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29 Responses to 8 Social Media Predictions for 2013

  1. I doubt that Klout or Peeerindex or Kred will disappear this year , too much has been invested by corporates and we have seen the beginnings of using Klout to pre qualify contacts .

    Many people in the circles I move in use Empire Avenue combined with metrics systems to gauge the effectiveness of their online presence .

    Threadsy being acquired is good news :)

    Thank you Lilach for an interesting , thought provoking read
    steven healey recently posted..Xeeme unveils All your Social Networking ScoresMy Profile

  2. David Long says:

    Some nice thoughts here.

    I think the prediction regarding developing your own app is very accurate, but i think it will go one stage further. An app is really just a bookmark on the smartphone screen to a website, admittedly the destination is usually mobile specific and quite often limited to a specific set of tasks / information. So, I think that 2013 will see the demise of hosted build your own apps and instead we will see more sites offering a shortcut download to the homescreen.

  3. Content is King, sorry you didn’t say it. Bill Gates did in 1996, you are just quoting him :).
    I think strong content will do better in the search engines and fluffy content will be sidelined. I think “tribes” will become smaller and those that drill down their niche will do better.
    Mobile is here, has been for some time and “phablets” are the new tablets. i-whatevers are over, and so is Facebook. The time has come for something less automated and more connected, and it’s not here yet.

  4. Pete Evans says:

    Some great and very interesting thoughts. I believe that we will see som dramatic changes in the use of social media by businesses in 2013.

    How we do business and how we engage with our clients and customers is constantly changing. Clients and prospects are now able to find out much more information about our business before they decide to buy from us. One of the keys to succces is ensuring that you share timely and relevant content with your audience. This helps you to cut through some of the noise that is happening and will only increase.

    I agree that content is king. It is the relevance that is essential. It is not about spamming people with constant sales messages. A business can use social media to conduct research, develop new products and services. The appropriate use of social media can only help to support the sales effort of a business.

    Finally, Thanks for sharing some great thoughts and insights.

  5. Shara says:

    I am absolutely seeing some fishy things going on with my FB page, the last few weeks. They seem to have capped my fan count. Every time I get a new fan, that same number drops off. So I’ve been stuck at the same count for days, even though my wall says I’ve added 20+ new fans. I had a feeling they were trying to force me into buying promoted posts. I think this is the case, yep…

    All the more reason to grow our own lists, eh?
    Shara recently posted..Mommy Perks BlogMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Shara. Yes sadly I have to agree with you. But it’s no surprise and I think we will see even more of that this year. Facebook has been increasingly getting harder to not only get more likes but also more importantly engagement over the last few months. They’re really pushing their sponsored ads etc. Only time will tell how this goes but for me I’m personally using more of Google + and seeing some really good results.

      That said Facebook Ads can be hugely successful and extremely targeted so some companies are very happy with the move.
      Lilach recently posted..Everything you need to know about Google + CommunitiesMy Profile

  6. Dominic Collard says:

    It is a stretch to think that non-publishing businesses websites will start to resemble proper news sites (point 4.) There is a world of difference in writing a half decent blog or having an rss feed, and having a bona-fido news website. I’m afraid I didnt learn much more from these predicitions, they seem quite dated… as in they are already happening!

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Dominic, appreciate your comment, although I have to disagree re point 4. I think you’ve misunderstood me, I wasn’t trying to say that businesses’ blogs will simply turn into bona-fide news websites. I was simply saying that blogs will contain lots of up-to-date, relevant information, that people will probably read in addition to their regular news websites. Also, it’s worth noting that Huffington Post is a great example of a site that has become news related and is now mainstream.

      Gone are the days where you have to be a professional copywriter in order to have a successful blog.
      Lilach recently posted..Everything you need to know about Google + CommunitiesMy Profile

  7. Henry says:

    Great Article. I believe that social media will drastically change in 2013. We will see new innovative changes that will change almost everything!

  8. Hi,
    I think in 2013 people will more depend on Social media rather than Google for Traffic and Exposures, No body knows which Google update is going to hurt your blog in future, but social media is safe and easy to promote if you know how to use it properly, Twitter and Google Plus will Rock this year, I am sure about it.
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted..Gems of Indian Blogging : Jane Sheeba’s InterviewMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Nishant, appreciate your comment. More than half the traffic to Socialable comes via social media networks and as you say I only see that growing in 2013. The recent Google changes, Panda and the like have made it even harder to stay on top of SEO (I’ve seen many SEO companies fold/change their offerings and now concentrate on social media as a result).

      Google + is looking very promising so far, I’m seeing some excellent results from there and am looking forward to seeing how that develops, move over Facebook lol
      Lilach recently posted..Everything you need to know about Google + CommunitiesMy Profile

  9. Lilach, these are some great predictions.

    I especially agree with your point on there being more nosie than ever .. more and more people are turning to blogging and producing content but that being said I think it opens up an opportunity to do something different and stand out from the crowd (I’m not saying that it will be all that easy though).

    A saying comes to mind here that I heard a while back – “when the market is flooded, get in and mop up”.
    Adam Connell recently posted..24 Easy Ways to Build a Targeted Twitter FollowingMy Profile

  10. HI Lilach, this is a very apt and simple post, I really like it.. ! Agree with all that you say. Would just like to add rapid changes in technology and adoptation of new stuff, that can shift gears in the digital space is something that one needs to prepare for.

  11. Hmm Where do I start? Well first off dear Lilach I want to say happy birthday and of course it goes without saying that another great and interesting post here as it has got me thinking!

    First off WordPress, yes it’s great for blogging and for blogs like this but it still riles me with the fact that lot’s of agency’s (web design ones) use it to develop client sites using WordPress (and charge them a fortune for something that would take me a few hours to do and would be more unique and faster in the browser) and here is me building sites from the ground up that are bespoke! For me it’s dumbing down developers. Of course I use WordPress but only for blogging.

    As you well know I am a geek and love the fact that I can create something from scratch using PHP and MySQL (currently I am making a bespoke Social Network myself designed from scratch for Birders) I want to be known as the person who has developed something like JQuery and not one that uses it like so many others out there!

    Sorry seems I am ranting here but please believe me I am not, just want to vent a little frustration is all ( I do hope you don’t mind :-) )! I always get .net and webdesign mags each month and it seems there trying to dumb down the industry that I have spent lot’s of years as well as time and effort cutting my teeth into!

    One of my obsessions in fact my main obsession is speed to the point where I will spend an hour getting rid of all the wasted space in my CSS stylesheets by shrinking 2500 lines of code to just 800 and obsessively using png gauntlet to shrink the file size of a logo I have designed! Although it’s an obsession of mine but at least my clients get a very fast site in the end!

    Again I feel I must apologies but as you probably can gather it’s something I feel very strongly about! However I do love WordPress for how easy it is to write posts and for it’s seo capabilities but for a simple website say for a hotel who is just interested in a bespoke site to sell it’s rooms and services I personally feel it’s wasted a simple 10 – 15 page site with a twitter and Facebook would suffice in my own opinion.

    OK time for something good! I love the fact that Facebook is rolling out GRAPH SEARCH (https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch) very soon as I think it will make the lives of bloggers like you and geeks like me that little bit easier! But I don’t like the fact that there introduce pricing to send a message to people and there is also still far to much spam and people wanting to develop an online career without giving something in return that I still see everyday ( those sales pages from people on clickbank still get to me ).

    Mobile sites. Of course we all now need mobile sites and for me when i develop a site i make 3 now for my clients and make it dynamic to make them fit Phones, tablets and the biggest pc monitor out there by using the CSS element width=’100%’ instead of pixels. however i still get clients saying they want apps for their site and me being me I always say “What for?”. An example would be for a hotel which in my opinion a mobile site would suffice as in the end they would be paying more for something they would really not need!

    Again a website that fits all with a Facebook page and a twitter profile in my opinion would suffice for a bricks and mortar business like a small hotel. In another breath though for someone who makes their living out of blogging like your good self and app ( windows, android and iOs) with your twitter and RSS feeds as well as an about, contact and home page would deffo be needed. I do love Brian Solis’ app that I recently downloaded as it’s unique and personal and in my opinion he has probable invested a great deal as it’s very bespoke but again he can probable afford it anyway!

    Wow what a comment, should be a blog post hey! Many thanks for letting me leave this for your perusal I feel so much better now, and please don’t think I was venting frustration at you ( far from it, just the industry and agency’s in general). I feel it’s now my mission to educate the so called developers who use training wheels like jQuery and codeigniter the error of their ways and make sites that are faster and not bogging them down like those above!

    I hope you too have a great 2013 and that your business really takes off, hope to meet up in London again sometime soon Lilach. All my very best.
    ~ Phillip
    Phillip Dews recently posted..Make 2013 Your Blogging Year (Part Uno)My Profile

  12. Ooh, thanks for the list of utilities for making your own mobile app. Going to check them out now!
    Mary C. Weaver, CSCS recently posted..Are you tired of losing the same 20, 30, or 50 pounds over and over?My Profile

  13. Hello Lilach,

    Excellent article! I think you are pretty much bang on about everything.

    I feel that #4 is going to be the biggest thing. People will visit more and more blogs because they want to see personalized news. They want to hear what bloggers have to say in their own unique ways.

    By the way, happy birthday! You don’t look 40 at all!
    Cendrine Marrouat recently posted..Social media news: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TwitterMy Profile

  14. Being mobile-friendly is a key point for sure. Because the only tendency that exists today is that people use their mobiles more and more often to get an access into the Internet . So I guess that in the nearest time, the majority will do the same

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. An Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Timeline Features

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  16. I agree with most of your points. I don’t know that me creating content that others have already seen two or three times in other places with higher traffic is a great idea, however. I’ve been concentrating on creating a web series right now, to the exclusion of all else. Might need to write something about that today if there’s time….
    Matches Malone recently posted..When The Clock Struck 13…My Profile

  17. Lilach, I’ve been meaning to bring up with you the subject of Botox for some time but didn’t quite know how. Thank goodness you were the first to broach the subject. Frankly, I feel you do NOT need Botox and are beautiful just the way you are. I agree with your predictions, too, especially the rise of mobile. No doubt your clients appreciate savvy $$ savings using FB and Twitter instead of a full-blown desktop website.
    Astro Gremlin recently posted..Camp Stove Charges Smart PhoneMy Profile

  18. Hi Lilach,

    Great pointers for 2013. Businesses today are still testing social media. Those that feel they have got the hang ot it are building communities through Twitter mainly whilst just touching on the potential of Facebook and Google+. In 2013, companies need to start getting creative and that is a whole new ball game in social media – I think agencies need to market them creatively rather than just blog and tweet. The foundations are in place and I look forward to seeing where we are this time next year.
    MashMarketing recently posted..LinkedIn Profile – in the top 5% viewedMy Profile

  19. According to me social media exposure and making website mobile friendly will help a lot in 2013. As we all know Google updates are a great risk for our website. Thus according to me focusing on social media exposure rather than search engine is appropriate in 2013. but that’s my opinion. Others opinion can be different.
    But thanks for publishing such a great post. :D
    Kshitij Jain recently posted..Search Engine Optimization | Content OptimizationMy Profile

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