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22 Responses to 12 Successful Facebook Advertising Tips

  1. Dee Hudson says:

    Thanks for the valuable content Lilach, I know that I can always find new and fun tools that give better exposure to my business here on your site.
    Dee Hudson recently posted..Are you struggling to market your business onlineMy Profile

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  4. Lilach, great post—you really broke the idea down to 12 simple steps. Looks easier to do now.
    Thank YOU
    Kareem Maghrabi recently posted..Wise Advice For Using Facebook For MarketingMy Profile

  5. Easther says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Great tips you’vegot here on facebook advertisig! I’ve been debating with myself whether to use facebook advertising. This artcle certainly helps! Thank you


  6. I have found FB PPC to be pretty fickled. Or at least the ad approvers are pretty inconsistent.

    My best campaign helped me earn $8,000 in just 10 days. Not to bad.

    My lowest CPC was .02 that was pretty good.

    I agree with Lilach you have to monitor your ads and test them constantly.

    Thanks for the additional tips!
    Terry Petrovick recently posted..How to Motivate Your MLM ProspectsMy Profile

  7. Jamella says:

    Hi Lilach,

    I have not considered Facebook advertising. If and when I decide to use Facebook advertising, I will have your very detailed post to refer to.

    Thanks for sharing. :)
    Jamella recently posted..Is PLR Content Useful or Useless?My Profile

  8. Lilach… I don’t need to say it… awesome post. Great content.. very useful and actionable.
    John Moussan recently posted..How To Recruit On Facebook: The Raw Truth ExposedMy Profile

  9. Val Heisey says:

    Thanks for this great information Lilach. You always provide such thorough content. I also have not tried paid lead generation methods. Been thinking a lot about using Facebook recently. Thanks for all you contribute!
    Val Heisey recently posted..Age-old question… online or offline?My Profile

  10. All are really great suggestions Lilach and I have used them myself. I really like the part you mention about split testing. This is a really great way to see which ads are working out best for you and performing well.

    These tips are really going to help anyone who is considering doing Facebook ads.

    All the best,

    Chante Epps recently posted..MLM Help: How To Avoid These Mistakes When RecruitingMy Profile

  11. Jayne Kopp says:

    HI Lilach, I have not used FB advertising, however I used to do very well with Google PPC. It has become ridiculously expensive though for the keywords I targeted, so I have not done it for a while.

    I have thought about FB, but I’m currently working on a couple of products. Perhaps once that foundation has been laid, I might consider FB as a possible marketing option.

    I do know how any PPC can certainly add up… terribly fast, so you do indeed have to monitor constantly!!


    Jayne Kopp recently posted..Serious about Starting a Business Online? Maybe You Need to Get Cracking Then!My Profile

  12. Lilach,
     To have a measurable result for any add is worth it. I think it would be worth the experiment! Thanks for the tips!
    Rebecca Reddy recently posted..Keep It Simple, StupidMy Profile

  13. hey Lilach!

    Great post.

    One thing i have learned recently is that with with pretty much all paid marketing methods, using the ‘funded proposal’ strategy to bring in small sales, will quickly provide a steady flow of money at the front end to fund your advertising, happy days :)

    Oh, and totally agree that testing and tracking is a MUST when using paid methods.

    Carl Ashton recently posted..How To Get Things Done – Outsourcing With OdeskMy Profile

  14. Alan Cheng says:

    Hi Lilach,

    You make Facebook sound like a really opportunity to buy advertisement. I haven’t used Facebook much so I have a lot to learn from you.

    I’ve been meaning to get a FanPage setup but my problem is that since I don’t use Facebook often, I won’t be engaging with the fans much. Therefore they will forget about me.

    So do you think I should use ads to get them to become a Fan (cost per fan advertising) and then ask them to sign up to an email list so that I can use email to communicate with them?

    Facebook is one of the few marketing methods which I haven’t had a chance to dive in yet. I appreciate your help Lilach.
    Alan Cheng recently posted..How Do You Sell Online?My Profile

  15. Tosin says:

    Hi Lilach,

    I have been watching videos on facebook ppc on the MLSP backofice and could not believe that it is not dreadful at all. I used to be scared of going for it as I thought it takes so much expertise and money. How wrong I was.

    It is what I recommend for the person who does not have alot of time in his time. And your tips are great for doing that. They are also echoed in the videos.


  16. Hi Lilach,
    I have done FB PPC in times past and was thinking of doing it again but not before I run through your info. It has been a while and I want to plan out the copy just right for the campaign. Be on standby I may have questions as I roll out the plan, LOL!

    what is a cost per fan model?
    How did you Develop A Creative Reveal Tab?
    JosephJYoung recently posted..The Debt Free Christian Video 4: Needs Vs. WantsMy Profile

  17. Great post
    I havent gone into paid facebook advertising but will do in the next month so this has helped me out loads. I have used other paid methods and agree you have to test and see what works for you and once you find what works really well you have hit a goldmine

    keep the great work up

  18. Hello Lilach,
    I know Facebook advertising is powerful and it’s in my promotion plans this year. I know Facebook is a powerful tool and you can also get very targeted visitors to your blog by using it.

    Thanks for the post; it’s coming in a timely manner.
    Emmanuel Olonade
    Emmanuel Olonade recently posted..Andrew Rondeau Interview – Founder of WeBuildYourBlog.comMy Profile

  19. Some great tips Lilach. Not ventured into Fb ads yet but will bookmark this for when we do.
    carole-ivan eyre recently posted..Chris Farrell – the nicest man on the web?My Profile

  20. Ankesh says:

    Hi Lilach,
    I’ve never used facebook for paid advertising before but your post has given me a lot to think about. I seems to me that effective paid advertising would involve lots of testing and close monitoring. Is it really worth the time and effort – not to mention the risk – involved?
    Ankesh recently posted..How are your Astrocytes? (and why getting enough sleep makes you smarter)My Profile

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