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33 Responses to Does CommentLuv Really Get Your More Comments?

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Lilach, I too am a huge fan of CommentLuv. I have the premium version at my blog and am happy to reward my commenters there with a link back to their articles.

    I also am much more likely to take the time to comment on a blog that has CommentLuv because I know that I can link back to my articles.


    Thanks for this great review of one of my favorite plugins!
    Carolyn recently posted..Pebble Watch – A Smartwatch with PotentialMy Profile

  2. Evan says:

    CommentLuv simply ROCKS!!! There are tons of advantages that every blogger can get for not a big price of even for free. The only thing that I’m not happy about is that you have little control of your outgoing links. But I can survive it anyway))) Thanks for the post!
    Evan recently posted..The best WordPress themes for Designers 2013 – Part 2My Profile

  3. Thanks for such a comprehensive post – definitely bookmarking this blog! ;-)

    Yes, I use CommentLuv also – I have noticed a few people posting more often, and people visiting my blog after seeing my comments at other blogs- so it is definitely effective!
    K’Lee Banks recently posted..Great Risks – Great RewardsMy Profile

  4. Sue Neal says:

    Hi – I’m a massive fan. Even before I installed it on my own blog, it was a huge help to me in finding other bloggers by following links in comments streams. Apart from encouraging people to comment, I like the way it makes it easy for me to make reciprocal visits to other people’s blogs when they’ve commented on mine.

    I used the free version for a while but now have the premium version and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

    Andy Bailey deserves a medal.

    Sue Neal recently posted..8 Blogging Tips From Some PenguinsMy Profile

  5. Hi Lilach,

    Have just got into blogging seriously, will definitely download commentluv following your review
    Mike Gardner recently posted..Time Management checklistMy Profile

  6. Kelly says:

    That was a very informative review on how great commentluv is. It’s nice to know that it has a lot of great features which can really benefit blogs.I’ll be sure to use that on my own blog.

  7. Sandra says:

    CommentLuv does not only provide a chance for readers to leave their comments on a blog or website. What’s really nice about the application is that you get a link back to your own website so other readers can also see what you’re blogging about. More readers means more traffic.

  8. If we just consider the bulk of google search results coming up for “commentluv enabled blogs”… well, there must be a great demand by commenters, right?
    Helene Poulakou recently posted..Top 10 Greek Mythology Stories updated Tue Mar 19 2013 6:16 am EDTMy Profile

  9. Yes comment luv section is very much important at the end of the post so that readers can share their views. This helps the bloggers to get more visitors and more traffic and the news go viral.Keep blogging
    Vincent Armstead recently posted..Blackberry Z10 Smartphone Gets an Order of a MillionMy Profile

  10. Great review of CommentLuv. How do you think it compares to Facebook comments and Disqus?
    Brian Farello recently posted..Empower Network Compensation Plan ReviewMy Profile

  11. Tahir Raza says:

    I used Comment luv some time before..But I am surely gonna switch back now :-)
    Tahir Raza recently posted..Identity TheftMy Profile

  12. Great post, very interesting, thank-you for sharing! I will check back soon for more interesting article posts! I hardly ever comment on blogs that do have comments. The main reason is, you spend the time to read an article, then comments only to find that they do not accept comments anymore. You have touched some good factors here.

  13. Hi Lilach, I have tried to avoid CommentLuv over the years, no idea why though, I tend to use Disqus a lot more now, do you have any opinions on that? Perhaps the advantages and disadvantages of both?

    Nice review by the way, got me to comment anyway!
    Danny from FM 14 recently posted..Ultimate FM13 Review: What 5 REAL Experts Thought of Football Manager 2013My Profile

  14. AkmaOmar says:

    Hi…Great post..simple, easy for me to understand. I just install premium commentluv plugin but still not familiar how the plugin functioning for my blog..thanks for sharing this.
    AkmaOmar recently posted..Tips Buat Duit dengan Blog dari Seminar DenaihatiMy Profile

  15. Body Mint says:

    CommentLuv is awesome and something I use on my blog as well. Once we used the plugin my blog traffic went up quite a bit. Had to figure out how to cut down on spammers, but it’s a great tool.

  16. Blogging becomes effective when the readers are engaged in discussion. In that manner, commentluv has successfully captured the essence of social interaction.
    Dallas SEO Geek recently posted..Don’t Throw Away Another Marketing Dollar! 7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy SEOMy Profile

  17. Geoffrey says:

    I use CommentLuv as well. I actually found this post as I was promoting my own review of the plugin. I really wish more bloggers would use CL, it would honestly be great to see it in WP core.
    Geoffrey recently posted..Share blogger love with CommentLuv!My Profile

  18. Interesting look at CommentLuv. I’ve had it on my blog for years, for many of the reasons you list here but first and foremost, to reward those who comment with the link. But that also benefits me and my readers; we get to see what others are writing, what we want to read next. Win, win.

    As to the premium, I’ve already using GASP and ReplyMe (good tools) but the Keyword names, TEHO I guess — I take the opposite view. I want people to comment on my blog because they have something of value to share with me and my readers, NOT b/c they just want link juju. Part of my comment policy is people comment, key words don’t. FWIW.
    Davina K. Brewer recently posted..Brand Image is in the eye of the Beholder.My Profile

  19. Patrick says:

    CommentLuv is brilliant, it gives blg owners another way to interact with other blog owners. Blogs are really all about interaction so any tools for making this easier and more effective are normally wecomed by the blogging community.

  20. I discovered comment luv by acciddent when I kept noticing it on other blogs. I wanted to get on the action so I installed it as well… it’s been great so far and I have noticed an increase in comments on my site.

    Thanks for the indepth review.
    Mary Calculated Traveller recently posted..STM Cable Wrap – ReviewMy Profile

  21. this is my first time know that having commentluv premium will cause have Better SEO.
    Thanks, I’m still newbie hope you can lead me with more knowledge :)
    Khairul Zamri recently posted..Tips Buat Duit dengan Blog dari Seminar DenaihatiMy Profile

  22. Ren Behan says:

    Hi, thanks for this overview. I’ve only ever seen CommentLuv on one food blog, at the time I thought it was great, then it disappeared (on that particular blog) and I wasn’t sure what it was called. I’ll go an investigate with a view to installing it.

  23. Yes,

    Comment Luv helps to get more comments but some time it attracts more spamming comments too. Everything else working fine with Comment luv and Even I had install it on my personal blog.
    Jaydip Parikh recently posted..First 25 People (Profile) on FacebookMy Profile

  24. Hi- I came here to try to find the answer to your question, “Does Commentuv really get you more comments?”
    But you didn’t answer it. You did offer a breathless, glowing promotion for Comment Luv without a single negative comment about it, and not a shred of evidence to back up your claims. What are the stats on Comment Luv? How does it affect search engine optimization? Are there any downsides? Has anybody got any numbers on whether or not it actually does increase engagement?
    I wouldn’t really call this a review. If it’s advertorial, you do have a responsibility to say so.
    Thanks, I’m sorry if that sounds too negative.
    Don Enright recently posted..Autumn Mist MorningMy Profile

  25. I’ve been using Comment Luv for a while and I love it. It’s great against spam and great for comments but the best thing is the outstanding service from Andy and the personal touches. Love it!
    Rachel Swann recently posted..The #1 reason lack of body confidence is costing you clients and money!My Profile

  26. Rob says:

    Commentluv works great for driving engagement because you give your readers the chance to showcase their own work as they engage in the conversation.

    Plus, I like it a whole bunch more than options like Disqus. I feel that plugin actually turns most people away because you have to create an account, whereas Commentluv adapts right into WordPress native comments.
    Rob recently posted..The Best Tools for Social Media Managers & SEOsMy Profile

  27. Neeraj says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Thanks for the useful Information, I also love Comment luv plugin. It helps us to get more traffic and More Backlinks from any other blogs.

    Thanks again for the very informatics blog

  28. Thanks you for ur post.Get all the latest news updates only at newsonline websites…
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  29. Great post, very debatable that’s for sure. I think commentluv will always add to a marketing sence of value.

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  31. thanks for share this
    Thanh Nguyen recently posted..Niche Video Site Builder Review – BonusMy Profile

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