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32 Responses to Pinterest: 43 ways to build your presence

  1. Amit Verma says:

    Awesome Tips. Thanks for sharing this great tips. Have a great day ((Hugs))
    Amit Verma recently posted..Rockmelt : A WOWser To Make Your Social Networking EasyMy Profile

  2. Lilach says:

    Thanks so much Sarah. This is a really useful post. There is a lot of talk about Pinterest at the moment and for good reason too.

    I’d also like to say that I highly recommend you check out Sarah’s awesome Pininterest 30 Day Challenge (and no I’m not an affiliate:))

  3. Otir says:

    So what is the etiquette of Pinterest? Is it particular or just the good sense Internet etiquette and practice?
    I recently got on it, so I am very thankful I saw your blogpost today.

  4. What a fabulous list Sarah, got to be something for everyone.

    I liked number 1 “When creating your boards create some that are keyword rich and some that are fun.”
    You know, I never thought about keywords, but I will do now.

    The plugin info on your other post is also pretty useful.
    How on earth do you find all this info?

    BTW – love the theme. LOL
    Keith Davis recently posted..Free guide to the Genesis theme frameworkMy Profile

  5. mike says:

    I’ve been playing a bit in Pinterest and am interested to see what is going to take place with the flood of growth that is currently taking place… I’ve been seeing some creativity in incorporating the business or blog e-mail address in the picture.. Agree that the amount of followers or who you follow is irrelevant with the exposure a picture can receive. Most of the pics I’ve had liked or pinned are from people who don’t ‘follow’me.. Thanks Sarah
    mike recently posted..Social Media FragmentationMy Profile

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  7. Sarah, thank you for these handy tips. I think they are extremely useful and I for one will be implementing them immediately! I think Pinterest is absolutely fabulous, it’s creative, pictorial, emotive and embraces exactly what I’ve been looking for in order to promote my new business!
    DaddyBlogZAUK recently posted..Pure London – Pure Fashion!My Profile

  8. Helpful post Sarah! Still finding my way on pinterest. It definitely gets a rep from guys as being only about weddings and interior design.
    Connor Meakin recently posted..What Seth Rogen Taught me About NetworkingMy Profile

  9. Anita says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I love your pinterest posts, I will definitely have to remember to use keywords.

    Thanks Sarah.
    Anita recently posted..Snowdrop Birthday cardMy Profile

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  12. Excellent tips! Interesting stuff about the keywords. Will definitely be using them.

  13. Nicola says:

    Are there any demos available? I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about Pinterest relating to copyright infringement.
    Nicola recently posted..An Eggciting opportunity to photograph Edwina CurrieMy Profile

  14. Andrew says:

    Good idea to “like” pins that don’t fit your boards but you like anyway. Nice, easy to do list.

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  17. Alica says:

    A very interesting and informative post. As a newbie to Pinterest, you have totally convinced me that it has a lot of benefits.
    Alica recently posted..goldsenzeMy Profile

  18. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest, probably even more than Facebook. Not looking forward to it being overcrowded though. I prefer not to have to sift through all the clutter, when social platforms get too big. Right now, I know there’s a lot of buzz about it, but I really think it’s here to stay. Love, love, love it…especially the gifting part of it. So many possibilities!

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  21. Mikhail says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

    tip #26. Thank people for re-pinning – it starts a conversation

    Where should I do that?

    Thanks again!

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  23. I haven’t had much interest because I feel things will get cluttered quickly. That being said, really enjoyed all the tips. I may have to look a little deeper.

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