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331 Responses to How to get more blog comments on your blog

  1. Commentluv! Seriously, I always leave a comment when I enjoyed reading the blog, such as this one. At other times, I comment to ask for clarification from the author. Have a nice day!
    Kevin K Lau recently posted..5 Ways To Turn Your Social Media Channel Prospects To Promoters!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Kevin, appreciate your comment:) I too leave comments if I enjoy reading the article. I also find if someone asks a question at the end that will make more enticed to leave a response.

    • Have to agree with Kevin. Without CommentLuv my blog would get very few comments. And it lets me (and my readers) leave relevant links that are of potential interest to those reading the article. That makes commenting more fun. Anyone interested in getting comments should get CommentLuv Premium or at least the free version of the plugin.
      Astro Gremlin recently posted..Promote Your Blog HereMy Profile

  2. Warren says:

    I’d like to add one.

    Have a custom “Thank You!” page that first time commentators get forwarded to. I know whenever I get one of them, I smile! :)
    Warren recently posted..My Year End Twitter BlitzMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Warren:) That’s a great tip and something that’s been on my todolist – I must get round to creating one ASAP. I did recently set up an email so that when anyone comments they receive an email thanking them plus asking them if they would like to optin to my newsletter, that’s working very well and I’ve noticed my subscription rate increase from that:)

      • Warren says:

        I’d totally forgotten about that, but you’re right! It lends a nice touch, especially when you write the email in a “personal” tone thanking the reader. Either way I think the simple act of saying thank you to your community is something that isn’t done as often as it should be so it stands out when it happens.
        I remember sending out a handwritten thank you email to a fellow marketer (D3So) and he was so impressed because it happens so infrequently.
        Warren recently posted..Having a Can-Do attitudeMy Profile

        • Lilach says:

          Thanks Warren:) I think hand writting letters are the way to go. We’re all flooded with emails and if you’re looking to stand out sending a hand written note really does the trick. In fact one of my clients recently hired a calligrapher as they were launching a new product – it worked very well, so much so they managed to get a meeting with a leading high street retailer.

          It pays to be different and stand out in business :)

  3. Viviana says:

    Hi Lilach, I love your post! I do checklist from your post above. True, readers are lazy to make comments. Join commenting tribe is a good way to get comments, thanks for advice.
    Viviana recently posted..Top 10 Signs You are Building Unhealthy BusinessMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Viviana:) It’s interesting when you look at your stats on a website, you can see the amount of traffic you get, how long readers are staying on your website and obviously how many comments you have. I’ve noticed my comment rate is increasing but it’s still no where near the amount of visitors I get so there are a lot of lurkers who aren’t leveraging how important it is to leave a comment. Commenting tribes are great too:)

  4. Kris Olin says:

    Great post, Lilach!

    Your point no. 3 seems to work for me quite nicely.


    PS. I love your cartoon here!
    Kris Olin recently posted..Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Are Better Than Google AdwordsMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Kris:) Yes I’m always surprised by the amount of people who don’t ask for comments. I’m a great believer if you don’t ask you don’t get! But of course it helps by asking a question and making it as easy as possible for your reader to leave a comment:)

  5. Sanjeev says:

    Comments are a good way to show you have an active community and it is more important if you have a blog where you publish lot of guest post. More comments means you will get more guest post as people like their posts to be read and getting comments.

    Involving readers is a good way to get more comments, but it has to be done with the flow of the post, just adding one line at the end of the post is not enough.

    PS: For its just a indication of active community, I have seen many people who does not worry about comments and earning a lot online.
    Sanjeev recently posted..BlogEngage – Can it do Wonders for Your Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Sanjeev:) Each Friday I post guest blogs and agree the more active your community is the more of an incentive it is for people to post their blogs on your site.

      I agree there are a lot of people who aren’t concerned or concentrate on getting people to comment on their blog. But for me it’s about communicating with my readers, building a relationship with them, learning their needs and what I can give to them and of course rewarding them by using Comment Luv :)

      • Possibly a dumb question, but I’ve been intrigued lately by the concept of guest blogging. I’ve asked a few times on Twitter and offer a “help out” page on my site, but it’s all to no avail. What is the best way to go about finding guest bloggers? Most free sites I’ve found seem sleazy. Thanks!
        Jonathan Thornton recently posted..Apple and why it really isn’t in trouble…yetMy Profile

      • Jonathan says:

        This is a really good post! I happened to catch “guest blogs” in your comment, and I was curious. Though my blog is certainly very small right now, it is growing, and I was looking to essentially do a relaunch of the site with more guest posts.

        Thing is, I already put quite a bit of money into my site and am not willing to put a whole lot more into it, as much as I’d like to. I’ve tried to find free guest blogging networks, but all of them frankly seem sleazy. What can I do to get guest bloggers onto my site? Thanks so much :)
        Jonathan recently posted..Apple and why it really isn’t in trouble…yetMy Profile

  6. Mavis Nong says:

    Hi Lilach,

    These are great tips you’re sharing here. It’s important to encourage comments on your blog and to reward your commenters.

    All the best,
    Mavis Nong recently posted..21 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing is NOT a Winning StrategyMy Profile

  7. Gilly says:

    I always love your posts, But I am afraid I am one of the few who does not comment all the time.
    I do share with collegues and friends a lot of your interest ing posts, that I feel may be of help to them.
    Keep em coming

  8. Thanks for that Lilach, Do you know what? ….. I hadn’t actually thought to ASK people to comment directly, other than leaving an open-ended “invitation” to remark…… I will be looking for ways to include the opportunity to do this in my blogs in future, I’d love people to start engaging with my topics.

  9. Sandra says:

    Thanks Lilach. I never thought to ask for comments but interestly most people do. I comment on blogs I find interesting too and it’s a great way to engage your audience.
    Great stuff!

  10. Yes, I’ve been wondering about this conundrum for some time. Sometimes I get up to 300 visits, yet not a single comment!
    Simon Ellinas recently posted..Caricaturing at Xmas Party in Jurys Inn Hotel HeathrowMy Profile

  11. Hi, Lilach. The best articles are like the one you’ve just wrote about getting comments: whilst reading you think “I knew that….”, but you (well, that would need to be ‘I’) just don’t practice good and valuable techniques. Thank you for making me aware of things, Lilach. And keep doing that, please??
    Erik Wolterink recently posted..The Sales Person’s CredoMy Profile

  12. I would like to also add one like others, quality content , good webdesign , fast page loading , and most of all a great post . thanks

  13. Graham says:

    Cannot agree with point 2 Lilach. If you don’t offend anyone then the blog post is likely to be anodyne and boring. Always stay off the fence and although some will be offended, many others will be enthused. Both types will comment as a result.
    Love the cartoon too. Another sure fire way to get comments but I cannot bring myself to do it :-)
    Graham recently posted..Why Work In Spain Must ChangeMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Graham:) I guess it’s about having a balance between a healthy debate and being rude to someone… I’ve found that the blogs I write about that are more controversial definitely generate more shares/comments etc.

  14. Lilach: I do take the time to comment on and follow blogs like yours because you provide valuable content on a constant basis. :)

    I think people like to know that they’re making a difference and appreciated so that’s another reason why I take the time to comment.

    P.S. LOVE CommentLuv Premium too!!

    Diane Aksten recently posted..Cash Gifting Programs ~ How Do They Work? Part 2 of 4My Profile

  15. Great tips Lilach. I like encouraging people to interact…some will and some won’t. I’m cool with that either way. But, like you said good content gets people coming back!
    Terry Petrovick recently posted..3 Tactics For Getting You New Leads Every DayMy Profile

  16. I do read blogs and always attempt to leave comments in a positive perspective like, “”However, have you thought………….” and add in more ideas and suggestions. Comments are basically perceptions and reflections of a blog’s content.
    K Thiruselvam recently posted..BEDROOM ASTHMAMy Profile

  17. It’s lovely when people comment isn’t it. And I think your major piece of advice is to write something that people will have an opinion on and find engaging. Hard to tread the line between being opinionated but not offensive, but I believe it can be done.
    Ginny Carter recently posted..3 ways into social networking for silver surfersMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      It is nice when people take the time to comment:) I know what you mean about being opinionated but not offending someone. Everyone has different opinions and I do believe it’s healthy to have a debate :)

  18. Your list of How To get People To Comment On Your Blog is probably the easiest and most sensible one I have seen in many moons. Thank you! I found it contained both good reminders for established business bloggers as well as great tips for people who are just starting out and want help with a strategy.

    Exercising grace when replying to commenters was one I particularly enjoyed seeing.

    To your question, “What incentivises you to take the time to leave a comment?”, I have two primary considerations: (1) Will my comment/question be beneficial to myself or others, and (2) Is the quality of the website I am going to comment on high enough to matter. The second one may sound a little harsh, but I am of the opinion that if I comment on a website that is just a link dumping ground and/or there is no interaction between commenter and writer, then there is no use for my comment.

    Obviously, that’s not the case here! Thanks for the great resource here.
    Scott Kindred recently posted..3 Simple And Free Ways To Drive Online TrafficMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Scott, appreciate your comment:) You ask 2 good questions and whilst it’s good to post comments ultimately you want to be posting comments on good quality posts. For me it’s also about the person taking the time to respond to your comment, I think that’s really important which is why I’m choosy about where I post comments. There is nothing worse than seeing a whole bunch of people posting comments and the owner of the blog hasn’t had the manners to respond or engage back with them.

  19. Jeff Goins says:

    Love that comic.

    I find the best way to get comments is to ask. :)
    Jeff Goins recently posted..Can You Make Money Blogging without Selling Your Soul?My Profile

  20. These are some wonderful tips Lilach. Blog commenting is a great way to engage people, and is also a great way for the “spiders” on the search engines to recognize your blog as popular and the “go-to-place” on the internet.
    Chante Epps recently posted..How To Make Your Home Biz So Simple That A Child Can Do ItMy Profile

  21. I like the idea of leaving a question at the end of a post, that usually gets a few people to comment. Great post.
    David Sharp recently posted..4 Tips For Your Network Marketing SuccessMy Profile

  22. Great tips Lilach! We all want more traffic and comments. Way to be a leader my friend. Keep on rockin’ !

  23. I love your graphic in this! I like your tips to encourage commenting. I will have to implement!
    LuSundra Everett recently posted..Leverage – An Underused Wealth PrincipleMy Profile

  24. Thanks for some nice tips Lilach! I particularly like the recommendation that you try not to cover everything and keep some gaps and space for discussions and brainstorming. Difficult to apply though perhaps in practice but will try to…have you got some concrete examples where you applied this?
    Rawy Iskander recently posted..How to Spot Technology Trends I: Mother Knows BestMy Profile

  25. Hi Lilach,
    It looks like writing a post about how to get comments is a good way to encourage comments! ;-) Your point about asking for what you want seems obvious, but too often it’s overlooked. Calls to action work! I notice you also ask for retweets, which works as well.

    As a writer, I have to say your cartoon really hit home! (Looks like I’m not alone either.) But personally, I try not to publicly correct people for their spelling or grammar mistakes. However, I will sometimes discreetly alert them with a private message or email. (I’m also a little paranoid about making errors in my comments!)

    Mitch Devine recently posted..Kohl’s Ad Inflicts Black’s “Friday” Earworm on ShoppersMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Mitch:) I agree it does seem obvious to ask for comments but so many people do overlook it and don’t bother.

      I too don’t correct people publicly although am not offended if someone does to me, I don’t claim to be the best proof reader :)

    • Elva Anson says:

      I was thinking the same thing as you, Mitch. There are so many comments it takes time to read them all. I get feedback from my readers that they find it difficult to comment. Too many barriers. I have that problem often, too. I have several emails and user names so I often don’t know which one will be accepted. Then I have to go through the identify the letters routine. Too time consuming.

  26. Martina says:

    Hi Lilach!! I’m so agree with you about this article, I think that these advice are useful and important for me. I’m sure that it’s important to have a relation with those who follow your website, and also try to invite them to comment your posts is a good method to improve your visibility and your credibility.

    Thanks so much :)

  27. Andy Moore says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Thank you for this interesting post. You’ve shown how important it is to communicate with your readers. And look at the comments….? Fantastic!

    You learn something new every day.

    Speak soon.

    Best Wishes
    Andy Moore
    Andy Moore recently posted..WordPress UsersMy Profile

  28. Tosin says:

    Hi Lilach,

    This is such an awesome list that every blogger should keep.

    The foundation is quality content as you want to be known as the gal who delivers.

    It’s also helpful to know that asking questions is a great way to enhance interactiveness.

    Thanks for the tips.


  29. Kostas says:

    That’s a great list, personally even though I get a good amount of traffic, I don’t get enough comments so this is a list that will certainly help me to improve this part of my blog, thanks for sharing these valuable tips!
    Kostas recently posted..Blogs that made it to screen and print. Could yours transition too?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Kostas:) I get a lot of traffic and each day it continues to grow but if you look at older blog posts here you’re see there are less comments. I decided to change the way I was writing, asking more questions etc and slowly my comments began to grow:)

  30. Michele says:

    Love this post and thanks for reminding me what I should be doing on my blog. I’m guilty of not offering a reward and not asking for tips or advice. That will now change going forward.

    Thanks Lilach!
    Michele recently posted..Money Is In The List – Five For FreeMy Profile

  31. Hi Lilach,
    Your produce some excellent material! I believe that this is one of the main reasons that you get an abnormal number of people commenting on your blog posts and following you on twitter as I do. These are some great tips that I will share.
    Thank you.
    John Cosstick
    John Cosstick recently posted..Social Media Marketing Inisghts and Power TipsMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks John, really appreciate your comment:) I do genuinely believe that by providing great content that your readers want (not that I want lol) is the secret recipe.

  32. Thanks for a great post about blogging.
    I learned a lot from your advice and try to use them.

  33. joe sandy says:

    Great post Lilach. Getting people to engage in commenting is another crucial process in driving traffic to generate leads online or just to get more interaction. It looks like you are quite an expert in the commenting department and I appreciate you posting this.
    joe sandy recently posted..By: Joe SandyMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Joe appreciate your comment:) It’s challenging isn’t it? Not only do we have to drive traffic to our websites but now we also have to get people commenting:)

  34. LaRae Quy says:

    I love your tip about asking questions in the title of the blog! I’ve heard different opinions on this but I tend to agree with you – it grabs our interest.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks LaRae:) Yes I’ve found you will always get mixed opinions and recommend you try both ways and see which gives you the best results, for me it works really well:)

  35. Sam says:

    Good tips, I’m going to try asking a more specific question at the end of my posts for people to comment in reply to.
    Sam recently posted..Gooseberry Mesa Mountain BikingMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Sam:) Yes, questions are a great way to generate comments, plus it’s a good way to get people to re-visit your site as they often want to see what the responses are:)

  36. DiTesco says:

    Solid tips Lilach and I think I have gone through most of the tips you provided, with the exception of the last one which is, btw how I found your awesome blog. I have to admit that it is very encouraging to know that if you are dealing with “serious” bloggers, that such a method actually works well. So to show you that all the tips you provide work, and the only thing required is for us to make it happen. Thanks and good to know you…
    DiTesco recently posted..Four Things Blog Owners Should Avoid Doing With Guest AuthorsMy Profile

  37. Dean Rose says:

    Great blog Lilach! I really enjoy when the author recommends or includes cool plugins/tools to assist the reader with their blogs!

  38. I often find the content in the comments doubles the value of the post! Do you find the same Lilach?
    Just to be controversial though, I do hate pop-ups! Do they work for you? Have to say it’s one of the reasons I don’t RT as many of your posts as I’d like to ! :((

  39. Hey Lilach! Looks like you’ve done a fantastic job of encouraging people to post comments! Thanx for the Question tip! It’s a great way to motivate visitors to leave a comment or in this case answer your question. Thanx!

  40. Pete Stean says:

    Lilach, I would suggest that non-commenting readers make up far more than 90% of most blogs’ visitors. I get one comment for about every 1500 page views, and that’s not uncommon in my niche.
    Pete Stean recently posted..London Christmas Trees – Old & NewMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Pete, I agree. There are many people that “lurk” on websites without leaving a comment. It’s very common for people not to leave blog comments but with a few little tweaks to your blog you can gradually get people to start commenting.

  41. Catarina says:

    Good post Lilach. Agree with the list you made.

    Just make sure you are not too controversial since it can end badly. Even mentioning Harvard university makes some people angry because for some strange reason they have something againstHarvard:-) One European woman got really upset with me because I’m supportive of Saudi women. According to her they are all criminals.

    What I’m trying to say is beware when you are controversial. Many economic issues upset neo cons in the US and they are not charming to deal with. So whenever a subject could be controversial be prepared for nasty comments. And you must never stoop to their level but be polite. If necessary, just block their IP like I had to do with the European women who hate Saudi women. She unfortunately didn’t stop her angry comments.
    Catarina recently posted..Do you agree with Merkel that it will take years to solve the Euro crisis?My Profile

  42. Stacy says:

    Hi Lilach,

    These are great tips! I’ve implemented those tips and I have seen a large increase in the number of my comments over the life of my blog. The one thing that I have gotten away from lately is adding a question or something a little deeper at the end to help encourage comments.

    Stacy recently posted..Build a New Habit, Change Your Life!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Stacy:) I’ve found when I ask questions or end a blog with a call to action my comments go up so for me it’s a great way to encourage more people to comment:)

  43. Being new to all this social media stuff, I appreciate a good, simple list of what works. There are so many people out there offering good advice that is so wordy and difficult to understand. Thank you!

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  45. Dan says:

    Hi Lilach, great tips. Blogging groups or commenting tribes are great ways to get comments. Responding to people’s comments is also a really important thing to do to get them coming back. Some well known bloggers don’t put much effort into this, some of them take the time to respond to most if not all comments and these are the ones you tend to go back to.

    Another method is to offer your blog as a do follow blog which is what I do. I figure if people want to comment and I decide it’s worth publishing then why not reward them with a link. You can get on do follow blog lists as well like Ana Hoffman’s list if this is your thing. There are also commentLuv directories that you can list in to get more comments.

    Another one is being active in social media and engaging with people. I saw you on Google the other day and I’m back here today, that’s how it works.

    Thanks for the post you are certainly a great example of getting lots of comments, 89 so far on this post, I’m lucky to get one!!
    Dan recently posted..How to build trust and authority online (part 1 of 2)My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Dan, appreciate your comment and further tips. That’s what I love so much about blogging and people commenting – don’t give all the info away, let others contribute too:) I’m actually following all of your tips above apart from the commentluv directories so thanks for that one and I’ll ensure I do that too:)

      One further tip – if you do have a do follow blog make sure you install Akismet wordpress plugin as you get a lot more spammy comments with a do follow blog.

      • Dan says:

        Yeah I’ve been using the growmap anti spambot plugin which is what you are using I think. With Akismet I found a lot of good comments weren’t getting through so I ditched it. If it becomes a big problem I might have to turn it back on again.
        Dan recently posted..Forget focusMy Profile

  46. Nenad says:

    I like to put real Call to Action phrases at the end of the blog post. I like to invite readers to contribute to the topic, and that usually gives results. Often comment section has more content that original post.

  47. Hi Lilach
    I’m certainly not a lurker, more a hoverer, as I’ve read almost every comment, and your response, as well as your great post too, of course. I’m sure I’ve up the stick rate on one page by an average of 5 mins lol :)
    Do you mind me asking what plugin you use to auto email thanks to commenters – we’re in the process of overhauling the plugins on our blog, and would love your input.
    Thank you.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Fiona – love your term hoverer:)

      I’m putting together a list of my favourite plugins and will be blogging about it very soon – so you’re have to come back for a hoverer and find out:)

  48. Hello Lilach,
    This is a goldmine of tips for getting more comments. As someone new to blogging, I’ve implemented a few of your suggestions, but have yet to get a full handle on it. The one thing I really appreciate when I comment on someone’s blog is when the author posts back a response. Otherwise, it’s like talking to a wall. And yes, I need to remember to ask questions. Specific, creative questions. After all, we have much to learn from each other. Cheers!
    Srinivas Reddy recently posted..Is Fast Food Bad For You?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Srinivas:) I must admit if I find the blog owner isn’t responding to comments then I won’t bother taking the time to leave a comment – it completely puts me off!

  49. Hi Lilach,
    nice post.. I think a good authentic post with good content draws me to leave a comment! And you’ve made some good points in your Bullet points which others should take value from.

    Catch up soon
    Dereck :-)
    Dereck Celis recently posted..Are you building a list? This outline and VIDEO tip is where you start…My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Dereck, appreciate your comment. Yep by creating great content it really does help people leave a comment. Although I’ve seen many blogs with some awesome content and people still aren’t leaving comments…. But then it may down to a combination of not driving enough traffic to a website (for every 100 visitors only 1 may comment) and also not leaving a call to action/question.

  50. Hi Lilach,

    This is a great and really helpful blog. I can tell from the comments below that I’m not the only one who thinks this!

    I wasn’t aware of Tribes but would love to increase the number of people that interact with me on my blog, so I’ll check them out.


    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Simon, appreciate your great comment:) Yes tribes can be great but you need to be careful that you find one that has a good reciprocation. Or better still create your own:)

  51. Hi Lilach,

    After such a great post I couldn’t refuse the invitation to comment!
    A great job and great tips.



  52. Hi Lilach,

    I couldn’t help but giggle at the cartoon. I remember a time where that was a tactic taught by some people to elicit comments.
    I do find the tips you’ve listed extremely valuable but there are also some awesome nuggets tucked away in the many comments as well.
    Definitely will be revisiting my to-do list especially the guest posts. I have been trying to find a good way to implement and manage guest posts and like the idea of 1 or 2 guest posts per week on specific days. Are you utilizing a VA to manage that or a plugin?

    Keep up the great work,
    Xavier Nelson recently posted..Are you striving to strike a balance?My Profile

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  54. Lilach – I’ve only been tuned into you for a few weeks but I’m picking up so many great tips and this post is yet another example of that. I’m lovin’ “Comment Luv” BTW which I bought on your recommendation a couple of weeks back – Excellent advise! Great point too on not being too harsh if someone posts something negative. It can be so difficult not to give back as good as you get(and some more) but I absolutely agree, it pays not to do that… Thanks again – David.
    David Downer recently posted..How Do I Make A Website? (Part 3 of 3)My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks so much David:) I’m delighted you’re loving Comment Luv – I love it too:) Luckily I rarely get negative comments but on the odd occasion I have been nice back. At the end of the day everyone is entitled to their opinions – it’s how they show them of course that matters:)

  55. hey Lilach!

    I really appreciate your tips about being approachable and graceful, that’s exactly how I feel about blogging too.

    I think it shows a nice touch of class :)

    Carl Ashton recently posted..6 Traits Of 6 Figure Internet EntrepreneursMy Profile

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  57. Tom George says:

    Wow, excellent post on getting more comments. I enjoyed reading your article.
    And of coarse I had to leave a comment. I have a question about curation. Have you written
    any posts on that topic? Thanks
    Tom George recently posted..How to Be a Social Media Power Influencer (And Why!)My Profile

  58. Val Heisey says:

    Thanks for the list of to keep us on track Lilach! You always have so much to offer!

  59. Excellent post thanks
    Smashinbeauty Makeup Blog recently posted..Smashbox Snappy Holidays 2011 CollectionMy Profile

  60. pltaylor98 says:

    Great tips, ad the proof is shown right here on your blog. I’m retweeting your post on Twitter and Google+, which is itself a good way to encourage readers and comments.
    pltaylor98 recently posted..Home updatedMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks so much for your comment:) I really appreciate you sharing it too.

      By the way I hope you don’t mind me suggesting that you change your username when you post comments, as it would be great to be able to personally thank you and I’m unsure of your name:)

  61. Amy says:

    obvious explain leave more comments on blog. Advantages and befits is told by the page for blogger to build up quality blog sites. So obtains this necessary information who will gather more blog readers.
    Amy recently posted..6 Reasons Why YOU Should do Article MarketingMy Profile

  62. Sonia says:

    Commenting on other blogs is an excellent way to network and build lasting relationships too. It’s one thing to leave a comment, but it also introduces your blog and you to that blogger that might not know who you are. I have learned so much from other bloggers and built some awesome relationships with other bloggers that has inspired me to try new things with my blog.

    As long as your remember it takes time, it will start to happen for your blog too. Excellent post and I love CommentLuv too! Awesome plugin!
    Sonia recently posted..Strategic Social Placement – Juice And Strategy For The Social Marketing BrainMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Sonia:) Yes I too agree, I love it when people leave a comment on my blog, it gives me the opportunity not only to thank them but also start to build a relationship with great people like yourself:)

      Blog commenting does take time though as you’ve said – not only leaving comments but also replying to those people who do take the time to leave a comment, but I think it’s definitely worth it and always respond to everyone.

      Great to see another fan of Comment Luv – I wouldn’t be without it and can’t believe I managed before they upgraded their version – how much cooler is Comment Luv now? :)

  63. Excellent post and I almost actually left without leaving a comment! D’oh! I think I have some sort of adult-onset ADD which causes me to



  64. That’s weird, you wrote about getting comments on your blog and you happen to have a lot on this one ;) I especially liked the tip on leaving gaps in your articles so that others can contribute! Now if I leave something out I can say I did it unpurpose to get more comments haha.
    Duke Romkey recently posted..Don’t Just Increase Website Traffic, Double It!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Duke:) yep, it’s a good excuse hehe lol Actually it really does get more people commenting, people love to be able to add their own tips, it can be hard leaving a comment just saying I love this post!

  65. Great tips! I noticed Ray Higdon recently pointing to his blog stats for when he was on honeymoon. The amount of traffic dropped significantly because he wasn’t blogging during that time. I’ve noticed, too, that I get fewer comments when I’m not blogging regularly. Developing a consistent habit is a good way to get more comments.
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..Are You a Hero?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Rebecca:) I’ve noticed that since I started blogging daily my comments have increased dramatically so I think there is a lot of truth in what you’re saying. You have to be consistent, particularly if you get repeat visitors as I do:)

  66. Henneke says:

    And if people tweet a link to your post, you could also ask them to leave a comment…. That got you my comment here!

    What do you think about having Dofollow vs Nofollow links?

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Henneke – yep I’ve started asking for them now on Twitter (as well as retweets) and yaay it worked:)

      I currently have do follow links, I’m experimenting. I was no follow and decided to try it and see the difference. I’ve heard from “top SEO” people that it doesn’t make a difference and if you do have do follow you need to ensure you use something like Akismet plugin as you will get more spammy comments.

  67. Hi Lilach,

    Great points and thanks for the reminders. As I was reading I was thinking “I should do that”. Even though some of the tips you mention we may know about, it always helps to get a gentle reminder now and then. So thanks!


    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Wendy:) I agree, a lot of marketing is about common sense and reiterating take action! We all need little reminders, that’s why I love blogging and reading other blogs too:)

  68. Thanks Lilach,
    I love the cartoon, and you are a great blog commenter yourself. I can learn lots from you, but glad for you to be my example! :-)
    Marieke Hensel recently posted..How Small Businesses Are Falling Short On Their Online PresenceMy Profile

  69. Lilach, speaking of comments: it not only amazes me that you get so many comments on your blog (proof that what you say in this article is true) but that you reply authentically to each and every one. Thank you for setting the standard, Juli
    Juli Becker recently posted..The Power Of Joining A Blog Syndication Community (Part 2)My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Juli, appreciate your comment:) I’m so grateful that people respond to my blog and comment that it’s a pleasure to respond to everyone. Afterall it’s a great way to build relationships with my readers and get to know them more (you included:))

      I hate going on blogs and leaving a comment and the owner can’t be bothered to reply, I think it’s rude! I’m a great believer in givers gain:)

  70. Lilou says:

    Thanks Lilach for another great post. I was just asking someone else that very question yesterday and today i find this post. Perfect timing. Thanks for the great tips i’ll try to implement them and hopefully that’ll get people to leave comments. I appreciate you for the help you provide.
    Lilou recently posted..Voices of love vs. Voices of hateMy Profile

  71. Great job I like your type! Would genuinely like to right here your feedback on my blog site! I’m also searching for someone to assist me make web sites!

  72. Very helpful! Also, thanks for comic! Great post.
    Pete Goumas recently posted..Tony Little ReviewMy Profile

  73. Margarita Ibbott says:

    I have greatly enjoyed the post & all the comments. Just A few questions:

    1. By the author always replying (besides being polite & attentive) does this count as a comment, thereby inflating the actual number of comment? Or are the comments left by readers the only ones counted?

    2. Am I the only one that does not know what a “comment tribe” is? Could you let me know where I would find out more about them. Do you use one?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Margarita. The best way to find commenting tribes relevant to your niche is to go to Facebook and search for your niche and then blogging tribe.

      Why not think about creating your own one too?

  74. Sandy says:

    Thank you. This was a valuable informative blog! As I pursue the web world it is people that take a moment to guide others, such as you, that make it so much more bearable.

  75. Lorita says:

    Thanks, Lilach, for this article!!! I’ve been getting more spam than comments from actual people. It feels nice when I do get the occasional real person. It inspires me to continue blogging!!
    Lorita recently posted..Knock Knock JokesMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Lorita, appreciate your comment. If you have a dofollow blog you will get more spam comments, try installing Akismet plugin (free) as this helps filter out the spam from the genuine real ones.

  76. I love comments, the comments in my website encourages me to write more posts and I get to know what are their requirements.

  77. Jose says:

    Great article Lilach =) I’m a starter in this industry, and I’ve just began writing my first articles on the matter. However, the only issue I’ve really had has been back linking spammers. You should definitely write an article about that! I’d love to hear your point of view on the subject.
    Jose recently posted..How to Set Up an SEO Friendly BlogMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Jose:) Yes back linking spammers are a pain and I don’t understand why they do it… I have so many people trying to do it here on my site but I just mark them as spam and they don’t get through. As for backlinking black hat techniques Google can see through a lot of this but still people do it… yes I think a blog is well needed:)

  78. Yorinda says:

    You are giving great suggestions in your posts.

    I like the questions you give as samples, question help to get people involved.

    Commentluv is a great plugin giving commentators a link in their comment.

    Another plugin I like in regards to spam is defensio.

    Thank you so much for the great post!
    Yorinda recently posted..Vision Board Part 3 ImagesMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Yorinda:)

      Yes the questions always work well:)

      I too love CommentLuv – it’s a great plugin that I wish every blogger would have installed:)

      Thanks for your tip re defensio, hadn’t heard of that plugin – I use Akismet.

  79. The blog information and title actually helps anyone to easily understand the blog and Bookmarking of your blog will help you to earn traffic of your website and you may get more comments.

  80. Pingback: Any Comments?

  81. Davek says:

    great post. I do leave comments when i really enjoy a post or when there is a nice discussion thread abou the post as it’s the case right now. The third point is very important… about inviting the readers, so they feel part of the article and of the blog…. a la “Guest commenting”
    Davek recently posted..Mignon Mclaughlin – ReputationMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Davek:) Interesting to know. I’m actually in the process of creating a poll as to why people don’t/do leave comments so your response has been really helpful:)

  82. patrick says:

    Comments are the driving force in social media
    patrick recently posted..American flagMy Profile

  83. Sometimes it is really difficult to find such a useful and informative posts while searching on the internet. But after reading your article, now I will research more to find and collect such posts to enhance my knowledge.

  84. Great advice Lilach. Thank you!
    And you got started a really engaging conversation. What about comments that are full of links to dodgy sites or just plain un-sharable?
    Geoffrey Canavan recently posted..Impossible is Nothing!My Profile

  85. Irfan says:

    Very useful tips are narrated here in this blog specially the message through cartoons is very impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  86. I have a new blog – no comments as yet, but I always try to comment on topics that I find interesting. Thank you for this – very informative.

  87. Very logic input! Thanks for the Post! You make it sound so easy!
    Doug Johnson recently posted..Digital Marketing | Will Video Marketing Work For Your Business?My Profile

  88. I almost moved on from this page without commenting then realized I was committing the crime of the 90%.

    So…I thought the post was awesome. Love the tips and am making sure my own blog contains them.

    SF & Fantasy Writer
    Visions of Other Worlds
    Jessica Marcarelli recently posted..A to Z Blogging ChallengeMy Profile

  89. Sallyjane says:

    Wow! This has been very informative. I will definitely be spending a lot of time on your blog reading. I am one of those newbies to the blogging world, so this is very helpful. As a matter of fact I can tell you that I am setting up another blog later today with WordPress, and I will be utilizing the tools you mentioned above.

    I have a blog on WordPress, and it is funny… I noticed that on valentines day, I got irritated at some family members who use Facebook as a pulpit for their religious preaching s. Then turn around and are completely callous towards others who are obviously hurting. It was Valentines day, so I thought it appropriate to write a post on “Where Has The Love Gone” This is like my practice blog where I am learning the art of blogging. I have to tell you, I got more comments not only on that day but for days to come. Right after that post I got really sick, and did not post another post till last night. My stats over that period of being absent shot up higher than they had been, and I continued to get more and more comments. Now I just have to learn how to do this in my niche for business I am setting up.

    Thank you, Peace and Harmony, Sj
    PS Your pop-up totally got me and I am now subscribed to your newsletter.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks so much SallyJane – delighted to have been of help. I think you also find that once a few people leave a comment others tend to follow suit – I also love the title of your blog, I’m sure that really helped:)

      Great to have you as a subscriber too:)

  90. I am a very lazy blogger, and then I wonder why i don’t get many comments, yet I live it when someone does leave a comment…so I’m gonna try and be more interactive and get to know my followers!! Thanks for the suggestions!!

  91. Comments are great for engaging with readers. In fact when blogs first came out, it was features like comments that made them stand out from standard websites. I still remember the day I received the first genuine (not one line) comment on my blog. This just goes to say how important and passionate we are towards comments in general.
    Web Designer, London recently posted..Web design | Joomla | SEO | Internet MarketingMy Profile

  92. Thanks for all the good suggestions, and, of course, the funny cartoon. “…Carefully-worded protest signs.” Ha! (And it’s even hyphenated correctly, of course!)

    I’m definitely going to check out the CommentLuv plugin.
    ZodiacRevisited recently posted..Count Marco – Day #4 – July 3, 1974My Profile

  93. I’ve always tried to steer clear of being controversial in my blogs related to Internet marketing and I’m sure it has done me more harm than good. I guess I should let my natural personality shine through and hope that I still manage to look professional enough. Thanks Lilach. Gary Connolly has said some really good things about you. : )
    Gareth Morgan recently posted..SEOPressor ReviewMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Gareth:) I think it’s a good idea from time to time to be a little controversial although obviously you have to be prepared for the comments that come with it:)

      I’m not suggesting you do this every time you blog but in business to be successful we often have to take risks and as long as you’re honest and let your true personality shine through you’re be fine:)

      Appreciate your comment.

  94. Thanks for these tips. I’m going to incorporate the ones I’m not already doing!
    Jolie du Pre recently posted..Werewolves: True or False QuizMy Profile

  95. These tips are really useful. Thanks!
    Beauty Blog recently posted..Sigma April 2012 Coupon and New Sigma GiftMy Profile

  96. Great advices, all of them. I’m using Livefyre on my website but definitely like CommentLuv too. Also it’s very good to see a succesful, and probably busy, blogger like you answering all comments. One of the reasons why you get so many probably. ;)
    Andrea Hypno recently posted..Subliminal Messages VS Positive AffirmationsMy Profile

  97. Tony says:

    Every time I read your blogs I always learn something new (guess that’s the idea though). For instance this is the first time I have heard of Blog Commenting Tribe from one of your commentors so will take a good look at that. Thanks again.
    Tony recently posted..Why Hire a PlumberMy Profile

  98. Hi Lilach, obviously everything you are suggesting is working out well for you. I always appreciate good blogs like this from people who genuinely care about helping others.

  99. First time visiting your site.saw it on twitter…found the post insightful.

  100. Peter says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas about attracting comments. I especially loved the cartoon and will mid-speell freely from now on, although the spell- check on my iPhone would appear to be against me!

  101. I always add a comment if I can contribute to the conversation or add a new point.

  102. I look for blogs with CommentLuv when I’m going to leave a comment. It isn’t a requirement, but definitely an incentive. I also feel more encouraged to leave comments when the website is active, the latest post isn’t more than a month old and the writer replies, or at least acknowledges the comments.

    Thanks for the info.

    Wayne Woodworth recently posted..Cyndi Krupp on New Transformation StrategiesMy Profile

  103. bloghands says:

    Great advice! That comic is so true… next to spammers grammer police are abundant.

    I think many blogs forget personality. You need to make people feel like your blog posts where written by a human. So it’s key to give each post some personality and follow up with the comments you do get.
    bloghands recently posted..Why Some Blogs DieMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks:) Pleased you like the comic:)

      You’re spot on re personality – so many people are focused on having a blog that is beautifully written but unless you’re a copywriter (which I’m clearly not) then it’s important to have a personality and get your voice heard. Always be honest to and don’t be shy to write controversial posts.

      Appreciate you stopping by to comment.
      Lilach recently posted..The Apple that bites backMy Profile

  104. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be implementing them on my website. Your post is a God-send to me as I’ve been wondering lately how to get more comments on my posts.
    Gina-Marie Cheeseman recently posted..California Buildings To Become More Energy EfficientMy Profile

  105. Elena Anne says:

    Firstly, write about what you know, what you care about and what inflames you. This way, you may even enjoy writing blogs! People will see how genuine you are and will be more likely to engage with you. Secondly, offering a reward for best post? Great idea. I’m going to use that one!

  106. If you ask me why i leave a comment on others blog, my simple answer would be to engage myself in the conversation & of course to get some free traffic.
    Tauseef Alam recently posted..Top 10 web hosting companies Rating based on independent user reviewsMy Profile

  107. Thanks for the post (even though this is apparently an older one) I have picked up on some things I have previously over-looked such as: “Readers are often lazy so make it easy to comment. If it’s too complicated, they are unlikely to bother. Your aim is to encourage comments, not scare readers away.”

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks for your comment and yes it is an older post and I’m guilty of not replying to you straight away for which I apologise:).

      I’ve also noticed that often a person doesn’t want to be the first person to leave a comment… ironically I love to be the first person to leave a comment, I’m much more likely to get my comment read too – it’s important we remember that people don’t just read the article, more and more people are taking the time to read the comments too.
      Lilach recently posted..How to avoid the thankless tasks in business My Profile

  108. Sherri H. says:

    Great tips here! The problem I seem to have is not getting comments, but getting comments by ‘humans’ instead of spammers which seems to be the case here lately.
    Sherri H. recently posted..Miami MosquitoesMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Sherri. Yes there are certainly a lot of spammy comments – have you tried using Askimet to block them? I love that plugin as I receive 100′s of spammy comments daily as well as real live ones:)

      It does take time to get comments, I did find that a combination of building up my traffic and taking the time to comment on other peoples blogs helped as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, always appreciated:)
      Lilach recently posted..How to avoid the thankless tasks in business My Profile

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  111. I agree with you Lilach. Writing a good quality blog is one way of getting more comments. Nowadays, most of the people are only concerned in getting backlinks and increasing their page ranking. So it is mostly stressed on quantity rather than quality.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Mark:) I think quality wins over quantity every time. If anyone only leaves a comment and it’s clear they’re doing it just for a backlink I simply pop it in the trash can!

      In my experience by writing good quality content that often strikes a debate is the way to go to get more people to leave comments but more importantly it really helps your blog post get shared which of course brings your more traffic:)
      Lilach recently posted..Social media – the new cure all pill or not?My Profile

  112. Viola Tam says:

    Hi, Lilach,

    Wow, you have included so many great points here! No wonder your blog has attracted so many visitors….and, not only that, so many who actually left comments!

    I must admit that I still need to implement a few more such as rewarding the visitors who commented the most. I have also picked up that older blog posts can be promoted again!

    I appreciate you, Liliach.

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam recently posted..MLM Prospecting Tips – PostureMy Profile

  113. Hey Lilac, this is a full-blooded post. You have nailed it on the head, really. Following the tips outlined here is sufficient to stimulate discussion in any blog that has quality content.

    I have used the tip on commanding interactivity by asking questions within the post and at the closing. Some bloggers just say, “what do you think?” and leave it at that. Quite truly, a little creativity does bring on the comments! :) I have been there…
    Yeremi Akpan recently posted..Is Commenting for Traffic a Waste of Your Time?My Profile

  114. balu says:

    Nice commic, and good one to get more comments, really helpful if you’re a blogger.

  115. I found you by accident, but love your content. Thanks for this, and keep ‘m coming.

  116. Thanks for this Lilach, I am going to apply some of these things to my website/blog. I appreciate your advise as always!! :)


  117. Zach Smith says:

    Great article. One way to get more comments, that I use often, is to comment on other relevant blogs in your niche.

    Then, in your comment, post your article (If it is related to what is being talked about) and ask for thoughts, feelings, etc. about your post.

    Granted, it’s a little “Self-Promotional,” but, if you’re providing good content too, I think it’s a great way to provide more value to the community (And, MOST moderators will let it slide).

    In that light, I’ll practice what I preach. What do you think about my blog?
    Zach Smith recently posted..Getting “Outside” Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Zach, really appreciate your comment.

      I like your strategy, I too comment on other relevant blogs in my niche, it’s a great way to generate comments but also really good to network with other like-minded people.

      In terms of the self promotional side, nothing wrong with that as long as you’re providing great content and get the balance right. I’ve done this before when I commented on a post about Pinterest and then said I’d love their feedback on an article I also wrote about it.

      Nice to see you practicing what you preach, I’ve had a look at your blog and it looks good although you need to have more content on there and I’d also recommend more hyperlinking within your blog posts so that it makes your more blog more “sticky” i.e. people stay on there long as browsing through articles etc.
      Lilach recently posted..Social media – the new cure all pill or not?My Profile

  118. Malds says:

    Awesome tips and really funny comic. I get the same urge to comment on grammar mistakes from time to time as well haha. But I remember I make em as well so I dont :).

    Will def try a couple of these. I’m already using commentluv and asking questions at the end so at least I’m doing some things right.
    Malds recently posted..Reasons why I think joining just Odesk isn’t enoughMy Profile

  119. Peter says:

    Love the cartoon! And as some people brought up, some aspects are time consuming but the focus should be on effectiveness not efficiency. And Lilach you do a wonderful job! Once after you responded at one of my comments on twitter, I checked your page and was impressed by the volume of people you personally responded to! This genuine communication style and personal approach is the key to success in social media… just like in life :)

  120. ouedkniss says:

    hi lilach , great article , thanks for all advices , personnaly i m using comment luv on ne of my blog , it works very well
    ouedkniss recently posted..MeubleMy Profile

  121. Hezi says:

    Love to find great gems like this post that you wrote a long time ago. These tips are still valid today!
    Hezi recently posted..Profit Clicking ReviewMy Profile

  122. Tammy Howard says:

    Clarity in writing helps readers form their own opinion to share. A post titled “I’m not sure if I like bananas” is less likely to compel a response than “How I learned to love bananas” or “Why I will never eat a banana again”. Writing well and having interesting thoughts is by far the best way to encourage more comments
    Tammy Howard recently posted..פתרונות VPSMy Profile

  123. Wow you’re crushing it with your blog well done Lilach!

    I find readers comment much more on social media networks these days
    than on the blog so it’s great to see such a well commented post. :)
    Rachel Henke recently posted..Does Your Business Model Suit Your Lifestyle?My Profile

  124. Great Tips! I found a couple of things that I can improve upon right away in order to get more comments to my own blog and posts. I do like to leave comments on blogs: 1st I enjoy expressing my gratitude for a good post, 2nd. I am grateful for the opportunity to possibly have someone reciprocate and leave comments on my blog posts as well.

    Thanks again!
    Regina Floyd recently posted..Comment on Does Freedom Mean More Money? by What Does Freedom Mean to You? Does It Mean More Money? : Home Business BlogsMy Profile

  125. Joe Lee says:

    I have difficulty in having readers leaving comments. Having 100+ readers per day based on stats, but zero comment is quite bad, I think.
    Joe Lee recently posted..Public Speaking WorkshopMy Profile

  126. I love the cartoon. That’s a nice touch. I’m happy to say that I consistently use many of the points that you suggested to get more comments on my blog. One of my favorite ways is to ask a question at the end of a post to get a conversation going. Sometimes I ask, “Did I miss something?” or “Do you agree?” It tends to do well in attracting people to leave a comment.
    Freddy Rodriguez recently posted..How to Sell Anything Online Even If You Don’t Have a Selling Bone in Your BodyMy Profile

  127. People would always want to express their opinions about certain issues and having a rather controversial post can help encourage that.
    Adeline Yuboco recently posted..5 Reasons to Book Your 2013 Holiday NowMy Profile

  128. If the article/post is interesting and good, such as this one, I definitely leave a comment. Leaving comments is a great way to learn more about the subject/issue. We learn more when we discuss between two or more people. I found this article very helpful. Thanks, Lilach!
    Steven Rose, Jr. recently posted..On "The Walking Dead"My Profile

  129. What makes me comment?
    1) I’m very opinionated ergo will leave opinion on any piece that has any opinion (as opposed to a factual, humourous piece etc)
    2) When I’m task avoiding
    3) When it looks like not many people are commenting and there’s a lucky draw for commentators!
    4) When people have been really helpful to me as an individual on Twitter (such as yourself(!) and Mark Shaw and I need to check that I have commented on his blog – he gave me an hour of his time for nothing so least I can do is rt and comment)
    5) When by chance someone tweets about their blog that gives me the info I’ve been looking for such as happened last week because one is in grateful mode!
    6) If someone doesn’t respond to a comment I make I think that’s quite rude and won’t comment again. Even just “thank you” is enough.
    7) If someone is looking for guidance/advice/signposting and I can help
    8) You frequently Tweet Blog posts up to a couple of years old and I’ve now got into the habit of looking them up because they have been useful. So that would be a good tip, knowing that each post will be helpful I return so therefore if one’s posts are high quality they increase the chances of commenting. e.g. see 10 posts law of averages stated above comment on 1.
    9) Simply when it’s useful info.

    Told you I was opinionated..
    Helen Dewdney recently posted..Can We Really Trust the BBC to Bring us Real Experts?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Helen for your comment, I really appreciate you taking the time to give some awesome feedback – and apologies for the delay in responding.

      There’s nothing wrong in being opinionated – it helps you stand out and as we know the World Wide Web is getting busier and noisier so we have to stand out even more!

      I like your number 3 point – very valid and I’m surprised that a lot of people don’t want to be the first one to leave a comment (kind of like being the first one on the dance floor – but I was and am still the first one up there lol).
      Lilach recently posted..Instagram: 50 Filters of C**p?My Profile

  130. Ann Mullen says:

    Lilach, you had a very large list of ideas. I really love Copmmentluv and want to get it on my websites, but I don’t know how yet. I’ve added it to my list. Thanks.
    Ann Mullen recently posted..Family Home Care: May You Stay Forever Young–-Pete SeegerMy Profile

  131. Your tip about using a comments plugin was great; didn’t know how others were doing it…now I know. Thanks great article!
    Zenobia Garrison recently posted..Women in Business: Is Guilt Sucking Life Out of Your Business?My Profile

  132. Suzanne says:

    Commentluv (premium) is right on. I’ve installed it on my blog as a bonus to my readers. It definitely encourages feedback. Your tip about responding to each commenter also makes perfect sense because then your readers feel appreciated.
    Suzanne recently posted..39 Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas That RockMy Profile

  133. Awesome post, Lilach. You always have such good advice. You’ve got me thinking about switching to Comment Luv. It seems very robust. :) Thanks for the tip! :) xo
    Amy Starr Allen recently posted..Embedding Affiliate Links in Your Blog Posts | Empower Network 30 Day Journey- Day 19 (Liz Leamon Got 15 Leads Today… The Work Is Paying Off!)My Profile

  134. Hi, Lilach;

    Great read. I also appreciated your tweeted response the other day. Quality, not quanitity :). Thanks!

    Sean Vandenberg recently posted..Why Sean Loves SEO WritingMy Profile

  135. It’s a pity that I found this extremely interesting and useful post only today( All the points you’ve mentioned above seem to be very effective. I guess the best way to get many comments is to have communication/ dialogues with all post’s readers

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Parallax Scrolling Effect: The Old New Concept

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  137. Glad to see you’ve rec’d great reaction to this post as it is well written and raises some great points.

    I’m discussing a similar topic on my own blog this week as I really believe that the comments resulting from a post are nearly as important as the post itself. I encourage comments from my readers by instilling a sense of community, I do always include a question at the end of the post asking the readers for their reaction, and I respond to (nearly) every comment.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..born to blogMy Profile

  138. Thibault says:

    I agree! The more comments, the better! Here’s my comment for you! ;)
    Thibault recently posted..40 Billion apps downloadedMy Profile

  139. Nothing gladden the heart of a blogger than writing a post and see readers and blog visitors in their numbers comment and join the discussion raised in the post.This is surely what bloggers will love to experience especially beginners.

    For my blog,I do send a thank you email to blog visitors who leave their comments using a plugin.

    I think I like the idea of using the CommentLuv plugin to give an incentive to visitors to comments.This is surely one of my take away from this post.

    Thank Lilach

    Mayor A Lan

  140. Alison says:

    I’m new to your site but loving what I’m seeing so far Lilach! I plan to use what I learned in this article to make my blog about nutritional science more engaging and successful.

    Nutritional Consultant
    Alison recently posted..Prevent Norovirus flu: Keep an onion on your nightstand!My Profile

  141. jmorais says:

    super creative blog!
    incredible post

  142. Lilach,
    Awesome tips and yes, I recently switched my commenting system from DISQUS to CommentLuv just to be able to incentivize my commentators. I comment for three reasons:
    1. In an anticipation to build the relationship with the author.
    2. To receive a back link.
    3. Personal Branding as a blogger and a sociable person.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..Why Toastmasters Is A Great Confidence Building PlatformMy Profile

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  144. Praverb says:

    Had to come back and read this and pick up on things that I skipped over before.

    I love the idea of asking questions within the blog post. We have to present effective calls to action that influence your audience to respond.

    What is your favorite way to drive reader engagement?
    Praverb recently posted..6 Necessary Steps To Get a Deal with a Record Label and Why Social Media MattersMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks for coming back again:)

      I think questions and calls to action are definitely a great way to increase engagement. But also often simply by sharing really useful content that provides heaps of value can help – often people want to say thank you which is always nice when it happens:).

      Calls to action at the end of each post though I find are the best ways to generate comments but also whenever I’ve written something controversial that has increased engagement – people like to share their opinions.
      Lilach recently posted..How LinkedIn put on a PR MasterstrokeMy Profile

  145. I know this is an older post, but I wondered over here from a current post. ;-)
    This is also an informative one – I do follow most of your suggestions here EXCEPT consistently interact with people who comment on my blogs. I really need to start doing that on a regular and consistent basis. Thanks for the reminder!
    K’Lee Banks recently posted..Great Risks – Great RewardsMy Profile

  146. chamal says:

    Nice post.every bloggers like to get more comments on their blog posts.Your article is a valuable one for it…Thanks..
    chamal recently posted..How to Remove Default Blogger Social Share buttonsMy Profile

  147. Jill Shaul says:

    Love this post! I picked up two tips I didn’t have before.

    I struggle with two things:
    1. People tend to comment to me via FB or twitter instead of on my blog
    2. When I reply on other people’s blogs (like this one) I always forget to go back to see if there was a response.
    Jill Shaul recently posted..8 Ways Working at Home Increases ProductivityMy Profile

  148. This is a great post and apparently the tips work because this post has LOTS of comments!
    Thank you Lilach…you’re awesome!
    Cheryl Pullins recently posted..5 Ways to Spring Into a New SeasonMy Profile

  149. Thanks Lilach. I use Twitter to drive traffic to my blog but I tend to receive comments via Twitter rather than on the blog itself. Any feedback is great but I shall try to use your tips to help create some engagement via the actual blog.

  150. Limy says:

    great tips.. people with new blogs should see this…congrats.. I love your blog post….byeee

  151. I love your graphic in this! I like your tips to encourage commenting. I will have to implement!
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted..How I Can Make Money Through By BlogMy Profile

  152. Julie says:

    Sometimes you wonder if anyone is really out there paying attention or if you’re just writing to hear yourself think. Then you get a response and realize people are paying attention.

    I notice if I bring up a topic that isn’t talked about much or that brings up a lot of emotion, or ask a great question, I’ll get more of a response.
    Julie recently posted..In Sales, No Means MaybeMy Profile

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  154. yeah, all good tips. I notice this is an older post, but everything is still relevant. And yes, bonus points for the cartoon!

    Hmmm… opted in to newsletter by default I see… naughty naughty!
    David McSweeney recently posted..Why You Must Start Thinking Of Yourself As A BrandMy Profile

  155. John says:

    Hey there,

    You made your point nicely here. I cannot argue anything. I might have expected some “bigger secrets to be revealed” :) however, I am sure a lot of people are familiar with COmmentluv. On the other hand I can see what you mean by interacting with those who contribute with their comments. Good job there!
    John recently posted..Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally, Safely, and Easily!My Profile

  156. Claire says:

    What a fantastic post Lilach, as relevant now as when you wrote it – no wonder you have so many supportive comments.

    We have had great success with our small business blog, but we don’t receive many comments (at least after Akismet has done its work!), which is a shame as one of our aims is to increase user engagement over the long term. That was however, until I read this blog, so watch out world! Thank you so much again for your helpful tips.
    Claire recently posted..7 Simple Secrets For Managing Your Cash FlowMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Claire and apologies for the delay in responding.

      Yes the post really does need updating although the same principals apply in terms of generating more engagement and comments.

      We also use Akismet and highly recommend it. It does take time to build a loyal and engaged blog, so don’t be too hard on yourself, it doesn’t happen overnight.
      Lilach recently posted..#CRM Systems – We Review the Top 5My Profile

  157. When someone has taken the time and effort to write a quality post, I tend to feel more obliged to comment back. I also like the virtual interaction.

  158. I tend to comment on quality posts that have taken time and effort. I also enjoy the virtual interaction.

  159. nline says:

    good post to get more comments

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  164. Doug says:

    Very good blog post. Another tip would be to email all subscribers that comment if they DON’T respond back to a follow up post. This takes a little bit more effort but its important for blogs that’s starting out so that they can gain traction in the blogosphere.
    Doug recently posted..Comment Boom Has Unlimited Potential – How Would You Use It?My Profile

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