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4 Responses to Don’t Tell Me What To Do!: The Consequence of Pushy Content Headlines

  1. Vincent says:

    Mind blowing post. If i have points to give you. I will give you 110 out of 100. Really good job !! Your writing and describing quality are really too good. I just love to read this one very much.
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  2. Bobby Colt Downs says:

    Totally agree with this post.
    Pushy headlines are just too obvious. Worse, they seem to be too cliched these times. I used to do my headlines this way until I realized that nobody seems to be interested in clicking.
    The Internet is all about free will; any person would absolutely hate if something tricks them into doing something here.
    What I usually do is to allocate a lot of time into the headlines. It has to be interesting enough to let a person click on it while not sounding like a by-the-numbers sentence.
    IT would just be sad that your expertly-made content would be passed since it had a bad headline.
    Thus, it always needs to sound natural and should reflect what is saying.
    False headlines would certainly not work either.I remember reading a headline in a Search engine that says that one artist was seemingly repentant over his past actions. After only reading the article did I realize that this sounds more like a press release to the artist’s new documentary. It was kind of annoying.
    I do hope that more writers invest more time in their headlines. It would really help if they do so. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

  3. Felix says:

    wow…I will have to start changing some of my marketing. Thanks for the post.

  4. Boaz Adegu says:

    Really informative! Recommended good read for all who would like to effectively communicate messages without raising barriers.

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