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54 Responses to 20 of the Best #Pinterest Tools for Businesses

  1. Evan says:

    Oh wow, what a cool list! As for me I like Pinstamatic pretty much! Thanks for a great compilation!
    Evan recently posted..Top 30 WordPress themes for DevelopersMy Profile

  2. Hi Lilach,

    Wow, what a list here.

    I am not fully onto Pinterest yet. Each time I Pin a few posts I seem to leave the network, heading for Google Plus and Twitter.

    Thanks for giving me a kick in the tail to hop on the network and stick with it for more than a few minutes each day.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..4 Reasons Why You Actually Want to Fail Horrifically OnlineMy Profile

  3. Tom George says:

    Great Pinterest tools Lilach! I usually don’t let much time go by before I find myself on the site. Cheers!
    Tom George recently posted..Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad UnitMy Profile

  4. Great and really useful list of tools Lilach, thank you for including Pinalytics in there too :)

  5. Letta says:

    Great tips that I will definitly use. Thank you!

  6. Lilach I didn’t realize there were so many tools to use that complement Pinterest. I use Reachli and after a few sessions noticed I had a few clicks so there is some interest from my follow and I will keep using Pinterest and add on tools. I will have to check out these other tools too!
    Ashley Porter recently posted..The Power Of A ChallengeMy Profile

  7. Katherine says:

    Just heard about a few of these in a Pinterest marketing webinar from Vocus today. Great to add some more tools to the list!

  8. This is an awesome resource. I had no idea there were this many tools to use with Pinterest. I just bought a product called Ninja Pinner. Have you heard of it? I am still playing around with it but what it does is help you automate a lot of different things on Pinterest. Pinwoot is great for getting followers. That’s an app you can get through FB. Thought you’d like to know.

    Have a Great Day!
    Candace Chira
    Candace Chira recently posted..Forget Student Loans – Teach Your Kids to MarketMy Profile

  9. all tools are very useful. pinterest is one of the best tool.

  10. Prime Aque says:

    Hi, thank you for sharing this awesome article about Pinterest! I found you on twitter, I retweeted this and I discover this on stumble upon! Bingo!

    Anyway, I am new to Pinterest but one of my friends on my blog had convinced me to include Pinterest on my list for traffic and backlinks!
    Prime Aque recently posted..The Art of Pinteresting: Your Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Business AccountMy Profile

  11. Nice article with a helpful list of Pinterest tools – but I am a little disappointed my company, Pin4Ever, didn’t make this list! We’re the only one offering full Pinterest backups that I’ve seen, and we’ve saved over 7.3 million pins for our customers since September 2012. We’re still offering a free trial backup to all new customers at http://www.pin4ever.com, and we’ve recently released our innovative Bulk Editing Tools that let pinners move, copy, delete, and rearrange multiple pins right on their Pinterest boards in one easy step – check out the video on our homepage. I hope you’ll update your list to include Pin4Ever, or keep us in mind for your next Pinterest-related article. Thanks!

  12. Pete Stean says:

    I would be very cautious in using valuable resources for Pinterest when they might be better spent elsewhere.

    Despite the fact that my main website is very visual it isn’t fashion, soft furnishing, exotic international travel etc related so my pins drive virtually no traffic to my site – last month 0.05% of my visitors arrived via Pinterest (and most of those bounced immediately) whereas 20% come via Facebook and Twitter… Guess where I’m making the most effort?

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Pete, thanks so much for leaving a comment. I definitely don’t think Pinterest is a waste of time, although it certainly doesn’t bring in traffic to just any website – it’s not for every business, and I’m the first to admit that. That said, it’s also a question of using it right to get the most out of it – for example having enough relevant followers to your boards, pinning the right stuff, knowing when to pin and so on. There are lots of factors to take into consideration in order to get the most out of pinning
      Lilach recently posted..The Handbag and the Briefcase: Would they Both have Suited Thatcher? My Profile

  13. Jill Sessa says:

    Hey Lilach-
    Awesome round-up and giving a few of these a try.
    One thing to be aware of is that most of these sites are using workarounds if they are pinning (and scheduling) as Pinterest hasn’t released an API. So for instance, with Repinly, they use their OWN url as the source, not the url of the original pin/ website. Great for them for collecting data and so on, but it may be useful to go in and edit and or delete the source for some pins. Hey, I’m glad they created the tool, but we might not always want pins leading back.
    Will continue to research these… and hope that Pinterest releases their API soon so we can integrate our own tool (Sidekick) in with the site!

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  17. Lisa says:

    Hi Lilach!

    I love Pinterest too and appreciate all these great tools you recommend! Pinreach is of particular interest to me – would love to see how I rate instead of guessing.
    I get a fair amount of traffic from Pinterest so I spend blocked out time daily to work with it. It’s been worth it so far!
    thanks again for these valuable tips!
    Lisa recently posted..Why Google Plus for Social Networking?My Profile

  18. Alexander says:


    This is a very useful list with useful in-short explanations of all the products. I am launched a tool a called Pinwoot about 10 weeks back to help users gain Pinterest audience with much more ease without compromising on quality. Our users are loving it and we already have about 15000 users on board. I would love to invite you to use our product (its absolutely free forever), hope you will find it useful.

    Alex Cruz

  19. Great list. I never thought of using Hootsuite but that’s a great idea. It seems they’re always adding services. Thanks!
    Scrapless Press recently posted..Pinterest Contest! Win a $25 Gift Code to Scrapless PressMy Profile

  20. Thanks, Great list! I never thought to use Hootsuite for Pinterest but it makes sense as they’re always adding services.
    Scrapless Press recently posted..Pinterest Contest! Win a $25 Gift Code to Scrapless PressMy Profile

  21. Seth says:

    Here’s another tool you might find helpful in tracking the number of times a page or post has been pinned: Social Tally (it wouldn’t let me add the link in this comment so you can just Google it.) It tells you how many times a URL has been shared on the other major social networks too.
    Seth recently posted..Why Should I Market On Pinterest?My Profile

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  23. Felix says:

    Good post Lilach. You can also earn money from Pinterest on Adsable.com

  24. Elizabeth says:

    WOW, now that is a Pinable list. I haven’t heard of many of these. I will definitely be checking lots of these resources out. I use Hootesuite also and I have not notice the inclusion of Pinterest.
    Elizabeth recently posted..12 Key Social Media Editorial Calendar Elements: Embrace a Functional Posting ScheduleMy Profile

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  27. Jen Picard says:

    LOVE these, and definitely excited to try a few out! FYI, though, Pinterest Right Click is no longer available =(
    Jen Picard recently posted..10 Easy Ways to Expand Your Facebook ReachMy Profile

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  30. I am missing pingroupie in your list ;) A tool to easily find group boards of your niche :)

  31. ♫♪ I’m singing your praises for this one ;) ♪♫ Working on a Pinterest campaign for a client that has an extremely visual product (gift baskets, gift items) and this list is my saving grace. Thank you Lilach. It always proves true to not just do a Google search for answers – go to the top for answers and you always come thru. If I could only figure out how to look at current followers and who I’m following on a side by side list (ex. excel). I see the phone/tablet app would work but I need to be on PC/laptop for better visibility to unfollow many. Possibly I missed this ability in the descriptions above. Thanks again ! C

  32. For us guys in the social seo consulting space, Pinterest is not as “robust” as the fashionista and foodie fans, but there’s still plenty of traffic to be had using some of these tools you so nicely indexed and presented. Strong work!
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Content Marketing System Best PracticesMy Profile

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