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12 Responses to 10 Ways to use #Twittervine for your Business

  1. For one who struggles to come up with a weekly post for Birds on the Blog (Me, that is) I must say I find this very impressive :-)

  2. Twitter Vine? Hmm, it’s not for me. Do you have any idea how much creativity it takes to come up with a 6 second video? No thanks, I’ll stick to blogging for now :)
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..72 Places to promote your Kindle book when it’s freeMy Profile

  3. Hey Lilach,

    Twitter Vine is indeed a very interesting app. But like Sarah, I’m not also good at video making. But that doesn’t mean I would hinder myself to learn such a thing. I am interested to learn about twitter vine and I really want to try it out but I guess now is the right time for it. Anyway, thanks for the share about Twitter Vine.
    Farrell Conejos recently posted..Naruto’s Mangaka Masashi Kishimoto Releases New One-Shot MangaMy Profile

  4. daniel says:

    Very smart blog. However you pop-ups comes a bit to offen.
    daniel recently posted..International commercial enterpriseMy Profile

  5. Love Vine to bits. Now is still not too late to early adapt but people are not following back as much as they did 2 months ago. Lists will improve things

  6. Thank you for spreading the word about this wonderful community Lilach. It is my favourite.
    The addition of lists will be a great feature.
    Follow aggressively now before they limit the “balance”
    michaelqtodd recently posted..Simple but powerful tips from the Instagram superhero Tony Bennett aka @superherosmMy Profile

  7. Karrie says:

    The worrying thing is to watch what comes online through Vine at 2.50 every day … non-stop school kids filming their teachers :(

  8. Nina says:

    Great tips! I will be using these for my next Vine video!

  9. Evan says:

    Great great great! You made my day actually. I have yet to try Vine, and from what I’ve seen and read in this article I know I really need to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!
    Evan recently posted..Top 40 Gallery WordPress Themes 2013My Profile

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