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4 Responses to How well connected are you?

  1. Lesley, your first point – about ‘engaging with’ rather than ‘selling at’ is a learning curve that so many businesses are now having to climb. Enjoyed this post – thanks.


  2. Thank you, what an informative post. I will look at HootSuite after reading this. I was under the impression that it was just for posting tweets that showed to the reader that you did not want to post in ‘real time.’
    A question I have is about different audiences in your network. For example, so your facebook pages friends really want to read all your tweets?

    • Lisa – I choose what I send to Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks. Hootsuite allows you to do that.

      I send my tips to my Facebook (business) page and social stuff to my personal page, that way the people who follow (‘like’) my Facebook page get ongoing value – all the tips in one place so they don’t miss anything. After all who is crouched over the computer eagerly awaiting my next tip?!!

  3. lilach says:

    Thanks Lesley for a great post. I’m personally a fan of Hootsuite and love how easy it is to use, it also has a great app for the iPhone so you can manage your Twitter and Facebook on the go.

    Onlywire is also another good tool to distribute your blogs.

    I’m looking forward to launching Network Waves in the summer which will do all of this plus lots more, watch this space!


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