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PR and Marketing

PR is about brand reputation, not just media relations

Looking after your business’ reputation is a 24×7 job. Particularly with the advent of social media and the plethora of digital channels available to your target audiences. Getting heard and increasing your share of voice through coverage is becoming harder and harder as the competitive landscape shifts to embrace these additional channels.

At Socialable, we pride ourselves on knowing how to tell your story and package up your content to resonate not just with your target audiences, but with the most crucial components – the journalists and online influencers that matter for your business. They should never be considered as just ‘middle men’ that PR and Marketing professionals need to use to get coverage, but instead as extensions of your communications team. Without them, there would be no coverage. There would be no independent analysis of news stories or industry trends.

We dive under the hood and look at your business from the inside out so we completely understand who you are, what you do, how you are different and what makes you tick. We provide a consultative approach to ensure goals and objectives are aligned, and results secured.

We offer many services, including:

  • corporate messaging sessions to get your story right;
  • media training to help you build lasting relationships with journalists, bloggers and online influencers;
  • content generation from case studies to opinion articles to blog posts to press releases, and everything in between;
  • integrated social media and PR and Marketing campaigns; and so on.
  • and of course the bread’n’butter PR activities – news generation and press releases, opinion articles, case studies and media tours.

We know what you want to say and what journalists are looking for to ensure you realise your goals. Whilst we are specialists in social media and technology, we also offer expertise in a broad range of sectors, as well as general news media.

So if you have a news story that you’re desperate to get into the media or want a full-blown PR campaign and strategy, but have neither the resource nor the time to engage in a full media relations campaign, we are your solution!

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