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94 Responses to 20 Vital Twitter Management Tools for 2012

  1. Herbert says:

    Out of the 20, I only use TweetDeck but not all the time, I think this is time to explore more of these awesome tools. Thanks Lilach
    Herbert recently posted..Rolling out of Bed and Kicking A**My Profile

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    Thanks Lilach for taking the time to put this awesome resource together. I am a huge fan of MarketMeSuite and have been since they first started (even paid for my account back then!) but now it is Free. They are coming out with Version 4 pretty soon. I am actually one of the Beta testers and there are going to be some more awesome features for this platform. Also, the branding is working. I am branding all my tweets which is a really great feature MMS has. I also like how you can ‘schedule’ tweets. I set up my VA with a list of my links of posts, articles, products and quotes.

    Thanks again for the information, I am going to check out a couple of these and will be sure to forward this to my fans, followers and clients!
    Lynn Brown recently posted..Key Tips For Making the Right First ImpressionMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Lynn:) I’ve also used MarketMeSuite but I don’t think they have the branding features for newbies, I think this feature is just for current members (from the ones who paid). If I’m wrong please do correct me:)

      I use Social Oomph for my scheduling as it’s one of the only tools that allows you to set up recurring scheduled tweets.

  3. Claire says:

    Thanks for this useful list, Lilach! I (am a little embarrassed that I) haven’t come across about a third of these – so will definitely be checking them all out!
    I find it reassuring that you use a range of tools for your scheduled tweeting too – I was wondering if experts would only use one of the ‘main tools’ like Social Oomph / Hootsuite / Tweetdeck; good to know you use a range! =)
    Claire recently posted..How Social Media can Help Manage your FinancesMy Profile

  4. Pete says:

    Great article. I personally use social networking and bookmarking a lot and find MarketmeSuite the best Twitter tool. That said I also use Twhirl as this tool is very quick at posting from your laptop and gives you a nice overview of your twitter time lines. Another tool a like to use is Hootsuit as this integrates really well with Chrome browser and makes posting articles and so on nice and easy. I see no one has mention Yonoo, this is another good tool for posting to multiple sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and many more. Yonoo comes as a browser plugin and desktop app, http://www.yonoo.com, well worth trying. I use all these tools to help promote news and articles I can honestly say they work very well.
    Pete recently posted..Jackpot City Mobile is now offering ALL NEW PLAYERS 5GBP/EUR FREE!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Pete:) I must admit I haven’t heard of yonoo so thanks for sharing that with us.

      It’s interesting to see that a lot of the tools used are similar and the most popular, ie. Hootsuite and MarketMeSuite

  5. Wow Lilach I did not know there where so many Twitter tools out there. I have to confess I do not use Twitter that much, I just Tweet my own sites and those of people who I have commented on or liked.

    I use social oomph to keep a check on any mentions so I can respond to them and Twitterfeed for posting my latest posts.

    David Sharp recently posted..Formula For Success According To Rob ForeMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks David, there are even more tools out there!

      I really recommend you spend more time on Twitter, it’s a fantastic tool that can really generate a lot of traffic and also great for building relationships with people. Check out my other blogs on Twitter to help you:)

  6. Mike Smith says:

    Hi Lilach
    I must be slow as I haven’t heard of any of those twitter tools, thanks for letting me know I shall have a look at them one by one.

  7. Hi Lilach, First of all, I want to thank you for all this information you have gathered to make it so easy for people to use twitter. I know for a FACT it is working for you because every time I’m on twitter I see you! Your performance is great, not too pushy but always present. Actually you are one of a few people I do open up on twitter because you make it interesting. If often wondered how you do that and here you have shared it.
    Thanks so much, Donna
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Eliminate Email Overload In 10 Mins Or Less Per DayMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thank you so much Donna, I really appreciate your lovely comment:)

      What I love most about Twitter is how you can meet such fantastic people like yourself and how from Twitter you can connect on blogs and other social networks too:)

      Thanks again:)

  8. Val Heisey says:

    Wow Lilach, that is quite a list! I have a twitter account, and I use onlywire in my blog to syndicate my posts to twitter and FB. I don’t know how you have the time to use all these tools, and write a blog and comment on othe people’s blogs, and comment on FB, and raise your daughter! Whew, I’m impressed!
    Val Heisey recently posted..Chasing Unicorns… MLM strategiesMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Val:) I’m a workaholic what can I say lol

      But seriously by using these tools not only does it make the whole Twitter process easier it also saves time – that’s why I love them all so much:)

  9. David Hain says:

    Great Post Lilach! Have you tried SocialBro and Buffer. They work well together, particularly in Chrome. Social Bro allows easy Twitter follower management and links to Peer Index, showing the PI score in Tweets received with a plug-in. Also enables you to find best time to tweet your followers, which in conjunction with Buffer enables you to build a schedule of your best work for different timezones.
    Also just tried FFhelper today, great ofr reinforcing followers and praising/thanking individually or in bulk.

    And all free!

    Cheers, keep up the good stuff!

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks David:) I recently checked out SocialBro and am impressed that the site’s free as it offers a whole host of features like you say. I need to add Buffer to my site but I’ve started using it too and am looking forward to chatting with Leo (Buffer’s MD) on Skype.

      Pleased you tried the FF Helper, comes in very useful for FollowFriday:)

  10. Hi Lilach,

    Thanks so much for the twitcam mention. I would like to tweet this post out to our 3.2mil followers on twitcam. There is a typo. Right now it reads twicam and not twitcam. I can send out that tweet of its fixed. Twitcam is extreamly powerful and we were suprised how quickly it took off. We have had big names jump on twitcam and the fan response is tremendous. If you would like some more information I would be glad to help.

    Community Manager, Livestream

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Jae, thanks so much for your comment and please accept my apologies for the typo which has now been fixed for you:)

      Yes please do send it out to your followers, that would be great:)

      I would be delighted to write a review too on Twitcam, I’ll send you an email and we can liaise there too:)

  11. Kostas says:

    Thanks for sharing this huge list Lilach, actually I don’t use any of these since I don’t use twitter so much until now but I really want to grow my followers this year can you suggest me which one is the best for you?
    Kostas recently posted..Managing Multiple Social Media AccountsMy Profile

  12. Hi Lilach,
    Wow, I am such a Twitter novice! You are convincing me to indulge. I will need to look your way for help in this area in the super near future.

    thanks for all these great tools!
    JosephJYoung recently posted..Why The Rich Ruleth Over The PoorMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Joe, my pleasure:) Yes Twitter is a fabulous tool and I highly recommend you do indulge – you will be very pleasantly surprised at the results you can get – if you do it “smartly”. Please do check out my other blog posts on how to use Twitter better and I would be delighted to be of assistance in the near future for you:))

  13. Wow that is quite a list! It makes my head spin! I have to say I only use about 2-5. I use hootsuite, tweetdeck, tweepi mostly.
    Lynda Cromar recently posted..What I Saw In The Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous In MLM Network Marketing!My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Lynda:) Yes it’s unbelievable how many Twitter tools there are out there in the marketplace, I only touched on the surface! I too use Hootsuite, used to use Tweetdeck but found Hootsuite better. I haven’t used Tweepi though so thanks for the share:)

  14. Frithjof says:

    Avery cool list that I will keep handy!
    I have used and recommended ManageFlitter many times!
    Right now I love SocialBro because it pulls together a lot of the functions I used to use several tools for.
    The only cautionary note I have is that a heavy use of tools makes it easier to forget that we are not here to get them most followers but to enjoy valuable connections.
    On that note, I’m glad we established a connection here and on Twitter and I will look out for your tweets!
    Have a great Weekend
    Frithjof aka @tweet4ok
    Frithjof recently posted..Facebook Privacy Settings are NOT ScaryMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Frith:) great to connect with you here too:))

      Yes I love ManageFlitter and am surprised more people haven’t heard of it – great tool for tidying up your Twitter peeps and particularly useful to find out who is inactive.

      I’m going to be writing a review of SocialBro soon, it’s got some great features but I must admit I need to spend more time on there so will continue to have a “play” before I write my review.

      Have a fabulous weekend too:)

  15. Stacy says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Thanks for sharing all of those! I had no idea that there were so many tools for twitter! The funny thing is that the two that I use aren’t even on your list!

    I use Twitter Feed to submit blog posts to twitter (and other networks available too). I also use Twellow which is a Twitter directory and a tool to find un-mutual relationships (who’s not following you that you are following and vice verca) and you can unfollow those not following you if you wish. I used to use Friend or Follow for that but Twellow is much easier. Both tools are free and easy to use.

    Stacy recently posted..How to Use Yahoo Answers to Generate Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Stacy:) I know, so many tools – not enough time lol

      I’ve also used Twellow, it’s a useful directory and it’s good to submit yourself there too so people can find you organically.

      I must admit I haven’t used Twitter Feed so thanks for the share:)

  16. Phew! Lilach, you just reminded me how much I have to learn about Twitter – I definitely haven’t been taking advantage of these tools, and all the opportunities Twitter can provide. Thanks for the links!
    Natalie Peace recently posted..6 Business Tips from Mary PoppinsMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Natalie, my pleasure:) Yes Twitter is so much more than Twitter! I rarely log into Twitter directly and use the various tools instead. Let’s hope Twitter doesn’t shut down it’s API’s lol

  17. Warren says:

    It’s amazing how we focus ourselves on a few select tools and then forget to watch for new ones. I’m definitely not new to social media and yet there are so many tools and site here that I’ve been neglecting. Time to start checking them out I guess!
    Thanks Lilach
    Warren recently posted..Manuel VS. Automated Link BuildingMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Warren:) There are so many new tools popping up it’s hard to keep up-to-date with them all and I must admit if I wasn’t in the social media industry I too wouldn’t know all the newer ones. But just because something’s new doesn’t mean the older tool you’re using isn’t as good.

      The great thing is that the different tools do different things so you can get some great results, measure them and save time:)

  18. Jayne Kopp says:

    Hi Lilach, Good Grief, what a list! I have never heard of some of those tools. There sure are a handful. I used Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite previously although don’t spend as much time Twitter as I used to. I have been quite busy these last couple of months (nice that things are picking up) but do need to focus more on my marketing efforts to continue riding the wave… and that’s on the list for this year.

    I will definitely investigate some of your suggestions.

    Thanks so much for putting this great list together.


    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Jayne:) Yes Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are being mentioned a lot and are on most people’s radars.

      I hope you use Twitter more this year, it can really make a difference to your business – feel free to look through my blog as there are lots of useful articles on Twitter:)

  19. Aloha Lilach, nice post and a great list to chose from. I think I only know about two twitter tools to use, but this list will give me more to use. Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Lani :)
    Lani – Aloha recently posted..Video Plugin For WordPressMy Profile

  20. Derek morton says:

    Wow, I only had heard of a few of those tools. I guess I need to get working, and utilizing those tools. Thanks for sharing.
    Derek morton recently posted..Shoot, Dang, and HeckMy Profile

  21. Nishadha says:

    That’s a very impressive list, I do use some of them. I would add HootSuite to the list because I believe it’s an awesome Twitter dashboard.
    Nishadha recently posted..Twitter Tools for Businesses and How to Use Them EffectivelyMy Profile

  22. I’ve been an avid Hootsuite fan forever in addition to ManageFlitter, TwitterCounter and Social Oomph, but I’ve recently discovered SproutSocial and have to say, I’m quite impressed. Worth checking out. Their analytics are pretty amazing (demographics by age and sex of followers), follower suggestions, unfollow tool, scheduler, and more.

    Thanks for the thorough list. I have more to play with now!
    RachelintheOC recently posted..HIGH HIGHS & LOW LOWSMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Rachel – nice to see we use similar tools:) I’ve heard of SproutSocial but haven’t really used it so will check it out and spend more time on there – thanks:)

  23. That’s quite a compilation, Twitter. Some would argue that if you really know how to use Twitter (I wouldn’t count myself amongst them yet :) ), it’s the only social network you really need in life. Because you can connect far and wide. And these amazing tools are what make it easy to navigate the crazy twitter world. My favorite is MarketMeSuite. I’d like to explore it’s full power before I pickup another twitter tool. Cheers!
    Srinivas “Sage” Reddy recently posted..Insanely ProductiveMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Srinivas:) I think that’s a good approach you have, learn MarketMeSuite and then pick up another tool. There are so many and it’s difficult to not only get a grasp on all their features but to use each tool to it’s maximum so I recommend you start off with one:)

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  25. Fun post Lilach! Don’t use any of them. Only Twitterfeed.

    Decided to check some of the tools out. Tweriod will send me their report. WhoTweetedMe however told me my URL was too old:-)
    Catarina Alexon recently posted..Is Iran stronger than the West believes?My Profile

  26. Susan says:

    Fantastic information Lilach and like many of your other visitors and readers have not come across half of the tools you reference. Will be checking them out and incorporating the best into our marketing. We love MarketMeSuite for branded tweets – I guess you find a platform you like and use it. Have a great 2012 Chris & Susan
    Susan recently posted..Frank Kern State of The Internet Address 2012: Do You Have a “Magic Bullet” Yet?My Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks Susan, my pleasure:) MarketMeSuite is a great tool but sadly they’ve stopped the branded tweets (only available for existing customers)

      Wishing you and Chris a fabulous and successful 2012 too:)

  27. Joyce says:

    Wow, what a list. I have a good number of follower on twitter and i fins it difficult to manage the list. This list is definitely going to help me big time.

    The manage filter is something am going to use to clear out those no doing anything on twitter. I will bookmark this post and send it to my assistant.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Joyce recently posted..Oh Life Suck! How To Survive When Life Is Not Going Your WayMy Profile

  28. Lilach, I have been negligent in managing my tweets. I accumulated a lot of followers. Time to make things work for me….and take advantage of the tools available—-I need to get out my own personal Stone age.

  29. Tara says:

    That is a very good collection of twitter tools.. there are so many out there but you’ve done a great job explaining why these should be essential to any serious twitter/google+ user… I finding that many of these will be useful to me ;-)
    Tara recently posted..Yоu Мust Live іn thе Wоrld оf Independent FilmMy Profile

  30. Marilyn says:

    Formulists.com is out of business.

  31. Zaddle says:

    Great list – I am also looking into socialbro at the moment and it looks very useful

    Other tools not mentioned are crowdbooster (which I love), followerwonk for building your network and just looking at @ifttt which allows you to set huge amounts of automated rules which mean on action can trigger several reactions

  32. Thanks Lilach,
    This is what providing value to your customers is all about.
    Great post! I’ve been using a couple of these tools for a while but not as often as ideally required to get the results. I will certainly look into these recommendations of yours, I think twitter can be a very powerful marketing platform if used the right way.
    I had one account suspended last year by the “twitter police” because they didn’t agree with one of the tools I was using so they suspended my account on the basis of violation of twitter policies.
    This taught me a very valuable lesson, unfortunately I learned the hard way but it put me in a more aware and alert attitude towards marketing on twitter.
    I’ve been checking out your regular tweets, a great lesson for anyone wanting to use twitter for business.
    Thanks again.

    JF Trin

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks so much Jean-Francois. Yes you do have to be careful with Twitter as they can and have shut down many accounts. In my experience anything out of the ordinary they are suspicious of so the key here really is to be consistent with your approach. If you suddenly want to follow lots of people for example they are quite quick to shut your account down which is why you have to go slowly.

      Great to see you on my blog too, I hope you’re come back again soon and visit:))

      • Hi Lilach,
        Thanks for your kind reply.
        I do my best these days to educate myself in various marketing strategies and I have learned with experience who to trust and to follow.
        Over time I joined multiple lists but I have since cleaned up my over crowded inbox and unsubscribed from many useless marketers lists.
        I like your approach on twitter and your blog is full of valuable content. Consistent, valuable content is what it’s all about and you provide exactly that.
        Thanks again.
        JF Trin
        PS: Could you please check this out and possibly give me your opinion? It was a WSO a few weeks ago, do you know about this tool? Is it safe like they claim it is? http://wackycentral.com/Twitterbot/

  33. Hi Lilach,

    What a great reception to that post. There is a heap of information about tools that I have never heard of and I am sure that most of the other readers would be in a similar situation. Have you ever considered doing a post/survey of which ones your readers use and then ranking according to frequency of use it would be a very interesting survey. I note that you favour Hootsuite. Have you done a post about Hootsuite and why you like it so much?
    John Cosstick recently posted..About Jack Taggerty and Freelance-Work-Guide.comMy Profile

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  36. I am using Twitter past 2 months to optimize my software company website.
    Although i am happy with the output,but want to be serious with twitter to get best from it…As i am newbie,can you please guide me with your ideas and experience,although i lied your ideas and give it a try…Waiting for your response!!

  37. Sarah says:

    Really great advice about online Twitter and some of this I heard never come across before, very interesting. Thank you! I hope I can put it into practice and improve way I serve people through my website for Twitter, Facebook and blog management :)


  38. Lots of cool Twitter tools here, Lilach.

    I notice you favor Social Oomph, but really, there’s so many to choose from. I guess they all have their pros and cons, but it’s confusing to know where to start.

    So maybe I’ll jump on Social Oomph since you recommend it highly. Thanks for the primer!
    David Merrill recently posted..Your Gravatar and Personal BrandMy Profile

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  40. Karen says:

    Wow! What a great list. I am new to Twitter so this list is extremely helpful. Any other tips for a newbie in regards to posting?
    Karen recently posted..A Marriage Made In Heaven!My Profile

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  42. Caimin says:

    Cool list. I’m another one who loves Hoot Suite – a lot people dream of making money while they sleep, I’m happy to be able to tweet.
    Caimin recently posted..How To Perform CPR On Your Twitter MarketingMy Profile

  43. Hi Lilach,

    I’m amazed to see that you wrote this post a couple of months age and it’s still being read and commented on these days!
    The viral power of social media!!! I love this business…



  44. Morey says:

    Lilach, we’d love to show you what we’re up to and hopefully make this splendid list. We’re also prepared to beat up old boyfriends or wash your car. Anyway, let’s talk shop. itweetlive has the best search engine out there for Twitter. The system even analyzes twitter activity and makes suggestions to improve your search; it remembers responses so you can re-use them and (yes, there’s more!) the system provides measurement stats so you can see which replies got good responses and which didn’t. This isn’t a management platform. It’s an engagement tool for marketing professionals who need to be proactive, not reactive. One more thing: it’s freakin’ free. Check out this video or if you prefer, I’m happy to demo over Skype. http://bit.ly/IQWWxV

  45. Hi Lilach, You certainly hit on a hot topic here. I have a question about recurring tweets and Hootsuite: when you use scheduler in Hootsuite to plan tweets ahead is there a method to complete recurring tweets or is this not a feature in Hootsuite and,if not, is there a work around by retweeting you own existing tweets from the sent tweets column. Do you have any wisdom on this?


    John Cosstick

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  48. balu says:

    Twitter is must tool, if you’re into the field of marketing.

  49. ouedkniss says:

    hi lilach, thanks for the tools , i will give them a try to get idea
    ouedkniss recently posted..MeubleMy Profile

  50. DJ says:

    Hootsuite is another great tool for managing not only Twitter but also Google+,Facebook,LinkedIn and a few other social network accounts too.

  51. Really useful list, I shall spend some time researching them! I use Hootsuite but there are two problems with it that I find others have too. 1) It doesn’t always list every tweet made by the people you follow so somtimes you can wonder if youi’ve been blocked! 2) It tells you when your tweet has been retweeted but not by whom so you have to go into your Twitter profile to find out so you can thank them or whatever.
    Helen Dewdney recently posted..Flowers Direct Didn’t Direct Flowers!My Profile

  52. Emma says:

    Thanks for this list Lilach.
    I find Twilert to be very useful and another great tool is TweetReach to see how far your tweet has travelled.
    What’s the real difference between Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Social Oomph?
    I am going to try out some of the others you mention here.

  53. Hello Lilach,
    we know that twitter is a powerful social medea site as compared to facebook and google+. thanks for sharing 20 tools but i would like to tell you that i am using TwitterDeck so i can say that it have more options compared to others and easy to use so i can say it is the best tool.
    thanks for sharing this great list :)

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