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33 Responses to 10 Tips to generate more social media traffic

  1. Lisa says:

    Lilach – great tips. I find the timing of posts can be more difficult as so many people from the around the world may be reading your stuff. I don’t get as crazy about it anymore but do use the buffer to help with that. Even Facebook as it’s own scheduler to make it easier for pages to post at different times. Love it! I’ve just started on Tumblr and it takes time to build a following and get shares. I guess we can say that about all networks, right?
    Lisa recently posted..Help Me Get Sales From A Website Now PleaseMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your comment and feedback, pleased you liked the post:) Indeed it can be very difficult to figure out the right timing for posting on each social network, especially if you serve a worldwide audience. I use Buffer as well and when it comes to Facebook, my favourite tool is PostPlanner.
      And yes, as you say, with all social networks it takes some time to build a following and start getting shares, but it’s definitely worth the effort!
      Lilach recently posted..6 Killer WordPress eCommerce Themes for 2013My Profile

  2. Narein says:

    Nicely summarized the key points for generating traffic. Would be very useful and will hand to handle the social media. Apart from this, its also essential to convert those traffic to customers. Social media marketers often do some common mistake in handling social media, which might affect the brand image and also might cause for losing the customers. So everyone has to be conscious in handling social media platforms.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Lilach says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Narein, pleased you liked the post! I completely agree with you – it’s not enough to just drive lots of traffic to your website, you also have to convert that traffic into customers. It’s up to you to make sure that the traffic stays for more than a few minutes and that the people visiting your website are actually interested in what they see.
      Lilach recently posted..6 Killer WordPress eCommerce Themes for 2013My Profile

  3. Jennifer says:

    Excellent tips! I strongly agree with your point about not just posting links all the time but adding some variety with videos, pictures, questions, and comments. When I visit someone’s Facebook page and all I see are links it makes me think they have nothing of their own to share.
    Jennifer recently posted..6 Best WordPress Plugins for SEOMy Profile

  4. Martin says:

    Especially like what you mentioned about creating social media connections and cemeting those with face-to-face interactions. In this digital age I think that is something that people need to remember when solely focusing on social interaction.
    Martin recently posted..UPDATE #4: Ten Beautiful Twitter Bootstrap templates to Any NeedsMy Profile

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  6. The hashtag has proven to be a lifesaver for so many of our Clients. We cannot stress enough what a difference it makes when building a following or really connecting with others.

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  8. Cassie says:

    This is really great. It’s very informative. Thank you for sharing this.
    Cassie recently posted..Creative Housing | Creative RenovationsMy Profile

  9. I don’t always comment on blog articles but when I see a someone that knows his/her onions, it’s easy to leave comment and show some appreciation. Posting at the right time is never going to be easy considering the fact that we are talking about a global connection here!
    Adeyemi Adisa recently posted..Content Marketing 101: How Businesses Can Make Their Content Promotion SuccessfulMy Profile

  10. Great tips! I am going to have to start putting some of this into practice to organically grow my following. Thanks for sharing!
    Linda Vantaggiato recently posted..My 30 Day August Fitness Challenge – Catching up on the past 6 daysMy Profile

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  15. Jon says:

    Hi Lilach, Thanks for the article. This is something that I can give to newbies asking for help with social media. Nothing really earth shattering here but definitely a good starters guide which is what I was looking for :)

  16. Rupak says:

    I like the automatic posting facility that takes care of all these social network sharing. But the posting hardly lasts for half an hour because of the time line updates from friends. But I’m happy to get whatever traffic I get from social networks.
    Rupak recently posted..Useful gadgets for students that help to save time and effortMy Profile

  17. Carlinton says:

    Dear Lilach,

    I love this article and it is very interesting. I have learned so much and will be applying what I have learned immediately. It seem like such a great task when using social media to drive traffic to a website. However, I am willing to stand up to the task.

    Thanks for the article. :) I will be sharing it with others so they can also benefit.
    All the best! :)
    Carlinton recently posted..Easy Piano Sheet Music with LettersMy Profile

  18. Your Twitter stream shows up on my Mention social monitoring filters on a regular basis, so is it safe to assume you consider this page to have “evergreen” properties thus you can re-marketing the Bit.ly via Twitter on a scheduled basis? I like how we both use SharedBy and vCita
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Dominate Page 1 Search Results using Social SEOMy Profile

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  24. marty says:

    I think your right about engagement I think a lot of people forget the “social” part of social networking these sites were created to connect people and that can only be done by being yourself and putting yourself out there for people to see and get to know

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  26. This is cool! And I had to share my excitement because I
    just got a new job after I read the Linkedin Tips.
    Linkedin Tips recently posted..Linkedin TipsMy Profile

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