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11 Responses to 10 ways to generate leads using social media

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Lilach. Thanks for mentioning our infographic!

    Your statement that “Generating leads using social media doesn’t happen instantly” is right on: So many businesses fail in social media because they treat it purely as a promotional platform for their products and wonder why nobody is buying from them.

    One piece I would add to define a clear sales funnel to base your content and lead generation tactics on. This will help you align the focus of your marketing to set people on a steady course towards becoming a leads, and eventually a sale. If you forgoe this, you may end up with an inefficienct scattergun approach that converts no one.
    Nick recently posted..7 Often-Forgotten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing your Next Facebook PostMy Profile

  2. Good article. I just added that contact form to my FB page and disabled the messaging system. I would prefer E-Mails over FB messages. Thank you for the tips!
    Leon Bailey recently posted..Kendrick Orthodontics of Kissimmee Meet the Doctor VideoMy Profile

  3. First of all, awesome blog, love the blue, really inviting and attractive. I’m an online marketer and I do quite a lot of SEO work but social media has never been my strong point so thanks for these impressive tips and tricks. Your right, waiting around for leads to come to me is no good, I got to start searching for them more through the groups and communities etc. I like the idea of adding a contact form and Google hangouts is something Im going to try out for sure. Keep spreading your knowledge, you rock!
    Paul Strachan recently posted..Empower Network SystemMy Profile

  4. Thanks for good write-up, Lilach. I’m gonna definitely follow your advice. As to my experience with Linkedin I only use it as a forum posting to its groups. I’m thinking of hunting for leads but it requires some special approaches I still haven’t learned and practiced. If I only add random people in my niche to contacts and then send out my blog articles to those who approved me it doesn’t seem workable. Communicating with them requires too much time to invest while there’s no conversion guaranteed. So I have to choose between learning how to work hard there for decent results and learning how to advertise effectively on social media. Facebook is a profitable PPC platform to buy high quality traffic from and I value this opportunity. It performs great for me.
    Max Greenflame recently posted..Top Article Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business in 2013My Profile

  5. Some great points here, especially the advice about leads from social media not happening instantly! Many companies lose faith in social media as the process is lengthy, but once you’ve established your brand on the social web, the benefits you reap are huge. Not only can you generate leads from your points mentioned, but you can create and build upon your brand’s reputation, grow a community and develop relationships.

    Personally, I find that LinkedIn generates the most leads, however what’s important first before you even post into a LinkedIn group is that you’re speaking to the right people. You wouldn’t walk into a football conference and start talking about cricket. By making sure you’re having the right conversations with the right people, you’ll begin to see an increase in the number of visits and leads.

    Thanks for sharing these points!

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  10. Thanks for these wonderful tips Lilach. Generating leads can seem daunting for a new person just starting out in marketing. I know for me it wasn’t easy. I wish I had this list way back then.
    David Haines recently posted..NEW Facebook Trending TopicsMy Profile

  11. As always great tips Lilach, to generate leads via social media it’s not enough to just post regularly, you need to engage with people and always help them in an active way, thanks for sharing…
    Kostas Chiotis recently posted..How To Generate More Leads through Strategic Guest Blogging CampaignsMy Profile

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