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11 Responses to Has Facebook’s bubble burst?

  1. Hi, Lilach, this is just what I think, and I have published on my blog last 24 dicember: I have just added now your link in the comments of my post: Facebook 2014: l’inizio del declino?
    Alessandro Giacchino recently posted..Alessandro Giacchino scrivi:My Profile

  2. Hi Lilach,

    Agreed 100% on being more creative. I have seen a spike in business since these changes because I doubled down on engaging, creating relevant content and sharing the content in all the right places on FB.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..3 Tips for Entering into a Lucrative Online Business RelationshipMy Profile

  3. Catherine says:

    Not for my FrugalFreebies fan page – we have experienced dramatic increase lately – with NO advertising, NO boosting posts, NO paying for likes, etc. 4.2K new fans since December 1st, and engagement has gone thru the roof! As a sole manager, I am having trouble keeping up with it! LOL
    Catherine recently posted..FREEBIE: REI Kids’ Adventure Journal (ALL)My Profile

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  5. I think Goolge+ is a good place to focus your business on in terms of social media networking, but still, Facebook can be still great business. Just using the right strategy for your business. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it here. Really like reading this.
    Claude Skye recently posted..SEO Training And CareerMy Profile

  6. I think Facebook is losing influence across the board, and small business owners are struggling to get anyone to engage with their posts. A client I work for has around 200 FB likers but the posts and shares are reaching fewer people all the time.

    He doesn’t have the budget to boost posts all the time and it feels like I’m posting away to an empty room at times!

    I think Google+ is going to come into its own in 2014/5.

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  9. Nishadha says:

    I think with lots of hype around Google+ and other emerging platforms businesses are more scared of missing out more than anything else. Also I think very few business try to paid statuses to see the effect. I have seeing some fantastic results from paid Facebook status messages.
    True it might feel like cheating after a business work so hard to build that fan base. But when it come to a business it about ROI right ?
    Nishadha recently posted..Increase Twitter Followers Fast Using These MethodsMy Profile

  10. Personally I believe that using Facebook for business advertising / marketing purposes is not what it used to be. It all depends on your target market. If your company target the 16 – 25 age group then Facebook is still a very powerful business tool.

    A lot of businesses pay for Facebook advertising to increase their ‘likes’ by offering a free giveaway but the type of people who are going to like your page are not necessarily the RIGHT sort of people for your business so when you try to promote to them you are just going to get the cold shoulder.
    Mark Preston recently posted..What Have YouTube, Twitter and Yelp Changed Now?My Profile

  11. Gena says:

    I can’t imagine that people will be leaving Facebook. Lots of people have invested themselves personally and professionally into this network and I seriously doubt it will crash and burn like MySpace. I do think that Facebook is being dumb by changing things as quickly as they do. The modern consumer wants simplicity. Changing things 400 times gets irritating.

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