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54 Responses to 16 tools to make awesome Infographics

  1. I freaking love infographics and I quickly clicked on some of the links to the tools in the list. Thanks for the list of tools now I just have to find some extra time to play with them so I can figure out which one works best for me. Things like this are great for your blog and then adding that post to things like facebook or pinterest where people can experience the visual effect.
    Anton Stetner recently posted..The Eastside May Get A Real Estate UpgradeMy Profile

  2. Herbert says:

    Seems very interesting Lilach, I will try them now as I am looking for some additions to my about page :D
    Herbert recently posted..Can We Really Predict the Future of SEO?My Profile

  3. Amrik says:

    Using infographics to visualize resume info? Brilliant for the interview… but plain text is still best for application systems, eh? I like Vizualize.me.
    Amrik recently posted..Increase Your Blog Traffic With Social NetworkingMy Profile

  4. Alex Geeks says:

    Infographics is extremely powerful today for marketing, for online business. I would love to make my CV in a form of infographics because I work in production studio it can attract attention to me.
    Alex Geeks recently posted..Blog CommentingMy Profile

  5. Hi Lilach,

    I have to say that I don’t much about inforgraphic tools. Thanks so much for this. I will use your post as a reference to use one of the tools you mentioned. It really makes me what to try one out :)

    Have a great week!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..How To Turn A Browser Into A Reader – Part TwoMy Profile

  6. Val Heisey says:

    Wow Lilach! I have been designing using Photoshop, Illustrator and Painter for years, but these infographics are a great and less expensive alternative to the big design programs. I will bookmark this page and take a look when I am ready to give infographics a try. Thanks for the great info!
    Val Heisey recently posted..At Last… MLM Prospecting made easy!My Profile

  7. Hi Lilach,

    Thanks for sharing all these great tools to use for infographics! I have shared other people’s infographics on my Facebook page and profile and I always wondered how to do them. Now you have given me all the tools to recreate my own infographics. I will bookmark this page and go thru the different links later.

    Shelley Alexander recently posted..Kale Coconut CurryMy Profile

  8. Lilach,

    This seems like the basic plus objects that come with micro-soft products? I mean you can use shapes and size them with turning them. Place pics at various sizes insert art. That is the same yet I see with most of the location you have given. It keeps it more user friendly.

    I did not find it challenging when I followed your empowering coaching and must get use to navigation as with each platform there is. I felt more comfortable with having all my ideas on my white board and then visualized them in shapes and other objects using Cacoo. WOW! need to practice and more practice yet it is fun.

    Thank you for sharing a large amount of tools we can have fun doing what our passion is. Empowering others and giving people hope. Hey, this is going to have a huge impact on our readers with our wild ideas. The visualization first has made my creations getting closer to share with confidence.

    I do appreciate you joining us here at TSA and you have made a new loyal supporter with a hunger to learn daily. Lilach Bullock I feel your one of our great coaches and looking forward to more exciting things in the near future.

  9. Lilach, I wish that I could tell you how much I LOVE this article. I’ve been looking for something to help me with infographics for a while. YOU ROCK! This is a resource of resources…Tweeting and Facebook sharing NOW! :)
    Christi Johnson recently posted..An Introverted Perspective On Leaders Who Lead LeadersMy Profile

  10. jacob says:

    Infographics are hypnotic. You cannot help but repost them and just look at them. They look really fun and interesting most of the time. A good way to capture attentions since nowadays we live in a society of low attention span. Great resources by the way. I am going to make my very first one.
    jacob recently posted..Network Marketers Guide To Overcoming MLM Information OverloadMy Profile

  11. Great info, Lilach.

    I’ve been hearing so much about infographics, but didn’t know where to look to learn the “how-to’s”.

    You’ve listed about every resource we need to put this into action.

    PS: Love your “commandments” info-g.
    David Merrill recently posted..Blogging For Dollars | Earn While You LearnMy Profile

  12. Lilach,

    The first infographic I had ever seen was on Pinterest, then they started showing up everywhere and going viral. They’re so interesting and visual.

    Thanks for sharing all the resources. Someone with the talent and inspiration could definitely create some really unique things using infographics.

    Juli Becker recently posted..Subscribers Magnet Plugin – Full ReviewMy Profile

  13. Dennis says:

    Why I consider an infographic marketing is because “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”. These resources about making awesome infographics is really helpful & will definitely result in a greater success.

  14. Kostas says:

    Hi Lilach,
    As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and probably a well designed info graphic worths even more words. People really love pictures more than words and if you want say something, using an infographic could bring much better results than a plain text article. Thanks for sharing all these tools, I didn’t know that you have designed all these infographics, they are really great…
    Kostas recently posted..Free WordPress Installation Service – Start Blogging NowMy Profile

  15. really nice tools .people likes a picture and infographics help a make good designed . thanks for sharing tools .some more information for these tools please visit :- http://tradingcomputersonline.com/
    Trading Computers recently posted..Can Apple Computers and Products be used for Trading?My Profile

  16. Wow Lilach, this is a great post and some really useful tips. Infographics are definitely the BIG thing at the moment and they are a great way to attract attention as well as give some great knowledge and expertise to your readers.
    For Pinterest, inforgraphics becoem viral really quickly but to be honest, I have only ever re-pinned and never really created my own…. really not got any excuses after this post giving me all the top tips!
    Thanks Lilach, you never stop coming up with great stuff!

  17. Wow Lilach, this is a great post and some really useful tips. Infographics are definitely the BIG thing at the moment and they are a great way to attract attention as well as give some great knowledge and expertise to your readers.
    For Pinterest, inforgraphics become viral really quickly but to be honest, I have only ever re-pinned and never really created my own…. really not got any excuses after this post giving me all the top tips!
    Thanks Lilach, you never stop coming up with great stuff!

  18. Hey Lilach,

    This is something that I have yet to incorporate in my own business. I’m surprised at the percentage of users who will forward a infographic article even if the info’s useless, lol… Thanks for the list of tools to help me get started..
    Vic Lawrence recently posted..Improving Your Job Searching And Cover Letter SkillsMy Profile

  19. Becca says:

    Infographics is very popular today and readers prefer to read how survey or report
    works. I agree pictures worth a thousand words. Personally i read infographics than a
    long tail article.
    thanks for the links. I bookmarked your post.
    Becca recently posted..LocksmithMy Profile

  20. Thanks for this Lilach! I have been trying to make infographics from scratch, it never occured to me that there might be tools out there to do it for me! duh! lol

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  22. Rick says:

    Hi Lilach!

    Wow, this is a awesome post and some really helpful tips.. Infographics are definitely the huge thing at the moment and they are a great way to attract attention to expert readers..! Most of the peoples like pictures rather than words so, it is the best way to convey your message to the readers & make your business cool :)

    Rick @ Berlin.

  23. Lilach, thanks for the really great info. This has saved me a ton of time as I was just starting to look into creating one. You have done all the work for me, thanks! LOL.

    Great post, and really great value!

    Alan Turner recently posted..What I learnt from attending The No Excuses 3 Event in Las Vegas April 20 – 22!My Profile

  24. That’s a lot of info packs! I would love to see more example and fewer options. Sometimes less is more. Which one is your recommended if you had to pick one??
    Terry Petrovick recently posted..vCita pop up for wordpressMy Profile

  25. Lilach, what a great post. Infographics are a great way to keep your audience informed in a format that makes it easier to retain & remember.

    One addition to your list might be our site, Factbrowser.com. We’re a discovery engine for all the latest research on social media, mobile, ecommerce, and much more. You can search or browse and filter down by specific technology (e.g. Pinterest) or country or topic.

    It can definitely save you time when you’re gathering the “raw material” to build an infographic. We hope you find it useful!
    Factbrowser recently posted..Pinterest generates over 4x as much revenue per click (attributable to first touch) as Twitter and 27% more revenue per click than FacebookMy Profile

  26. I will try to employ more infographics in my blog posts. iPad doesn’t have any Infographics development apps yet…although I do use Skitch to label and draw stuff on pictures.
    Ethan Caine recently posted..How To Follow Up With Phone LeadsMy Profile

  27. Wow! This is great information. It’s another one of those bits of info that makes me want to bop myself over the head and shout ‘duh!!’ It’s so simple and yet I haven’t thought to implement it. Thanks for shaking up my brain and pointing it in the right direction.
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..The Story Daegan Smith Shared With Me When He Came to EnglandMy Profile

  28. Hi Lilach,

    I agree it’s a good idea to break up our blog posts and offer something different. I am not into video, so infographics would be a good alternative for me. Thanks for listing so many infographic sources. I look forward to adding an infographic to a future post.
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..Your Blog Tagline MattersMy Profile

  29. Bery C.P. says:

    I agree it’s a good idea to break up our blog posts and offer something different. I am not into video, so infographics would be a good alternative for me. Thanks for sharing so many infographic sources.It is very helpful and interesting.

  30. Lilach thanks for this

    Infographics are great even when they were called pictures/images/graphics …. and yes a good one can tell us more than a 1000 words.
    But empahsis is on good.
    Yours with 45 and 30 percent above is, in fact, one of those that is mis-representing information because the size of the 30% slize that is in fact 15% (i.e. 30% of 45%) does not appear to be sized correctly.

    So let us continue using infographics but beware of mis-representing data.

  31. I agree with infographics becoming a big online success. Youll see more and more of them being used and linked too over time.

  32. Dan T. says:

    I have tried Visual.ly for generating my Twitter infographics but I’m looking for other websites that creates a diagram type image. Thanks for the list, Lilach.
    Dan T. recently posted..How to Take Advantage of Your Old Content and Make MoneyMy Profile

  33. Andrew says:

    very interesting post thank you for sharing this information with us i really enjoyed reading all about it and learning from your post, great post.

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  35. Jim Haines says:

    There’s a few tools in that list that I haven’t used and will check out. But, for me, by far the best of the ones you do mention is piktochart.com. For those who haven’t used it, this is pretty much like an online PowerPoint creation tool with around 25 or 30 templates. I’ve created some great infographics with this. Your other suggestions do part of the job, but aren’t an all-in-one solution.
    Jim Haines recently posted..I Already Know What My Friends Think: I Don’t Need A Search Engine For ThatMy Profile

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  37. I use visualy. But have limited options. I am looking for one for google analytics for monthly reporting and yearly reporting.

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  39. Tom George says:

    Great one Lilach! I so curated this one on Internet Billboards and shared it with my crew. Highly beneficial, thanks again.
    Tom George recently posted..A Curated Video Site Focusing Only on Educating Entrepreneurs: CoFounder TVMy Profile

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  43. James says:

    really informative post, even though posted back in april still relevant. I am by no means a graphic designer but really want to do infographics, do which one would you recommend to a real ameteur?

  44. James says:

    hi, great links here, would you recommend one of these for someone with no experience of graphic design but just got alot of ideas ready to be displayed throguh images? Have tried infor.am but found it too like a powerpoint.

  45. Thank you for this impressive list of sites to create infographics! I will be using many of these :)
    Susan Bachelder recently posted..Have You Ever Spent $1000 On A Christmas Tree?My Profile

  46. > What are inforgraphics?
    > Inforgraphics are visual representation of data with small,

    > The Top 16 Tools to create Inforgraphics

    “inforgraphics”? Are you looking for mis-spelled organic traffic? :-)

    Thanks for the list, very handy.
    Neil Shearing recently posted..Social Media Tabs – Review And WalkthroughMy Profile

  47. John says:

    Good post, useful tools.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  53. Anna says:

    Great tips! And thanks for all the useful websites. Having a wide range of tools to work from can be so helpful. I never realized how many different options were out there to choose from!

    Infographics are so great, because it allows you to communicate sometimes complex data or ideas in easy to process and understand formats that can be understood by almost anyone.

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