’ve purchased.  Thanks Lilach.”


“As a social media manager & trainer, I’m well aware of the power of images – you only have to look at the way Pinterest has grown in the last few months to see that people nowadays want great visual stuff to share, so any tips and advice on how to make my own products and services more visual will be invaluable for me.”


“They say a picture paints a thousand words and if you’re in business and have a website or blog about what you do then this book is most definitely for you. The growing reputation of sites like Pinterest and Gentlemint is proof enough of the power of images to not only impress visitors to your site but more importantly to share content with others and that will get you noticed and bring you more traffic, simple.

Packed with tips on how to take photos, how to choose images and how best to share them this book will prove invaluable to anyone who relies on images to help convey their message and mission.

At the price it’s a no brainer.  What are you waiting for?  Click to buy!”


“A fabulous book and wonderful that all proceeds go to charity I would highly recommend! Congratulations to Lilach Bullock and Sara Arrow looking forward to their next one :)”


Praise for Zero to Targeted Marketing (The secrets of small business success) (Available on Amazon here)


“Excellent read from my two good friends, Social Media & blogging mavens, Sarah & Lilach.  Full of fine advice & guidance for both the newbie entrepreneur & established businessperson.  Well done indeed to you both.”


“It is a comprehensive map of the subject, rather than a guide book which would take you by the hand and lead you through prescribed stages of your marketing path.

Topics as diverse as ‘How to Use How to Use Online Surveys to Research Your Market’ and ‘How to Get the Most out of Social Media Marketing’ are covered under 30 major headings. Each heading is broken down into sub-headings with titles such as: ‘What to Ask’, ‘Tools to make it Easier’, ‘Opinion Surveys by Email’, ‘Offline and Online Market Research’, ‘Shopping Habits’, ‘The Downside of Inbound Marketing’, and far, far more.

To gain the full benefit of this book you must know how to ‘map read’. Use it as a text book. Take a note of the headings, prioritise, and systematically implement the information. Refer to ‘Zero to Targeted Marketing’ in order to acquaint yourself with the topics in the ways you would use maps before taking journeys, or text books before writing essays.

Were it a physical book it would, over the years, be one cherished on my desk. A well thumbed volume, no doubt dog eared from use, perhaps repaired in places with sticky tape.

It is a trustworthy reference, by two very experienced and accomplished marketers.”


“The Dynamic Duo have hit gold with Zero to Targeted Marketing (The secrets of small business success)

If you’re serious about growing your business, “Zero to Targeted Marketing” is not just a brilliant addition to your reference library but an invaluable tool to help you make sense of marketing as well as getting the most from your efforts. Covering everything from fundamentals to customer profiling, research and target marketing this book will help you not only achieve the results you desire but do so in double quick time. A great asset

Take my advice, follow Sarah and Lilach’s advice and uncover the secrets of your small business marketing success.”


“Marketing is vital to every business but is often misunderstood or even ignored, especially by “solopreneurs” who are pressed for time.  This book is an excellent and comprehensive guide to all aspects of marketing, both traditional and modern. Sarah and Lilach stress that no single marketing method will work in isolation; all methods need to be considered and integrated for best results.


The book is set out clearly with plenty of sub headings, making it easy to read and digest.  I would recommend “Zero to Targeted Marketing” to all business owners.”


“When I started reading the book I thought that it was a useful book for anybody new to marketing, but not really for me. How wrong I was!
The more I read the more I realised that I could improve my marketing and learnt how to do things differently -a book well worth reading more than once!”


“Absolutely loved the book! Great advice for business owners and marketers that want to grow their businesses, and do it efficiently.  The book is easy to read and easy to understand – definitely would recommend!”


“Lilach & Sarah are 2 Internet Mavericks with a Digital Mindset – who you must follow, and do your very best to keep up with online!!
Mavericks because they truly know how to navigate in the constantly changing “chaos world” that online marketing is – finding, utilizing and sometimes even inventing “tricks of the trade”.

Read, listen and learn – if you want to stay updated on how to market yourself online!  Highly recommended!!!”


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