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35 Responses to 10 of The Best LinkedIn Features For Your Business

  1. Evan says:

    This is fantastic seeing Linkedin leverage for the increased number of users trough 2011, 2012 will certainly provide better and more integrated communication not taking anything away from all the other channels I believe so go with developing Linkedi! Great and Goodluck…
    Evan recently posted..Top 30 Charity WordPress themesMy Profile

  2. Hi Lilach,

    I was unaware of LinkedIn Signals. Awesome way to sift through stuff to get to the meat of what you want. Thanks for sharing the helpful post.

    I will become active on LI now that mentions are up and running. This missing element helps you give props, make friends and grow your network more quickly. The mention feature is one reason I use Facebook even though they do not allow me to post links manually anymore, thos toughies lol…I stick with it, because of um….hootsuite, thank goodness, and the fact that I network with greater ease on the social site.

    Heading over to LI now to use the mention feature…Fun stuff.

    Thanks Lilach,

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..Cash Gifting Mastery – 1 Mistake Made by Unhappy EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Ryan,
      thanks a leaving a comment and I’m very glad you found the post useful:) LinkedIn Signal is a pretty great feature and makes my life a lot easier! And I agree with you, the mentions feature is extremely useful and makes all of our lives much easier – with mentions you can start and build a relationship in no time! I can’t wait for some other features to come out and make LinkedIn even easier to use, as I have to admit it’s not always the most user-friendly social network, but it’s definitely getting there!
      Lilach recently posted..The Handbag and the Briefcase: Would they Both have Suited Thatcher? My Profile

  3. Terrific list Lilach and I’m glad you included “mentions” because I saw something about it but wasn’t sure how exactly how it worked. I confess I have mixed feelings about recommendations and endorsements. It’s become obvious that some people do it assuming the recipient will reciprocate in kind – I simply refuse to do that unless I’ve actually worked with the individual. While I always send a thank you note, I have no problem asking the stranger who has endorsed me “and so how do we know each other?”
    marquita herald recently posted..Helping Survivors Reclaim Precious MemoriesMy Profile

    • Lilach says:

      Hi Marquita, thanks a lot for your comment:) glad you found something useful – I love the new mentions feature and can’t believe there’s so little buzz about it!
      I agree with you when it comes to endorsements/recommendations, some people are abusing the system and recommending people left and right to get recommendations in return. It’s something that I completely disagree with and it makes life harder for those of us who actually do it because we mean it!
      Lilach recently posted..The Handbag and the Briefcase: Would they Both have Suited Thatcher? My Profile

  4. Something to note is that “mentions” aren’t out to all members yet so if you don’t have them yet, keep in mind that LinkedIn is in process of rolling out this feature. But on another note… if your Twitter account is linked with your LinkedIn account, the mentions in your status updates will transfer over to Twitter seamlessly. The mentions, while appearing as a full name on your LinkedIn status update, will change itself to the mentioned person’s Twitter username.

  5. Just to say thanks for a great list on Linked In tools. I’m at the start of my time on LI and a time-saving list such as this is a huge help.

    Thanks and all the best

  6. Hi – I just wanted to say thanks for such a great list. I’m relatively new to LI and while I have read around, this list revealled a lot of aspects I hadn’t heard of before. Anything that saves time is invaluable, so this is much appreciated,

    Thanks again,
    Andrew Brackenbury recently posted..In the Storeroom – tearsheet of article on the Leicestershire Handmade Cheese company by Andrew BrackenburyMy Profile

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  10. Thanks Lilach. Didn’t even know about Signal. Need to start paying more attention to LI.
    Denise Sonnenberg recently posted..7 Lessons for Running a Facebook ContestMy Profile

  11. Lilach,
    Thanks for the great info on LinkedIn. While I was familiar with some of the features, you have now opened my eyes to other features I was not aware of. As of today I can start taking advantage of LinkedIn 100%.
    Much appreciated!
    Patricia Goodman recently posted..Some Tips You Can Apply To Your Mobile Marketing CampaignMy Profile

  12. Theuns says:

    Hi There Lilach

    I think alot of people do belong to Linked in including me that do not use it like they use FB Thanks a lot for this info I need to get on Linked in more often even make it a to do list every day and sit X amount of time aside to spens some time there.

    I will save this post to come back and apply what you just teach us here.


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  15. Andrew says:

    Hi Lilach,

    Thank you, great list there! I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and believe it is under-utilised a lot of the time. I find LinkedIn signal great for sorting through the huge number of posts on the homepage and taking out the material I want to read. I believe that LinkedIn provides huge opportunities if you use it well and it will only grow!
    Andrew recently posted..Klout adds Instagram to its stableMy Profile

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  17. Jenny Sung says:

    Lilach – loved this post! I did not know about the bookmarklet or signal! Great info all around. I’ll be visiting again :-) Thanks!
    Jenny Sung recently posted..[Oprah] [Deepak Chopra] Overcoming Negative Energy/Negative Thoughts & Get to Positive Energy/Positive ThinkingMy Profile

  18. Pete Evans says:


    Great posting and very well written. Full of really relevant information about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a key tool for anyone who is interested in growing their business. If you are using LinkedIn as a serious part of your business development activity, it is worth considering upgrading to a Premium Account. This allows you to send InMails directly to people that you aren’t connected to or don’t share a mutual connection with. I have used InMails extensively and it has brought me new business.

    The ability to add notes to contacts and also add tags to contacts are other great features. The tag feature allows you to segment your contacts on LinkedIn and use LinkedIn to send targeted messages.

    I really like LinkedIn Signal and haven’t used this feature before.

    Thanks again for a great posting.


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  20. Great list! I would also add the new Contacts features as a secret tool worth checking out. Using contact reminders is a great tool for staying engaged with your network.

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  24. I find your posts so incredibly helpful. Especially when in comes to LinkedIn. I have just barely gotten my business up and running on LinkedIn and will take all of the useful information I can get! Safe Haven Private Vaults in a unique storage facility in the state of Utah, that has top notch security. We are looking to promote in any way possible, so your tips are always very helpful! If you’d like, visit our website! http://www.safehavenprivatevaults.com. Thank you again for your incredible and helpful posts!

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  27. Awesome advice for the aspiring businessperson! Thank you!


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