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13 Responses to 14 problems faced by internet marketers (and how you can overcome them )

  1. bbrian017 says:

    Hi Lilach, just saw this on Facebook and wanted to say hello. You really covered some key area’s when it comes to online marketing and even blogging in general. Having a clear path or idea of here we are going is so important, if not we find ourselves running around in circles always wondering if we met our goal or not. Lack of leads is also another great one, the beginning of the month was a little slow for blog engage but I ended up having the biggest month for income ever since I’ve started online.
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  2. Growing your business requires financial resources, which is commonly constrained by cash flow problems.
    You need to stay on top of your budget and always remember that turnover is vanity – profit is king!

    Along with that it is recommended to layout REASONABLE cash flow projections, overall and for each “campaign”.
    Amazing how a WRITTEN plans become accurate predictors after time
    Chuck Bartok recently posted..Mindset and Business…Applying Action!My Profile

  3. Nimsrules says:

    I wish I could come across this earlier but thanks anyway for sharing the solutions over these problems.
    Nimsrules recently posted..[How to] add an animated search capsule to bloggerMy Profile

  4. Hey there…GREAT article. I have to say that finding my niche was the single most difficult thing for me to do. I absolutely could NOT figure out what made me different from everyone else. To be fair, I still don’t see that I am different or that there is a “special” reason why someone should come into business with me over anyone else…but I DO know how I enjoy helping people. I kind of accidentally turned that into a niche. LOL!!

    Being scared of making mistakes is the second area where I struggle. I wish I had found this article when I first started out in business. It would have saved me almost a YEAR in lost time.
    Christi Johnson recently posted..When Your Public Person Doesn’t Match Your Private One – What Then?My Profile

  5. Lynn Brown says:

    You certainly covered it all Lilach! These problems are certainly ones that can be overcome and allow any business owner to accomplish their goals and become very successful. This can be a wonderful checklist and a handy reminder for starting, building and growing your business for success. Great job, and I look forward to sharing your information to my community.
    Lynn Brown recently posted..How Systems Can Streamline Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  6. loved this post and so many key points

    i had the problem of being scared of making mistakes but thave now learnt that you will make mistakes but that will make you grow in business its all a learning curve it takes time but when it comes together it is awesome

    great post and keep up the great work

  7. You’ve given a pretty concise outline of how to overcome problems that threaten your online business, Lilach.

    Each and every one of them is so important, and each one demands considerable research and effort.

    As you summarize, an online business can be plenty enjoyable and fun, but in the final analysis, it is still a business. If you don’t deal head on with the problems you mention, then you’re really indulging in an elaborate hobby, not building an online business.
    David Merrill recently posted..Pinterest | The Latest Distraction, Or Call To Action?My Profile

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  9. Kostas says:

    Hi Lilach,
    I think the most important ones are the first 3 since lack of direction, consistency and focus on a niche are the reasons for all the other problems. Most new bloggers try to have a wide range of topics on their blog which make it difficult to make loyal followers so their blog ends up being too general without a clear goal and without actually traffic…
    Kostas recently posted..8 Steps to Drive Traffic and Generate Leads Through Video from Start to FinishMy Profile

  10. Andrew says:

    thank you for sharing this very interesting post with us, and thank you for the tips, i am sure it is going to help a lot of people.
    Andrew recently posted..Oracle’s Latest JavaFX move: Too little, Too LateMy Profile

  11. Stacy says:

    Hi Lilach,

    This is a very complete list of problems faced by internet marketers! I see a lot of problems that I have had and some that I am still working on. Consistency is one thing that I am still working on. I think that is mostly due to the fact that I am often trying new things to see if they will bring better results. I am starting to narrow my niche and I am already seeing positive results. Thanks for sharing!

    Stacy recently posted..Network Marketing: Scam or The Wave of the Future?My Profile

  12. I think the biggest problem I have and that I relate to most is the lack of consistency. I really need to set up what I want done and how I need to get there. I need to be working towards it everyday.
    Steven Papas recently posted..Webhosting PlansMy Profile

  13. Great post, Lilach! I would also add a couple of things that I learned the hard way: make sure you always have a few ideas in the chamber so you can always keep new content, and make sure to have someone who knows what works look at your site. Often, the thing that hurts us the most isn’t what we know isn’t working, but what we don’t know isn’t working.
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Which Way Does Your Momentum Go?My Profile

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