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30 Responses to #Hashtastic – hashtags on different social networks

  1. Evan says:

    I usually use #podcast when posting on Twitter because I waned to connect with like-minded individuals who are into podcasts and of course, to give more exposure to the updates from my website. What do you think is a better hashtag strategy for my podcast (I interview Entrepreneurs who share their inspiring journey) in order to make it more unique? I am actually thinking of #EOFpodcast or #podcastonfire. I would love to know what you think. Thanks in advance for your advice!
    Evan recently posted..Best WordPress Beauty Salon themesMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Evan, thanks so much for leaving a comment! I think that the best strategy on Twitter when you want to be discovered by more people, is to use the most common hashtag you can – in this case #podcast. And if you want to get your tweets seen by more people, you could also try to add another hashtag to your tweets, something like #entrepreneurship. Hope this helps and good luck:)
      Lilach recently posted..5 tips to boost your social media influenceMy Profile

  2. I use hashtags here and there Lilach ;) Posting a few tags each day helps drive targeted traffic to your social media profiles. The key? Avoid overdoing it. Adding 3, 4 or more hashtags moves the user’s attention from your link or text to the hashtag, and you want a click on a link based on the proper text/context…tough to get clicks if people are blinded by a hashtag onslaught lol!

    Patiently share tags on each social network a few times daily to hit it just about right. I would say no more than 3 or 4 social updates on Facebook or twitter with hashes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Your Guidance System?My Profile

  3. Hello Lilach. Great article and good list of useful tools. Did you hear about hashtagify.me though? Very soon we’re going to release some great features now in private beta. Contact me if you’d like to know more! :)

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  6. Deborah says:

    #Hashtags are really effective for every social media site. Recently facebook is also started this thing to give extra facilities for their users. And other social media sites are trying to get popular by #hashtags. It is really a very powerful item for every social media user.
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  7. I must say I use hashtags everywhere I can. But then with Buffer as my tool of choice for posting, most all posts have the same tags. The list of tools you gave is awesome as there are some great ideas in there for finding, using and applying hashtags to posts. I use almost always the same tags, as they usually apply and are quite general. Perhaps it’s time to get specific and find some more!!
    Ash / Madlemmings recently posted..Get Twitter Followers – Like a RockstarMy Profile

  8. Its informative article. I also used Hashtags on Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Facebook. Its helpful for keyword improvement.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Hashtags are definitely making more of an appearance on Facebook these days. I appreciate your breakdown of each of the social giants and how hashtags are used on each. I’m also anxious to check out some of the tools you’ve mentioned here, I think they could come in handy.
    Jennifer recently posted..5 Simple SEO Tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  10. Liliach,
    Hashtags are a funny creature. I get that they connect my tweets, posts, pic with others of the same category. I am not convinced entirely on the benefit. Use a broad hashtage like #SM and your tweet is discoverable, but, lost in the sheer number of other tweets. Use a niche specific one and the tweet is lost in obscurity, e.g. #SMCampaign or #QualityPlumberEssex.
    If the hashtag relates to a campaign it should be unique, like for a Tweetchat or event #Inbound2013
    Any suggestion on a middle ground?
    Urban Renstrom recently posted..Debunking The B2B Social Media Marketing MythMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Urban, many thanks for you comment!
      As you said, some broad hashtags can get your tweets lost between others, while those that are too specific can get lost in obscurity. I agree with you that when it relates to a campaign, the hashtag you use has to be unique in order to achieve the best results.
      I think that the middle ground is finding a hashtag that is not too broad and not too obscure – and you can easily do that by using a tool to research how many times different hashtags are used during a regular day. You can also try using two different hashtags in each of your tweets if you have the space – that way you increase your chances of getting your tweet discovered. Hope that helps and thanks again for the comment!
      Lilach recently posted..5 tips to boost your social media influenceMy Profile

  11. Dan Purvis says:

    Great post as always Lilach – I love how the other social media platforms have had to follow Twitter. Facebook were pretty slow (and probably arrogant in acknowledging the value of hashtags!) to incorporate them. It is is also an excellent next-level-look at hashtags from my introductory hashtag-tastic guide on my Digital Musings blog.
    Speak soon!
    Dan Purvis recently posted..Case study: Crowd #publishing needs social capitalMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback Dan, pleased that you liked the post! I completely agree with you, Facebook were not only slow, but also a bit arrogant in adopting hashtags – it’s been a long time coming, but at least they’re finally here! I personally really like hashtags as they make it much easier to discover posts and they also make my job a little easier. Looking forward to your guide and thanks again for your comment!
      Lilach recently posted..5 tips to boost your social media influenceMy Profile

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  13. Great post! Your suggestions and observations about hashtags seemed spot on. Thanks for all the great new resources.
    -Leah Van Rooy

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  15. Rob says:

    I often wonder if #HASHTAGS effect a websites. I mean does putting a #hashtag in your metatitle add a little more SEO juice as your website starts to rank for that, as well as the keyword in the #hashtag.

    Anyone had any experience of this.

    Rob recently posted..The Google business photos 360 spinMy Profile

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