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33 Responses to Five Essential Things New Internet Marketers Should Know

  1. Lilach says:

    Thanks so much Stephen, this is a refreshingly honest article. Internet Marketing is all the range now, everyone wants a slice of the pie but I would urge anyone who is starting to read this for some home truths:)

  2. You and I know that it is possible to make a good living using the Internet Lilach. Unfortunately when people are starting out they are met with an array of offers and temptations.

    It really is a mine-field. I believe, however, that when people stick with what is in their hearts, and patiently learn the ropes, there is plenty or room for all of us.
    Stephen Bray recently posted..Greg’s Misconceptions About Branding For Small Business!My Profile

  3. Thank you for reminding us all that successful internet marketing is not about “get rich quick” solutions. I particularly like the “Some money is too expensive” point.

    Very interesting reading.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Margaret, I agree completely with you and Stephen. There is no such thing as get rich quick – it doesn’t exist. Yes I also like Stephen’s “some money is too expensive” point :)

  4. Margaret, thanks for your comment. Yes ‘slow and steady wins the race’ as the tortoise said to the hare, but you can only win the race if you know the route and follow it faithfully. Decide who you want to be, and the kinds of products and services you want to promote, create a marketing plan and stay with it long enough.

    These are the essentials. Also remember that success feels like failure until your 95% there. I took a moment to look at how you’ve been writing about Twitter and really think you already have the right attitude.
    Stephen Bray recently posted..Are You A Social Infiltrator?My Profile

  5. jim syyap says:

    We learn by doing what we have to do (or something like that). It’s a quote I learned from Julia Cameron.

  6. Lilach says:

    Thanks Jim:) Not heard that quote before but thanks for sharing.

  7. It can be hard to find a good coach but it does seem that in this industry, you get what you pay for.
    Duke Romkey recently posted..Don’t Just Increase Website Traffic, Double It!My Profile

    • Duke, to my mind it’s essential to find someone who will connect you with your core passions and identity, and help you build your business from those.

      Many coaches in the IM field simply provide you with information about how to sell to other IM newbies. That’s O.K. if it’s really your passion, and you know enough to sell with integrity, but if that’s not where you’re at then your work will be like pushing water uphill with a stick!
      Stephen Bray recently posted..A New Aproach – Honesty!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Duke, I agree. It’s like outsourcing, if you outsource overseas although it’s cheaper you do pay for what you get. I guess it’s like everything in life, if you want quality, you have to pay for it:)

  8. As the saying goes, if you can get rich quick, you can lose it even faster. I’m all for building the business to last. Sure it takes a little longer but what’s the point if it does not last?

    thanks post guys

    Terry Petrovick recently posted..How to eliminate your business struggles…My Profile

  9. Great post Stephen I particularly liked this quote: “Your most valuable assets are your style and your good name.” So true, in my opinion there are many so called gurus out there with big lists who no longer gain any respect from people.
    David Sharp recently posted..More Tips For Success In Network MarketingMy Profile

  10. Val Heisey says:

    agree… as a marketer, I see there is so much to learn, and only so many hours in the day – who’s kidding who with overnight success! I too am in it for the long haul – thanks
    Val Heisey recently posted..It has begun… have you noticed?My Profile

  11. Val, of course I understand what you mean by ‘the long haul’, but I don’t see projects in that way. I see them more like living my life.

    At one time in England milk was delivered to the doorstep in glass bottles. The trick was to purchase the right amount of milk every day, use it, and return the bottles to the doorstep ready for the next delivery.

    Buy too much milk and you would have to make a rice-pudding; too little and no milk would be available to go in your coffee. Chaotic people would put their milk-bottles out unwashed, which was considered as sign of a dirty household and so frowned upon.

    So the task is to use what you’ve got productively. Don’t be concerned with what goes on at the farm, if the cowman is having an affair with the postmistress, or even if the foreman at the dairy is a bully. Those aren’t your concerns. Your job is keep being nourished by that milk, and be sure not to develop lactose intolerance!
    Stephen Bray recently posted..How Misunderstanding Spooky Quantum Physics May Lead To Business Failure?My Profile

  12. I love your comment, Stephen, ” if you pay $49 for such products you’re a bottom feeder, and will be eaten.” My initial reaction was: I’ve been there, done that, had the teeth marks to prove it!
    But it took a big swallow of one’s pride to realise how silly or naive I’d been – so I chose to write about that experience, in the similar hope of steering others away from making the same mistake.
    After all, we’re all humans living in a fast paced, disposable world where our appetite for instant results is only getting bigger and bigger – it’s sad though that unethical people in the online world prey on such stupidity.
    Great share :)
    Fiona Scott recently posted..What would having an Online Home Business mean to you?My Profile

    • Fiona, take heart. We’ve all done it, although I never fell for this particular scam I certainly bought into a few previously.

      The key to detecting them is in the sales patter. When the presenter says something like: ‘Are you fed up with all the hype, and B.S. about Internet products that offer you amazing results with no effort?’ you may be pretty sure it’s going to be a scam.

      The thing is it sounds like the presenter is on your side, but in fact they’re identifying and pacing the target market i.e. desperate gullible people. The copy, often a video is very well written copy and frequently also very well produced. There’s money in this for someone, but it won’t be for you.

      Thanks for being open here on this page. Only by admitting to such errors can any of us move forward, and maybe also clean up this potentially wonderful industry.


      P.S. Love the image of Greg and your feet over in Vermont :)
      Stephen Bray recently posted..Steve Jobs Leaves Us, Will Apple Survive Without His Vision?My Profile

  13. Another great post loved it and so many true points. If you could spend $50 and from that make $30,000 like i see some websites claim then everyone will be doing it. Got to learn the industry and the skills and build your business in a honest way

  14. Lewys thank you for your endorsement. I can tell from your presentation that you’re someone with passion, and you’re right to be drawing attention to the franchise model over at your web site.

    But mate, that pint of beer don’t half look flat?
    Stephen Bray recently posted..Fuzzy Thinking From Porsche!My Profile

  15. Rodderz says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what this post has to say. I’m quite a newbie having only been in the game for a year and I’ve found the hardest thing is finding honesty, especially when purchasing affiliate course products offering the world and more. I’ve also found too many product reviews that are really just sales pages and I’ll be the first to admit that when I started all I was after was the same thing “get rich quick” “think about the money” etc. I’ve ditched the niche micro sites where I have no passion and started my blog to share my experience along my journey, give inspiration and value by really concentrating on honesty, sincerity and integrity. My plan now is a 5 year plan to learn, develop and share as opposed to a 5 day plan to own a Ferrari!

    • Lilach says:

      Rodderz, you’re learning fast:)

      I would recommend to any newbie to put your wallet away and take time to find blogs that provide free information for you. There are a lot of products out there that just don’t deliver the goods and are sold on the back of hype.

      Another tip is to join the Warrior Forum’s War room where you can often get people’s products for free (there is a small fee to join but it’s well worth it in my opinion).

      Best of luck on your journey:)

    • @Rodderz I’ve replied with some encouragement over on your blog :)

  16. Rodderz, thanks for your comment on my guest post here. I just dropped some encouragement for you over on your own web site :)

  17. Hi Lilach,

    Killer article by Stephen! I think that there can’t possibly be enough of this tough love/common sense approach in the marketing world these days. I think that there’s so much hype and spam in the world that we need more beacons of light shining the truth for the masses to heed.

    Sure, not everyone is prepared to listen to the sound advice til they’ve been on a few expensive carnival rides, but that shouldn’t stop the consummate pros from bringing a dose of reality.

    The magic button phenomenon never ceases to amaze me. Between that an the allure of “perpetual motion” we have a couple white buffaloes that are easily exploited to those who want quick money.

    The best shortcut I’ve learned thus far is to be decisive and committed. If you laser focus and commit to the ONGOING experience that is internet marketing, you’ll get there quicker than if you are seduced into every diversion that crops up along the path!

    Way to go on these, I really enjoyed the points!

    Cat Alexandra
    Cat Alexandra recently posted..Promote Yourself! – Shameless self promotion – Toot your horn!!My Profile

    • Cat,

      I agree – as Frank Kern puts it: The first rule on Internet marketing is ‘thou shalt not screw around’. He qualifies this by saying rather than wasting time posting on forums, facebook, twitter, and the like focus on building your business.

      Don’t get me wrong – forums, facebook and twitter, all have their place – but they are not to be used for entertainment, or to pretend you’re working. Far better have a lousy business plan and follow it through with focus, than no business plan and lots of ‘likes’ on facebook :)

      As for ‘the magic button’, I’ve covered that in my article.
      Stephen Bray recently posted..Depression? Can On-line Couple Therapy Help?My Profile

  18. Todd Gray says:

    Great advice! In my experience, nothing beats passion and focus for launching any new endeavor and grow a business! There are no real shortcuts to true success, there are however many innovative ideas which might work if they are worked consistently.

    • Stephen Bray says:

      Hi Todd,

      Yes, I agree there are innovations for savvy business-people to pursue, but these are not to be bought in 49 dollar deals. Entrepreneurs follow trends and use technology and systems to deliver what people want. When those same systems begin to sell for peanuts you can be pretty sure they are obsolete, or never worked anyway :(

  19. This is a great post! I wish I would have came to find it a little before today! I am still very new in the game, and trying to find a coach or something that I can really trust, and it is really not easy work. I’ve been burned a few times, and have kind of changed my tactic to blog reading and finding lots of information on the forums. I would still love to get a coach or mentor, but we will see. Thank you again for writing this article, I know what to really watch out for now!

    Best Regards,
    Jeff Sollee
    Jeff Sollee recently posted..5 Components EVERY Successful Online Business NeedsMy Profile

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes when starting out it’s good to have a mentor. I see you’re working with Dean. I’ve known him for a few years and he’s very good at what he teaches.

      Personally, I prefer Lilach’s style, however. She brings with her a wealth of experience from large enterprises and is a thoughtful business owner. In my time I’ve been mentored by a few people, and think it’s good to expose yourself to more than one style of leadership.

      Stephen Bray recently posted..Depression? Can On-line Couple Therapy Help?My Profile

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