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22 Responses to Instagram: 50 Filters of C**p?

  1. I do believe that the new T&C does not apply to photo’s taken before 16th January.
    Nevertheless… it is worrisome that such a huge player changes things in such an off hand manner. I’m sure they must have known the Internet would go over them with a fine toothed comb.

    Thanks for the Instaport tip. I think I’m going to keep my account for a bit longer, maybe put a name in the photo.., don’t know. I always have my (Pro) Flickr account.
    What are you doing with your account?
    Rogier Noort recently posted..The Positive Side of a CommunityMy Profile

  2. Lilach,

    It would be nice to have a social media company that actually understands how to talk to people. The worst customer service in the world comes from social media companies. Maybe someone should explain to them what the world social is, and how to communicate online.

    Andy Nathan recently posted..How to Stand Out in the Online Holiday Marketing Mass Part 2 – Offer Holiday SpecialsMy Profile

  3. Instagram made a potentially fatal mistake by releasing that info. It was important info that we needed to be reminded of, but clearly it was politically motivated on the part of senior management to come out right away and say they were reversing their policy. Why didn’t they have it in the terms to begin with and do the right thing? Greed caught them. Great article and thanks.
    Martin Casper recently posted..How an Alkaline Diet is Your Portal to Better HealthMy Profile

  4. I think the problem is twofold:

    1) Companies are struggling to make sense of social media

    2) Facebook really doesn’t care about users. All it wants is making money.

    I strongly believe that it was a ploy (and I talk about that in one of my articles) to test us and see if we are as gullible as when we joined Facebook a few years ago.

    When a company puts the dollar sign before its audience and customers, it is bound to fail…
    Cendrine Marrouat recently posted..Social media news: Facebook, Paper.li, Socl and WordPressMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Cendrine. Interesting comments. I’m certainly still seeing a lot of companies struggling with social media – particularly with how to use it effectively but more than anything how to monetize it.

      Facebook is now so huge they simply can’t care about its users. But let’s be honest they are a business and need to make money somehow and because they’ve kept the “freemmium” model they’ve had to be much more ruthless in its monetization.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress in 2013…
      Lilach recently posted..[Read This] Images that InfluenceMy Profile

  5. Tania says:

    Much ado about something we should’ve anticipated. We’re shocked that a free app with servers, an office and a team of employees has to make revenue somehow. How greedy of them! They should provide services to us for free at our terms. Seriously? Anytime we load material onto a social media platform we need to get over the expectation that privacy is guaranteed and won’t be shared. Nothing is for free! So use instagram as it’s meant to be used. Only load what you want to be or feel comfortable sharing. Don’t load all your photos professional photographers, load the ones you’d like spread for marketing purposes and don’t load the ones you don’t want the image to be oversatutated on the net. I do believe sm companies need to do a better job with explaining their terms (I see lawyers hands in that wording, it’s basically catch all legalese to ensure all situations cover IG). But I don’t think we should be indignant and lose our shit over a company wanting to generate revenue.

    • Claudia says:

      While I do completely agree that a free app needs to make money somehow, the way they wanted to do it is completely inexcusable! why not do ads, like everybody else? And just because Facebook and the like are selling our info no matter what, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t at least try to show our indignation and try to change things. If we were to passively await while companies, politicians etc. do whatever they wanted just because “we should’ve expected that” and “it was bound to happen”, than our lives would be much worse. I come from a country where politicians and companies do whatever they like and don’t even pretend to care about the people, all because nobody speaks their minds against them. When they know they have someone to answer to, they do a better job.
      And also, it’s not just the fact that they wanted to make money by selling people’s photos without their permission and without compensating them, but also the fact that they didn’t mention it and when people noticed it they said that we didn’t understand the language.
      So yeah, I do believe that we should feel indignant and lose our shit when a company does something like that! I know that Facebook needs to make its $1 billion back, but there are other ways. and if there aren’t, too bad.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Tania appreciate your comment. It’s scary how we now expect everything for free and have entered into the freemmium way – services such as Skype, Facebook,Twitter and the like are all free and less than 10 years ago we would have had to pay for such services that we’ve come accustomed to getting freebies.

      For me it was more about how they weren’t transparent about their T&C’s, they knew what the repercussions would be but hey I guess for them they naively didn’t think it would affect them.
      Lilach recently posted..[Read This] Images that InfluenceMy Profile

  6. If to judge from this point of view, then probably the majority of social networks, different applications and services can probably have more disadvantages than benefits

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Amazing Showcase of HTML5 Facebook Templates for Any Purposes

  7. Thanks Lilach As always well written , well informed. Very welcome.

  8. Look how slippery Instagram is in their press release: “we respect that your photos are your photos. Period.” Uh huh. And we, Instagram are arrogating the right to “share” them with whomever we please. Instragram users will still own their photos. which actually makes them valuable, as opposed to being in the public domain. Instagram merely assumes the unlimited publication rights. It’s a “business model” of the successful — take what’s not yours and sell it.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..How Diet "Bargain Shoppers" Beat the Hunger Game updated Mon Dec 24 2012 2:49 …My Profile

  9. As we discovered in the music biz, lots of shiny new companies were set up with cool ideas but little understanding of what a business model is. The idea was to grab as many users as quickly as possible any way they could. Then, oops, how do we pay for the staff and PR? Let’s put pressure on the source – in their case music, in this case people’s intellectual property – and chase the ad dollar. Yet all these sites rely on rust. As MySpace discovered, you can be become as relevant as a Polaroid camera very, very quickly when people lose that trust.
    Michael Leahy recently posted..Yves Erauw: The Other WomanMy Profile

  10. Marta says:

    I still can’t get what was the main motivation for Instagrgam to publish such information? I guess that was their biggest mistake… Anyway thanks for good article and happy new year!
    Marta recently posted..Top 50 Professional Prestashop ThemesMy Profile

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