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18 Responses to My highs and lows from my business and personal journey

  1. Sarah says:

    Fab recording, it couldn’t have been easy telling your story. the music was very apt, even Eye of the Tiger ;)
    Sarah recently posted..Invoking the writing museMy Profile

  2. It was lovely to have you. Thank you for sharing your journey with the Tycoon Women listeners. We all learned so much. :)
    Tycoonwoman recently posted..How to be the CEO of You PlcMy Profile

  3. I love the idea of business put to music! Awesome!
    Andy Nathan recently posted..Top Kindle Readers Today: Guest PostMy Profile

  4. Lilach, thanks for sharing some music, it was just what I needed after a busy day. take care Rosemary
    Rosemary O’Shaughnessy recently posted..Novel Ways to View your iPad !!! While Working On The GoMy Profile

  5. Val Heisey says:

    Simply awesome Lilach! Great interview and great music and now I get to hear your cool English accent too! Love it! Glad I got to know you better!

    Thanks, Val
    Val Heisey recently posted..MLM Success strategy: Part 3 – What the other 3 big guys said!My Profile

  6. Love the music Lilach and also learned how to pronounce your name but I should have known that.
    Take care,
    David Sharp recently posted..Building Business Relationships With The 100 Day ChallengeMy Profile

  7. That’s a pretty cool idea to have to put songs along with the moments in your life. I always like hearing about the personal experiences of people so that others know that it’s not always a prim rose path to get to where you want to be.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Duke:) Yes I think music says a lot about someone and it’s a great way to share a story too. I don’t think anyone, however successful has a smooth journey in getting there… there are always ups and downs but I guess that’s part of the fun:)

  8. Pretty cool to associate music to every moments of your life. I guess that is just brilliant because it gives out a reflection on how you manage certain happenings in your life. :) Thanks!
    Angel Collins recently posted..MSDSonline Offers GHS Guarantee – Risk-Free MSDS Authoring for GHS Adoption by OSHAMy Profile

  9. Lilach, I admire your work. I should chose some of my favorite songs and label them!
    John Moussan recently posted..The 2 Most Ignorant Reasons Why NOT To Join The Numis Network…My Profile

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