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11 Responses to Are your blog readers getting bored of you?

  1. Martin says:

    Very good points. it makes sense. I guess social media provides not only informative matter but also it provides the blog owner how popular his posts are. that is important always stay up-to-date to your readers))
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    • Rashed says:

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for pitching in. There are so many blogs now with CMS systems making it ever easier to make a blog. Of course this is good because it encourages the flow of information but it also makes it more difficult to create loyal followers. When people post on their social media account, they feel that the message they are posting will be interesting or useful to their followers. so if people are posting about your blog post on their social media account, then this shows that they found your post interesting or useful.

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Rashed,
    Very insightful reasons on why your blog or social media page is not getting the attention it deserves. I would like to add a probable reason why some people may not visit your blog or look up at your FB page – I have encountered some blog owners who post too much on their FB pages which do not have any relevance on their sites, and flooding your readers’ FB walls with your posts would mean that they would stop following you and even stop visiting your blog altogether.

    As to the “you no longer receive any comments” part that you’ve said, I think sometimes it’s because of the plugins. When I comment on blogs, there were times there’s an error in the commenting system. While I normally take the time to contact the blog owner, most people do not try to alert him/her, and they just go to another blog like there’s nothing to it. The point here is, to always check if everything is working out, especially the commenting system plugins.
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  3. Rashed says:

    Hi Emily,
    Thank you for you comment. I liked your point on making sure the plugins are working – it’s something I didn’t think about when writing this article. Regarding posting on FB, people follow the FB page of a blog because they think it will add value to their FB page. If bloggers start posting numerous useless updates on their FB, then followers are likely to un-follow the blog. Most people already have enough updates to go through every day so they don’t need a plethora of additional useless updates that don’t interest them. To keep FB followers interested try to find out why they followed you in the first place and post only updates that would interest them.

  4. Well Rashed first of all I thank you for bringing this topic up. I would like give a better solution for the boredom of your users, you may find the questions by browsing different blogs and make a list of them and finally you may answer the questions asked by them and refer the link to your post by replying them and in this way you may get some visitor count and by chance if your blog has provided what the visitor was searching for, bingo you have got atleast one reader who will stick to you with the hope of getting more valuable information from you.

  5. Rashed says:

    HI, this is a good point. You can use websites like Quora, industry related forums and social media to find out what questions people are asking and what topics seem to be hot at the moment. This will ensure that your content is always current and relevant to what people are interested in right now.

    There’s a really good post that covers your strategy of answering questions asked on other relevant blogs/forums etc over on the SEOMOZ blog. The title is ‘How To Blog Successfully About Anything’. Take a look – It’s a good read.

  6. Its really discouraging to notice the comments and traffic going down, and thank-you for hinting what could be done to avert the scenario.

    • Rashed Khan says:

      Hi Amelle,

      Thanks for your kind words. It can be distressing when you realise that your blog isn’t doing as well as you’d have hoped. In short, if you focus on creating high quality, topical content that is covered better than most other bloggers then you shouldn’t have this problem.

  7. Pin-point points on how to know if you’re readers are already bored with your blog posts. These points only shows or reminds blog owners that it’s time to make a change. With the emergence of social media as a promotional platform, many have taken the dive with it and I guess there is no wrong to dive into it also. Social Media is a very influential platform which can really be of good help to boost the blog site that one has.
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  8. Well said bro, amazing points every blogger should think it on their content quality for making their blog famous. Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us :)
    Abhishek Dharmik recently posted..How To Make 99% Increase in Your Blog CommentsMy Profile

  9. Reginald says:

    Hi there,

    I think the best way to check on this is using a mixture of analytics and comments. A drop of comment or social engagement could easily means that you need to buff up some ‘tactics’ to avoid any bored readers :)

    Reginald recently posted..WPEngine Review – The Best Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

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