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18 Responses to 50 Facebook facts that’ll fascinate small businesses

  1. I have been using Facebook since 2007 as a personal account and some how got over 700 friends. It’s a great way to connect with people and to stay updated. Thanks for all the facts and figures it was an interesting read! I was surprised that 48% of young Americans find out about news through Facebook.

    Sometimes I accidently stumble on news on Facebook and Twitter because I am constantly on them and get notifications to my phone. For example, that how I found out Michael Jackson died. However I think 48% is a lot higher than I would have guessed.

  2. My teenage/college kids signed me up, thinking if they got me involved in the process I would allow them the usage. It sat for a year before I understood it’s value. Our children will never know the meaning of “losing touch with an old friend.”

  3. Carla P says:

    Well I like the facts that you presented but I seem to found some contradiction in the information like the baby named Facebook , there are some articles and blogs that assure that the article is not true and everything started with a newspaper joke in Egypt and then it was repeated so many times until became “true”. Is really interesting as a marketer to analyze how Zynga accounts for 12.5 % of Facebook revenues …I couldn’t imagine that! Also how some countries blocked Facebook.
    Overall a really interesting and informative article!

  4. I found the entire article intriguing and enlightening.
    The random facts were great!
    You mentioned that you have over 4000 friends on FB. Somewhere I had read or heard
    that FB would not allow more than 2000 friends, so that was good to hear.
    Do you know if there is a limit to the amount of friends?

    Thanks for this!
    Kim Lennon Abernethy recently posted..The Eternal Night LightMy Profile

    • Im not sure about Facebook, but i know twitter starts capping how many people you can follow at 2000. It then becomes a percentage of followers to following.

      Loved the post! These facts are so interesting! I had no idea Al Pacino’s face was on the original Facebook homepage.

  5. In all this great stories and fact you did’nt mention Africa especially Nigeria, not at all why.

  6. Brian says:

    Umnm, many of your “facts” are definitely not facts or true. I am thinking of using your article to make some points in next semester’s statistics course (I teach at a well known university). Beyond glaring mistakes like its profitability figures (Facebook has yet to even disclose these figures (audited) for the first time, yet analysts believe its revenues are closer to what you reported as profit), you make some very simple mistakes often found in media. For example, your figure of users is misleading. Facebook doesn’t regulate (nor could they effectively) individuals and organizations from having more than one account. I personally have three. More recently, Facebook has seen a proliferation of accounts created for purposes of anonymously creating and sharing images/caricatures. Educated analysts know that the number of true individuals and organizations using Facebook is a fraction of the numbers you reported. I encourage you to make a study of your list and consider taking a course on statistics. I always tell my students statistics is a language, not a mathematical discipline.

  7. Michael Powell says:

    These were some cool facts. The ones about naming kids with related names was different. But it was strange knowing that Mark only items 25% of Facebook. Most thinks he owns half or even all of Facebook. And Zynga stealing 12.6 percent, lots of gamers.

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  9. Sana says:

    Interesting facts. Just wanted to add that facebook is NOT blocked in Pakistan. I have a lot of friends in Pakistan from different cities over there & they access their facebook accounts several times a day.

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  11. mrlamb says:

    The Facebook IPO was just a disaster and to make things worse, Zuckerberg decided to take an extended honeymoon. I’m sure some new and truer facts will emerge…we’ve been conned.

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