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52 Responses to How to promote an event using social media

  1. Using online ads to promote an event–how effective are they? Thanks!
    Kevin K Lau recently posted..Your Social Marketing Networks Update!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Online ads can help get “bums on seats”. Facebook ads’ are particularly good for that although I would recommend you try the organic ways first before you start spending money. JV partners as well are good, most events these days offer an affiliate fee and this is another good way to get attendee’s.

    • specifically the last part :) I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a very Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information long time. Thank you and good luck.

  2. Thanks for this Lilach you have explained the ins and outs of creating an event perfectly, now to give it a go. Thanks, take care.
    David Sharp recently posted..Why I Promote 7 Minute WorkoutMy Profile

  3. Great list of recommended websites. I was just lookin around on Plancast… really neat:)

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  5. Great post, and taking things to a new level. Thanks for sharing!
    Colette aka workfmhomediva recently posted..Want To Make Money This Wednesday?My Profile

  6. Hey Lilach… I like those resources you have shares. I am checking some out now. Thanks for sharing! :)
    John Moussan recently posted..Why Is It That Some People In MLM Are More Successful Than Others?My Profile

  7. Wendy says:

    Love using Eventbrite for my Mom’s Nite Out events! They are free to use and the widget countdown is a great asset!
    Wendy recently posted..Help for a husband to find the perfect Christmas gift for his wifeMy Profile

  8. Val Heisey says:

    Thanks for the new resources Lilach. Going to spend some time checking these out and working them into my marketing plan.
    Val Heisey recently posted..Network Marketing Quotes you will find power in…My Profile

  9. Andrea Cook says:

    This is a great resource! I just launched my website on my live event coverage service. I think businesses need experts like you and me to use these tools effectively, don’t you? I’m glad to have found your post and I look forward to learning more! – @andreacook

  10. Lilach, you give such value in this post. Definitely going to be looking into these sites to promote future events. Thank you so much. Juli
    Juli Becker recently posted..It’s Here! Brandi Robert’s Interview With Michelle Alpha PescosolidoMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      My pleasure Juli:) I’ve run many events, including offline and webinars and have leveraged social media and my list purely to get attendee’s, it’s a great way to not only get lots of people to your event but also helps with follow up and creating a real buzz about your event:)

  11. virag shah says:

    Good article. I would like to share few points that it need to define geographic area where your target customers will able to join or not. How much percentage will be join? like wise.
    Because, social media is very wide tool for any event where mass people are available,therefore, it must require to do analysis about each social media sites where you will be promoting.

    Each social media are working very different, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,or Google+ etc are working differently despite of rivals. So, it need to analysis carefully when you are making plan of gather traffic.

    Nice article. Thanks.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Virag:) Yes you’re quite right, if you’re putting on local event you need to consider the geographic area and how to promote it accordingly. For example http://www.meetup.com would be useful for local events too.

      The good news is that more and more people are providing webinars and live events where you can simply attend by logging into your PC which makes the power of social media even more prominent when organising an event:)

  12. Pamela says:

    Love this! Just tweeted it!

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  14. Abby says:

    This is a good post. Thank you for all the recommendation and important information. Good job.

  15. Great post Lilach, but I think you could miss a trick if you don’t include LinkedIn in the mix. Talk about your event in the groups you are in (interspersed with useful content of course), find events going on in your area and their organisers, create LinkedIn events and use the url to help publicise your event that way, and use LinkedIn’s powerful messaging capability to let your contacts know about it. If you’re nor using this amazingly powerful platform you could be losing out on raising your event’s profile!

  16. Susan says:

    Thanks for some brilliant information Lilach. As you know we use social media to promote our weekly webshow but the other resources you have shared with us here we will put into action when we resume http://chrisandsusan.tv in the New Year.

    Thanks for all your support during 2011 and looking forward to spending 2012 on line with you.

    Have a great Christmas

    Chris & Susan
    Susan recently posted..Make Your Word GoldMy Profile

  17. Lilach you have appealed to my one-upmanship. I receive your information as a watered plant in the sunshine. What appeals to me most is the relevant business structure you present, it’s not lost on me the need for take and give. So I write to say oh yes I will use your information but the proof in the pudding will appear when my success involves you in one way or another. That’s promoting an event ( TBA) using social media, according to Mycybermap.com . I even Brand it as Mycyber EFX Thank You

    • Lilach says:

      John thank you so much for your lovely comment. It’s really put a smile on my face and I’m humbled by your lovely words:)

      I wish you the very best of success with your business and would be delighted to assist you in any way I can – feel free to connect with me on Skype too at lilach.bullock

      Here’s to a very successful and exciting 2012:)

  18. Marcie says:

    I never knew there were so many options to promote events. This is very timely as I am about to start conducting more blogging workshops.

  19. Gary says:

    Nice article on using social media to its potential!

  20. Hi
    Thanks for the book. It’s really helpful.
    I have signed up with stumbleupon but can’t find how to make tiny url’s?
    Please can you help?

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  23. Tim Love says:

    This is a really great article. People get like a scared rabbit in the headlights and think something is complicated when it’s actually not. Social media marketing is just common sense and over complicated to make it sound difficult by people – in order to perhaps earn them a contract or payment! Thanks once again.
    Tim Love recently posted..UK Work From Home BusinessMy Profile

  24. Jackson Kamau says:

    A case of gather hay while the sun shines. Big
    players don’t magically appear,they grow. He
    that invests in the market will grow with it
    and he that stays constant will be swallowed.
    Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. Social media is one great platform for such growth and this article is an eye opener.

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  27. Julie says:

    Thanks for the list, Lilach. Event Brite works very well with Word Press. Pathable looks interesting, but didn’t see a price on it. Several things here I didn’t even know about. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Julie recently posted..When You See a Good Speaker, Don’t Get Jealous, Get BetterMy Profile

  28. Phil Aknd says:

    I would like to hear a more regional breakdown on this topic. For regions such as DACH and EMEA, please.

  29. Very good article, too many people see the social media as an end instead of a medium.
    Marketing MadEZ recently posted..Online Reputation: The power of the CrowdMy Profile

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