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74 Responses to 101 of the Best WordPress Plugins for 2013

  1. Evan says:

    Wowwowowow!!!!!!! I have already at least 10 tabs opened with different plugins from your list. The post is so organized that I want to add all of the plugins to my wordpress0))) Thanks for sharing!
    Evan recently posted..Impressive Dark WordPress Themes 2013My Profile

  2. Lilach, once again, great effort with this article, I am going to utilize all of these plugins starting right now. Keep on sharing, so we can all keep on learning. Thanks.

  3. Hi Lilach,

    many thanks for your amazing work. You are like an angel for the internet community.

    Best regards from Ashby de la Zouch

    Volker Buntrock recently posted..Video-Marketing-Strategien für kleine FirmenMy Profile

  4. Rui Santos says:

    Great content with a lot of usefull information to improve WordPress Blogs and Sites!!! Continue your good work! See you soon for new articles!!!

    Rui Santos
    Rui Santos recently posted..Transform Your Site with a Custom BackgroundMy Profile

  5. Excellent List, Lilach – am bookmarking it as a reference resource!
    Suzan St Maur recently posted..The Write Way to Get a Job: how to fill in a job application formMy Profile

  6. Lilach, this is just splendid!
    Most highly appreciated :) Your list is a great time (and cash) saver.

  7. Great content as always, thanks Lilach.
    Mary Cummings recently posted..Are you confident in business?My Profile

  8. Jon says:

    Excellent list although I have been told that minimizing the number of plugins on any site is best practice and ideally less than 10 is best for optimum site loading speeds so I would agree with you “…if you have too many plugins installed, it can affect the speed of your site” statement. Perhaps in a future post you could suggest ways to choose which plugins to instal. Also for SPAM I use and recommend Antispam Bee.
    Jon recently posted..How To Build Website TrustMy Profile

  9. Laurie says:

    I just have to write and say this is amazing! Thank you for taking time to write all of this out! I see quite a few I need to check out for some clients of mine. Thank you!

  10. Pete Evans says:


    Thanks for sharing these tips with everyone. A great list of plug-ins for WordPress users. These plug-ins will certainly help businesses make better use of their WordPress sites.


  11. This list is just awesome. I am doing a google hangout for some friends taking about wordpress and essential plugins. I was about to start writing them down and your post appeared. :)

    Now we can all just run through your list. Thanks so much for doing this.
    Tania Shipman recently posted..Be Your Best Self OnlineMy Profile

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  14. Lilach – Hi !
    I can’t tell you how helpful this list has been for me … so much so, that I have recommended this in a blog , and added your links – just hope you are OK with this.

    Really enjoy your social media updates and tips – many thanks !
    Barbara Blevins recently posted..Your Transition To The Digital EconomyMy Profile

  15. Hi Lilach

    thanks for sharing via LinkedIn. We use a lot of these on client sites, but have definitely added a couple to our list!


  16. Awesome Lilach , thank you so much for this !
    Great list and I love top plugins but I assume that you also agree that, somehow, the less plugins the better, regarding the potential bugs, frequent upgrades, possible conflicts and code issues that they can bring… especially if we start using a large mix…

    Since you ask, you might wish to check these out (not in your list – alphabetical)
    - Awesome Flickr Gallery Version 3.3.6 | By Ronak Gandhi – create a gallery of your Flickr photos
    - Broken Link Checker Version 1.7.1 | By Janis Elsts – Checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found
    - FeedBurner FeedSmith Version 2.3.1 | By FeedBurner – detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner feed so you can track every possible subscriber.
    - Jetpack by WordPress.com Version 2.1.2 | By Automattic – Jetpack enables you to connect your blog to a WordPress.com account to use the powerful features normally only available to WordPress.com users
    - TinyMCE Advanced Version 3.5.8 | By Andrew Ozz – visual editor with advanced features
    - TubePress Version 3.0.0 | By Eric D. Hough – Displays YouTube and Vimeo galleries in your posts, pages, and/or sidebar
    - WP-Stats-Dashboard Version 2.9.4 | By Dave Ligthart – Displays your WordPress and social media statistics on your dashboard.
    - WP Super Cache – Version 1.2 | By Donncha O Caoimh – Very fast caching plugin for WordPress
    - WP Translate Version 4.0.1 | By HahnCreativeGroup – Add Google Translate to your WordPress site
    DES Daughter recently posted..DES Diethylstilbestrol reviewsMy Profile

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  20. I find myself looking for the 404 plugins – as it’s super annoying for analytics to show a 404 error but not tell you where it is.

    The other, I use Clicky by Joost as http://www.clicky.com is by far my favorite analytics software.
    Nick Nelson recently posted..howard schultzMy Profile

  21. stuart kerslake says:

    Wow!! Many thanks Lilach – what a great list!

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  23. Amazing post! Great plugins! I will try some of them right now!
    the flying couponer recently posted..Ensure couponsMy Profile

  24. This is an excellent idea to combine all these plugins in one person, so everyone of your readers can easily find all necessary information in one article. Thanks a lot! It’s really very useful

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 35 Most Popular E-commerce Templates

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  27. Tom George says:

    Lilach, what an amazing collection of WordPress plugins you have listed here.
    I really feel very fortunate to have you curate on our platform which
    as you know runs on WordPress. I will be sure to go through the list
    with our developers to see what we can use to improve the user experience.
    You are a great source of help and inspiration for anyone looking to succeed
    online today. Thanks again!
    Tom George recently posted..6 Tips on How to Use Twitter’s New Vine Video App for MarketingMy Profile

  28. Great post, great list. My only comment is that it’s not the number of WordPress plugins on a site that slows it down. It’s bad code that slows it down. So, using the P3 plugin that you mention is a great idea. But, dont worry about number, worry about plugins with bad code. Thanks!
    Nate Goodman recently posted..3 Ways Personal Bias is Killing your Marketing CampaignMy Profile

  29. Alison says:

    Looking forward to using these on our sales and marketing blog ! Very useful.

  30. Julia says:

    Hi, Thanks for putting this together. You have saved me hours of trying to find suitable plugins, which have good ratings and are sustainable.
    Julia recently posted..Leading through Sports # Modelling leadershipMy Profile

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  32. Jakob says:

    Nice collection there…! Really helpful!

  33. Lisa says:

    These are pretty cool! I forgot about the Bluberry plug in, thank you! These are great…thanks for sharing. I try to run my site lightweight without a ton of plugins though.
    Lisa recently posted..How I Became Enlightened Listening to the Rolling StonesMy Profile

  34. Wow what a comprehensive list. Some of these I use and some I don’t so will see if I need to use some more. Thanks for creating this list.


    Sue McDonald recently posted..MindsetMy Profile

  35. That’s quite some list Lilach – I use a few plugins on my wordpress site that you mention like popup domination, cache, and wptouch, and a couple others.

    I think its important you mention not to go overboard adding too many plugins (like I did before I knew better) because they can slow down your site and/or conflict with other plugins added causing site errors.

    Thanks for such a comprehensive list!
    Ashley Porter recently posted..Use Social Media Bar For Sharing To Social NetworksMy Profile

  36. Ann says:

    Lilach, you are an incredible catalog. I am not working on my own site which is WordPress. The ones I work on are Hubspot and I often say to myself “Out, out dammed spot.” But no luck. When I get to work on mine, I will check out some of your plugins. Thanks for the list.
    Ann recently posted..IBM’s Smarter Cities Team Brings a Town In Home CareMy Profile

  37. GREAT list! Clearly there are about 20 new plugins I simply must have. :-)
    Mary C. Weaver, CSCS recently posted..Kick metabolic syndrome to the curb with strength trainingMy Profile

  38. This is the best compilation of plugin I ever seen.
    This is great. I will book mark this for future reference.
    Edwin Cabrera – Online Marketing Sensei recently posted..Training With Daily Marketing CoachMy Profile

  39. Sam Bean says:

    Don’t forget about Fast Secure Contact Form. It should really be #102 on your list. Powerful!

  40. Narcis says:

    Excellent! The best selection of plugins in 2013. Congratulations!
    Narcis recently posted..Salariul de baza minim brut pe aniMy Profile

  41. Teodora says:

    Wow! Great content! I don’t know where to start from!:))

  42. Great looking list. some of these I have used off and on. But with getting so much traffic, I’ve started with a combo of MAXCDN and Cloudflare and W3Cache for better loading results.
    tonygreene113 recently posted..We’re giving up $50 Paypal Cash at the end of MayMy Profile

  43. Hello I must say these all plug in are very pretty and nice. What a picture quality i loved it.Awesome.Thanks.
    Melynda Duke recently posted..WP Flip Image Free PluginMy Profile

  44. As always, Lilach, an amazing resource list. I use several of your recommendations and will definitely check out a few more. Thanks!
    Elaine Fogel recently posted..New Study Shows the Ups and Downs of Traditional Media Until 2017My Profile

  45. dan says:

    Great post Lilach, am just using like 5 out of the 101 mentioned and they are great now looking foward to see the rest of them!

  46. Bogdan says:

    This is a really long list, you didn’t add here wp-super-cache in the performance section, along with its preload functionality this plugin really outdone itself! I personally use it with much confidence!
    Bogdan recently posted..Top wordpress plugins that you must useMy Profile

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  51. Nice roundup, but if these are your favorite how come there so much overlap? For example, do you use multiple SEO plugins or security plugins?

  52. Christine says:

    Wow, thanks so much for this list, it’s so organised and really helpful! :)

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